My Girlfriend is an Ice Dragon

Author: Zefyr
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What is My Girlfriend is an Ice Dragon

Read My Girlfriend is an Ice Dragon novel written by the author Zefyr on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, romance, adventure, r18, superpowers. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


When the Ability Crisis began, people around the world were panicking, not knowing what to do with their supposed superpowers. But since there was no immediate threat, humanity was still slowly but surely tried to discover everything there was about these strange Abilities. Thus, strife appeared. The World Government tried to take everything, ten Families bared their fangs to the world, Academies soared out of nowhere. Lux, a normal teenager at the time, pure and innocent, was suddenly thrown in the complex game of the big powers. What was Lux's role in all of this? Beside being betrayed by his ex which was part of the ten families, and thrown away by a puppet organization belonging to the World Government, Lux finally learned his lesson. "No matter what this world needs in the future. I have my family to worry about. The rest could simply die for all I care." His personality suffered during those dark days, but not for long... Since he discovered that he was more special than everyone else. ——— Author's note: I understand that the title may be misleading, but don't focus on that. Instead, take your time to discover every secret held by our MC, and the people around him. This story should be focusing on the fantasy elements that overwhelmed the world during the Ability Crisis, which led to troublesome situations for the future generation. 100 GT = 1 Bonus Chapter 250 GT = 1 Bonus Chapter 500 GT = 1 Bonus Chapter 750 GT = 1 Bonus Chapter 1000 GT = 1 Bonus Chapter Cover generated by AI. https://discord.com/invite/UsuaRxHBj7

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historical novel, a novel that has as its setting a period of history and that attempts to convey the spirit, manners, and social conditions of a past age with realistic detail and fidelity (which is in some cases only apparent fidelity) to historical fact. The work may deal with actual historical personages, as does Robert Graves’s I, Claudius (1934), or it may contain a mixture of fictional and historical characters. It may focus on a single historic event, as does Franz Werfel’s Forty Days of Musa Dagh (1934), which dramatizes the defense of an Armenian stronghold. More often it attempts to portray a broader view of a past society in which great events are reflected by their impact on the private lives of fictional individuals. Since the appearance of the first historical novel, Sir Walter Scott’s Waverley (1814), this type of fiction has remained popular. Though some historical novels, such as Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace (1865–69), are of the highest artistic quality, many of them are written to mediocre standards. One type of historical novel is the purely escapist costume romance, which, making no pretense to historicity, uses a setting in the past to lend credence to improbable characters and adventures. Key People: Winston Churchill Victor Hugo Xenophon Aleksandr Pushkin Sir Walter Scott Related Topics: genre The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica This article was most recently revised and updated by Adam Augustyn. Home Literature Novels & Short Stories Novelists A-K Thomas B. Costain American writer Alternate titles: Thomas Bertram Costain By The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica • Edit History Thomas B. Costain, in full Thomas Bertram Costain, (born May 8, 1885, Brantford, Ontario, Canada—died October 8, 1965, New York, New York, U.S.), Canadian-born American historical novelist. Costain, Thomas B. Costain, Thomas B. See all media Born: May 8, 1885 Brantford Canada Died: October 8, 1965 (aged 80) New York City New York Notable Works: “For My Great Folly ” “The Black Rose ” “The Silver Chalice ” A journalist for many years on Canadian newspapers and a Saturday Evening Post editor (1920–34), Costain was 57 when he published his first romance, For My Great Folly (1942), dealing with the 17th-century rivalry between England and Spain. An immediate success, it was followed almost yearly by historical adventure tales, the best known of which are The Black Rose (1945), whose medieval English hero ranges as far as Kublai Khan’s China, and The Silver Chalice (1952), about the early Christians in Rome. Stack of books, pile of books, literature, reading. Hompepage blog 2009, arts and entertainment, history and society. BRITANNICA QUIZ Literary Favorites: Fact or Fiction? Love literature? This quiz sorts out the truth about beloved authors and stories, old and new. This article was most recently revised and updated by Amy Tikkanen. fashionable novel Home Literature Novels & Short Stories fashionable novel literary subgenre Alternate titles: “silver-fork” novel By The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica • Edit History fashionable novel, early 19th-century subgenre of the comedy of manners portraying the English upper class, usually by members of that class. One author particularly known for his fashionable novels was Theodore Hook. Related Topics: novel comedy of manners

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I walked into my classroom after I had come in from lunch. I sat down on the floor where everyone else was sitting. I sat next to my best friend Jessica. My teacher looked me in the eye in the way that he wanted to speak to me or ask me a question. And then he said “Chloe, did you watch the news last night” I answered “Yes a bit of it, why?” My teacher replied “Did you see the report about the poor people?” “No” I said to him, confused. “Ok, then I will play it” My teacher turned on our class T.V. The news reporter said “Have you ever thought to yourself what the people in the poor countries are doing right now? I can tell you. They are dying from hunger every 5 seconds! A lot of families are trying to help. But if YOU help them it will make a very big difference. Even if you send a few dollars every week.” “Well, there was a family that wasn`t very wealthy at all! They only had a little bit of shelter and only a little bit of food and water. Every day the Daughter would go and fetch some water from the lake. The eldest son went with his Dad to learn how to kill animals with a bow and arrow or a spear. The Mum collected twigs and bamboo with her 3 year old child and took them to her home where she made them into blankets to sleep with, and mats to sit on. She also made some extra ones to sell. They didn`t have very much, but all that changed when a very kind family helped them. They supplied them with better shelter, food and water, warm and cosy blankets, some mattresses and some furniture. The family was so grateful for what they had done! For the rest of their lives they had enough food and water, all because of one family!” “After today a lot of people have died. But if you can maybe resist having a coffee at the coffee shop and spend the money helping people, maybe just maybe you might change a family’s life! Or even the world!” After the news reporter finished talking it was only then I realised how poor those people really are. My teacher turned the T.V off and by then the school bell rang and the class was dismissed. When Mum picked me up from school I asked “Mum, can we go straight home instead of going to the café and the money that we would have spent at the café can we send the money to the poor people?” “Yes, of course we can, I am so pleased that you are thinking of others, rather than yourself!” answered my Mum. After that day I have only been going to the café once a month and that makes me feel very happy!

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Seems like a good book with a slow pace in the beginning, though, it allows for the character building and world development to affirm themselves.It's nice that it's not a generic Harem troope, and seems like the feelings between MC and FL would be slowly developed in time.Interesting concept of Abilities, I'm really curious about the second one, Uncrowned King; if this doesn't sound menacingly powerful, I don't know what would be.Also, I'm at the latest ch released, 42? Something.All I can say is that this is definitely worth giving a read, especially because it's quite simple to read, and even a fourth grader can understand it.10/10 - for now, please don't disappoint us author.PS. Waiting for the juicy chapter


Wow! First time I forgot to leave a review for my own book. How could I be so shameless and forget about it?! Tsk... First of all, I'd like to say that if the story seems to be a bit slow paced in the beginning, it's because it truly is so. The character building and world development will probably take some time, but it's just because I don't want to mess up, so please be patient with this poor soul. I don't want to rush things anymore and just *Insert* words. For this reason, some characters and mentions about some *things*(heard it's called foreshadowing, hopefully I did it right) would probably be forgotten by the readers(you) and only remembered after 100 chapters or so.(and yes, there will be things like that, just pay attention :p) Adventure/Action - YesMystery - So so(I'd like to think that I'm going to surprise you at every step) Harem - NoR18/Romance - Yes(It will be slow at the beginning, but somewhere around mid-late second volume things will change)If someone has a question to ask, please don't hesitate to reply to this post. Thank you for reading not only the story, but this review too. This sentence is here only because I wanted to waste your time, sorry. But since you saw that, you were curious about this one too, truly sorry, better go back to read, and don't waste your time anymore. Peace :>


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Based only on free chapters, I don't feel like reading more. Contains spoilers. ################### The start is quite confusing. I am used to stories starting from the start of the MC's journey, with few characters and new ones that get introduced slowly, while in this one there are already tons of characters that the MC knows and has a past with that we don't know about. I am a fan of the process of getting stronger in a novel, so the fact that the MC is already the strongest on Earth (from what we know) isn't great. Based on what it was shown there seems to be beings stronger than him, but it's been 30 chapters and we still don't know if he has any goal (other than protecting his family). What I dislike the most though is how someone found out that he's the Light King. As the one who invented the SkyLimit he didn't bother to create something to check for a GPS? Are you serious? He didn't bother checking if the objects he obtains as the Light King can be traced? If he was a kid it would've been fine, but from the start he's portrayed as this mysterious, genius man who is secretly the strongest person on Earth, with hidden subordinates and a hidden organization, and that's how he's found out? A GPS is all it takes?




Interesting, Interesting indeed i like the novel so far theres's nothing wrong the only reason i gave a 4 was because it is impossible for everyone to feel the same way about a novel as everyone is different and has different opinions and preferences so give it a try and see if you like it or not


I feel like the no harem tag is a hoax after getting to chapter 69


The story of Lux is wonderful. The adventure is just awesome


Let me start off with the basis for an easy five star for me, any book with a dragon in it, can't be half bad and then if it's a female dragon then that's already a five star for me. Initially thought this was a Harem book, but it isn't, however, the interaction between FL and ML is enough to cater for no Harem (which I mostly read) so, yeah, the book is just that good. I can't say much on the writing quality because no one is above mistakes, but I didn't see much errors that would disrupt my reading flow. Finally, the power system is a unique one, which is to be expected from most novels of this setting. Yeah, that's all, Author did well.


Well. Synopsis looks good. Let's begin fhe journey.


After reading Apex Star, I figured you are a wonderful author. sadly, you stopped updating that, but dw, I can understand.I hope this one will be better than that one and that you'll be consistent in the update ❤


Just your typical "cringe MC hides his strength for literally no reason" trash.


I love this book it has given me a lot of ideas in writing my book 'the Adventures of Cookieboy'. Thank you are an excellent author 😁😁


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The fact that this story has no harem deserves a five star review


I really do like this novel I was hooked chapter 1 but the pacing feels wicked fast. I looked forward to the school setting in the beginning and it felt like 2 chapters later that was flew past with nothing interesting happening. by chapter 100 there has been no substantial arc of any kind just boatloads of new things happening chapter after chapter. I really hope the pacing can be worked on for later chapters


good novel I thought I like this I will read


I like the book so much and like how the Mc is don't bother me with your politics and drama it's a really good book though it will be sad for me but I have reached a level in which walk away not because the book is bad nono so interesting but it's me my mind can not comprehend the scope of life out side earth the same reason I can no longer do marvel movies my mind cannot comprehend the scope with worlds and universes


I loved this novel good work author


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