1 Sheer Tenacity


He remembered it all. He finally remembered it all. How he ended up here. In this strangely familiar yet unfamiliar world dubbed as "DxD".

He had reincarnated or transmigrated? He did not know the right term. yet what he knew was that he was given a new chance in life albeit in a different world.

The memories of his previous life came when he reached 10 years old.


"Reito Tachibana huh"

My new name. It will be difficult to get used to this.

I died and got reborn in this world. I know of this world, It is an anime world specifically DxD.

For those who does not know, this world is a soft-core porn where the main character "Issei Hyoudou" beats up bad guys and collects girl. The main character literally gets power up from boobs.


To think I will get reborn here.

So from my predecessor's memory I can confirm that I am a year older than the main character. I am ten years old right now while Issei is nine years old which I know because my predecessor and Issei are friends like not best friends or close friends but they do play sports together at the nearby park.

And I fucking demolish them all all the kids 4'6 - 4'7 while I am 5'0 easily towering over them. I usually play with older kids and yes I am better than 12 and 13 years old.

I am very athletic just like my past self.

I live with my grand father here because my parents died when I was young. Yup, the cliché.

Our house is more than enough for two of us since it is a two storey house so I have my own room which means I can freely train.

I do some body weight exercises and I train my stamina.

I also started practicing some martial arts like Taekwondo.

Right now I am on my computer doing some research on whether I can find any supernatural martial arts or not.

I opened google, my vpn was already active so I did not worry and then typed 'Best martial arts human can learn to defeat supernatural beings'

Just like I expected it was same basic results.

"Argggg. How the fuck do I power up now? No cheats? I tried every method I even tried meditating for hours and hours and yet nothing?"

I was frustrated. Should I just give up trying to grow powerful? Becoming a normal man where I won't even now when I will die or should I just suck up to Issei?

FUCK. What the hell am I even thinking?

I slap myself in my face.

My mind clears again.

If there is not a way. I have to make one.

I won't give up especially when a world where all my dreams past and present can be fulfilled.

I absolutely must not let myself give-up.

I then go down stairs and wear my shoes.

"Grandpa I am going out to play", I shout and my grandpa replies with the same energy, "Come home quickly."


I go outside and start light jogging toward the forest.

My routine was simple, I would go meditate for a hour trying to find any traces of mana and then go to play some basketball or football.

Of course I also do body weight exercises every other day and also go to swimming as a part of my routine.

I also mostly eat healthy and have a nutritive diet.


Three years later

I am thirteen now and have grown to be 5'4, pretty impressive, right?

I tower over my school mates since most of them are 4'10 - 5'1.

So yeah I am tall and strong.

I can even beat up my seniors so I am pretty much the boss of my middle school.

As for my training for mana, none. No Improvement.

My physical strength have definitely improved but still nothing supernatural.

"Yo~ Mizu. Any problem nowadays?", I put my arm around his shoulder and I lay low to his level.

Mizuki Sato, He is the same age as me and can be considered a friend but to be honest I know he is only sticking with me because of my strength and power as the "boss" of this middle school.

He is a rich kid so he gives me money to beat up anybody. He is a bully.

Of course, I know he probably steals those money from his parents but I don't fucking care.

"Yeah bro I need your help for something.", I smirk, "Is it Hirata, again?"


I already knew the answer. Hirata middle school was infamous for being a school full of delinquents. Even middle schoolers were delinquents.

"How much will you pay me?", I asked him.

"The usual"

"Nah bro. It's Hirata we are talking about. I need more.", I know that he can't reject me otherwise he will get fucked.

He then adopts a serious face, "How much do you need?"

"6000 yen"

He thinks for a while and says, "Alright"


Yes, I beat up people for money but I only beat up delinquents. I have actually gotten in trouble many times and everyone considers me a delinquent as well.

These delinquents have given me a pretty lame title "Lone Demon."

Who the fuck thinks of these names?

I walk towards my house and enter it.

"I am home", I say to no one because my grandpa also died last year. Me living alone is also one of the reasons why they consider me as a delinquent.

I also don't know why I am legally allowed to live but let's no think too much.

I go to my room which has been remodeled and looks pretty sick. The room is big and has all my things which I used in my previous life and still use it till date.

Some weights, dumbbells, barbells, basketball laying there, skateboard stuck in the wall since I have a holder for it in my wall and my trusty guitar beside my bed.

Of course I also have my bed, pc and other basic room materials.

I then take a quick shower which is attached to my room so no problem there and dry up quickly and change up.

It was already getting cold so I wore my beanie and took my baseball bat. I had also hid a knife in a knife sheath and tucked it on my belt.

I was wearing a oversized hoodie so It was concealed.

I leave out of the house and wear my face mask.


I then slowly make my way towards the bridge, I already knew they were at the bridge smoking some cigarettes.

Dumbasses got no stamina.

I noticed them from little bit far and there were 6 people there, still in their school uniform and as expected smoking some cigarettes.

'How should I approach them?'

Maybe I should just go like always.

I walk towards them tearing my mask and throwing it.

"What's up bitches?"


Three more people have arrived and they were to say the least shocked to see what had happened.

The fight took place below the bridge all the boys from Hirata middle school were demolished.

They all were lying down in the floor with blood coming out of various parts of their bodies. More people had come but Reito with his ultimate weapon THE BAT had swept the floor with them all and came out top.

The three people who had just come looked at Reito in fear.

His intimidating body and face along with the bloody bat he was carrying on his shoulder made him truly look like a demon.

"Take these bitches back"

The three complied without uttering a single word. They also called the kids they were bullying on to pick the beaten up kids due to lack of people and thus they all left silent but Reito knew that his reputation will increase more.

The only remains of that fight was blood stain on the green grass and Reito himself with few cuts here and there and also of course his bloody bat.

He went to the river to wash his face and couldn't help but notice his appearance.

It was same as his previous life but his skin was clearer as well as his jaw and his overall face is more attractive. Of course he still looked kid like but it was due to his age.

He was after all just a thirteen year old boy.

"Oh shit I have to go to my job"

He ran.

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