25 Chapter 26 - Missing

VERY IMPORTANT note at the end of this chapter regarding the MCs ability. 


(POV Harley Quinn) 

"Stupid plants being all dumb and planty!" I grumbled as I attempted and failed to get comfortable on a stupid tree stump. As soon as I'd said it, I regretted it. 


"Harley, my babies tell me that you're being mean to them. Is that true?" Came a shout from another room. 


Glaring at the various vines, flowers, and trees spread throughout the room, I couldn't help but stomp my feet in anger. Narcs! 

"They started it, Ivy! I just wanna sit down somewhere without getting a tree branch up my ass!" 


"You be nice to each other!" She shouted back. 


Pouting, I gave up on finding a comfortable seat and instead opted for the next best thing. Lying spread eagle on the floor. Ivy might be my best friend, but sometimes her obsession with these plants kills me. Time passed as I attempted to entertain myself by poking and prodding at the plants to annoy them, chuckling to myself every time Ivy shouted at me in defense of them. 


My joyful atmosphere was quickly replaced with a heavy and dangerous feeling causing me to spring up to a sitting position. While looking left and right cautiously, Ivy suddenly burst into the room with her face drained of color. 

"Harley, somethings wrong. My babies, they aren't speaking to me anymore...it's like...they're afraid." 


No sooner had the words left her mouth, did I have a hand clasp itself over my mouth, a familiar presence looming behind me. Ivy ever the sweetheart attempted to shout in warning, to defend me, only to have a blade placed against her throat halting her movements. My initial surprise was gone, a bright smile bloomed on my face as I spun around, ignoring Ivy's alarm. 


"Mr. Spooky Eyes! It sure took ya long enough. Ivy look, it's Mr. Spooky Eyes! I told ya he'd come around eventually." I said, breaking out of his grasp and skipping around him. 


A long sigh filled the room as Spooky Eyes spoke, 



Stopping, I waved at him. 

"That's me. Hi there!" 


"That bounty was your work, right? So. What. Do. You. Want." Clearly growing impatient Mr. Spooky Eyes closed the distance between us in no time at all. 


What a grumpy pants. Turning to Ivy, I waved at her to let her know everything was alright, before responding. 

"Okay Mr. Grumpy Eyes, if ya wanna get straight to business then so be it. After our last meeting, I had a talk with my best friend Ivy over there." 


Pointing a finger at Ivy I continued, 

"According to her, ya were being super unfair and mean to have me agree to those terms. As such, she said that the terms of our agreement should change." 


Mr. Spooky Eyes turned his attention away from me and instead locked eyes with a trembling Ivy who was shaking her head as if denying my words. 

"Is that so? I was under the impression that being granted the ability to keep on living was quite the compensation. Was it not?" 


"That's exactly what I said! So, instead of that, I decided to ask ya if I could enlist my services in return for a single favor." Nodding my head sagely, I proposed my deal while raising a single finger to the sky. 


Tilting his head in confusion, Mr. Spooky Eyes released a condescending chuckle. 

"Please tell me, how could you be of any assistance to me, Harley? I'll be the one to decide if you're worthy of a 'single favor' as you say." 


"I'll have ya know I am not only useful but extremely smart! Did ya see the bounty used to contact ya? That was all me! It worked like a charm if I do say so myself. I can be your eyes and ears in Gotham and contact ya in that same way if and when the Little Boy Wonder is ever in trouble." Giving Ivy a thumbs up, I directed my attention back to Spooky Eyes. 


He appeared to pause in thought for a moment before taking a step back. 

"And in return you only need me to do a single favor? What if I do you a favor and your information and help still prove to be useless?" 


Placing my hands on my hips and raising my head high I denied his accusation. 

"I would never dream of not earning my keep. As a matter of fact, I can give ya a little taste of my information-gathering skills right now. Did ya know that Robin went missing a few days ago? At least that's what people are saying, he's not been seen patrolling the city for a while." 


While Mr. Spooky Eyes seemed a bit taken aback, it was the figure behind Ivy who had the greatest reaction to my words. I watched curiously as Mr. Spooky Eyes and the figure seemed to have a silent conversation. 


"He's missing? Do you know where he is?" After a bit of silence, Spooky Eyes spoke up. 


With a shake of my head, I pointed to Ivy. 

"I don't, but she's like a plant mommy or somethin. She can talk to them, and they talk to her. I'm sure she could find him for ya." 


"Very well, and what is this favor you wish to ask of me?" His voice took a lighter tone as he stared at the figure behind Ivy. 


"Well, originally, I was gonna ask for like A TRILLION DOLLARS, or a red and black tank, or a billboard with my face on it! BUT, due to some recent issues, if I'm ever in danger I want ya to promise me you'll save me. There are some scary things out there, and I'd feel better knowing I had something scary looking out for me too! So, we got a deal?" With a bright smile, I extended an open hand. 


Rather begrudgingly Mr. Spooky Eyes clasped his hand in mine. 

"Well then, tell your plant friend to do her magic. Don't waste our time." 


Oh yeah, spinning around I beckoned Ivy to work her magic even as she glared at me hatefully. Closing her eyes a few minutes passed before she began panting heavily. 

"He's still in the City, but he's far. My plants managed to share two pieces of information before my connection with them broke, he's by the water and there's a lot of blood. That's all I can tell without getting closer to him. If that's all, can you leave? The plants are afraid of you. It was hard enough getting them to go do that. I don't like forcing them to do anything, and you just made me." 


"Harley, things will probably get crazy tonight. Ensure that your goons stay out of the chaos, or I won't guarantee their lives." Finished speaking, Mr. Spooky Eyes and his compatriot melded into the darkness. 


Clicking my tongue in dissatisfaction, I turned to Ivy.

"Alright, well you heard him. I better go let my freaks know to mind their business tonight."

Spinning on my heel I prepared to walk out the door only for the shattering of glass and an object clanking to garner my attention. Turning around Ivy and I glanced at each other before looking at the hole in the window.

"Well, who the hell did that!" I shouted.

Inspecting the area I finally found what was thrown inside. Approaching the small cylindrical object a flash of concern appeared in my eyes, and perhaps a bit too late, I shouted.

"Ivy, they're he-"

(POV Bane) 

A sickening crunch resounded as my fist connected with the chained-up bird before me. I was growing tired of his silence, his false ignorance, his lies! While holding back just enough not to kill the baby bird I discovered that this method of bludgeoning was going nowhere. As a result, I opted for the next course of action. Grabbing a finger, I simply began to squeeze. Toying with it my grip grew increasingly harder, eventually resulting in a violent snap. A shrill scream replaced his once muffled grunts of pain. 


"Tell me what I want to know little bird, and this stops. Why is the League following you? Who are you to them?" Grasping another finger, I rolled it betwixt my fingers mercilessly warping its shape ignoring the splintering bones piercing my skin, and his cries of agony. 


"I don't know what you're talking about! Just let me go! I've told you again and again!" The little bird's beak spouted more lies. 

Grunting in anger, I raised a hand and slapped him across the face. Not only did he fall to the floor but so did the mask that was already loosely dangling on his face. Picking his chair back up, I hadn't particularly noticed or cared about what he looked like...at least that's what I'd thought. As those despair-filled eyes locked onto mine, I began truly examining the size of his nose, the complexion of his skin, the color of his eyes, and the shape of his face. (AYO Bane?) 


No, it couldn't be. Recoiling in utter disbelief I tossed the boy back onto the floor staring at his crumpled form with a mixture of horror and anger. She wouldn't! She Couldn't! 

"Y-You, you bastard. Who is your mother!? WHO IS SHE!?" 


Kicking the boy in the chest I heard something snap as he gasped for air, coughing viciously in an attempt to answer my question. 

"I-I don't know. No one knows." 


Soon, the boy was a sobbing writhing mess as I continued to take my anger out on him. That bitch! Who did she think she was?! Who did it? Who stole you from me!! Before I could deliver another kick to his already broken form, a familiar sense of dread encompassed me. Whipping my head around I barely had time to react as a hand...no, a claw grasped my entire face effortlessly flipping me onto my back and slamming my head into the floor. 


As I fought against the shadow continuously pushing my face into the floor, I caught sight of another shadow of rather feminine features creeping up, attempting to grab the chained-up bird. A sense of familiarity gripped me as I spotted the female shadow, with a roar I activated the tubes of venom running through my body. With the sudden increase of strength, the shadow above me found himself flung to the side as I lashed at the feminine figure. Though I managed to tear her hood off before she could leap backward, she still escaped my grasp. 

Locking eyes with the now unmasked Talia, I felt a conflicting sense of wrath and infatuation. 

"Talia, my love. How could you do this to us? Tell me who the father is and maybe I'll spare you both." 


"There is no us, you delusional psycho. You'll pay for what you've done today." She spat; her words laced with venom. 


Clutching my chest in pain I continued, 

"Your words wound me. No matter, I'll be sure to educate you properly on just how much I care for you." 


As I took a step closer to Talia, that same annoying shadow from before emerged from behind her. His eyes changing to a blood-red halted my advancement and the moment it did so, he struck. Launching himself forward he attempted to take out my tubes filled with venom, it seemed he'd already discovered what they were used for. Smart boy. Apparently not that smart, against his expectations I extended a hand catching him mid-air and releasing a deep chuckle. 


"You are strong boy, but you don't seem to understand. I will not allow myself to be interrupted. You will not get in the way of me and my love. If it means I get to destroy Talia, that disgusting child, and whoever impregnated her, I will...by any means necessary." Blood fell from my eyes as a manic grin found itself plastered on my face. 




(POV Stygian) 

How? While I didn't consider myself arrogant, my eyes should be more than enough to stop a mere human in his tracks completely. It was only then that I noticed the tubes emerging from him were completely drained. His veins began to bulge as the blood that ran through them seemed to turn an emerald green. His words began to make sense, he was serious. Beyond so. From the moment I'd appeared, he'd steeled his resolve, he was prepared to die today. Was I? 


It was then that Bane returned the favor, slamming me headfirst into the ground splintering it in the process. Though my skin cracked from the impact causing blood to seep through, he was far from satisfied. A beating reminiscent of a child waving around its rattle ensued. I was turned into a mere ragdoll lacking an opportunity to turn the tide of my current situation. Appearing to have snapped out of her reverie Talia fired multiple arrows at the mutated Bane giving me enough time to break free of his grasp. 


While he was distracted, I latched onto the arm holding me, squeezing it as tightly as I could, before spinning myself violently resulting in a sickening squelch and crack as his forearm bent out of shape. A roar of pain followed as Bane lost control of part of his limb. The two halves of his forearm now dangling from each other with a sharp piece of white bone revealed to the world. Using this opportunity, I rolled to my feet. A wry laugh escaped his lips as his large form lumbered its way closer to me. 


"I. Will. Break. You." His words were hardly intelligible anymore, now resembling mere grunts and grumbles. Regardless, the message was clear. 


Looking into his eyes, they lacked any sense of humanity, the iris and pupil no longer visible, in their place lay a bright green sclera contrasted heavily by the blood pouring from them. Releasing a low growl, the drugged-up beast launched itself forward causing the floor to crack. Hardly able to react, I was lucky the battering ram of a man seemed to trade strength for intelligence, or so I thought. Sliding past his charging form I attempted to pierce his side, only to have my arm caught. Bane's skill was engrained in more than just his mind, but his body as well, I should've known his instincts couldn't be taken away. 


As this thought crossed my mind, I found myself yanked powerlessly forward and directly into banes onslaught. At the last moment, an arrow embedded itself in the behemoth's chest, but before the next could strike true he deflected it. With a cruel smile, Bane brought his wounded arm down slashing my face open causing a stream of blood to paint the surroundings. This fucker used his broken bone as a weapon?! I didn't know how bad it was, but at the very least I was now blind in my left eye. It certainly made sense to back up and reassess the situation before attacking again, but that is also what he'd expect me to do. 


I couldn't pass up the opportunity to catch him off guard again, so I ignored the searing pain in my eye and latched onto Banes' remaining arm. The moment he entered my clutches a certain level of understanding seemed to dawn on him. Returning a cruel smile of my own, my crown of snakes released a black mist surrounding us. From there, I proceeded to squeeze and twist his remaining arm out of shape. Learning the lesson from my first attempt, I thoroughly maimed his entire limb, causing it to resemble a corkscrew. 


The expected cry of pain never came, as Bane opted to instead violently impale my suspended form with his improvised bone blade. With a gruesome splash of blood, I was skewered to the floor. Coughing up a mixture of saliva and what I could only hope was blood, I placed my hands behind my head for leverage and kicked both of my legs upward into Banes's chest. The force of my kick was just enough to remove the makeshift spear from my midsection. A squelching sound was made as it exited my body and blood pooled beneath me. 


Unsteadily rising to my feet, I eyed the equally maimed giant warily. While his arms, arguably his most dangerous factor, were out of the equation, Bane still proved to be quite innovative. Turning to Talia, I directed her to take Damian and leave. This would be our final clash, one way or another. I didn't have it in me to keep this up. It seemed Bane felt the same as he wasted no further time charging straight toward me, to which I responded by meeting him head-on. 

Even with a single arm dangling uselessly to the side and another split in half, Bane cut an intimidating figure. Within moments we were in striking distance of each other. Regardless of my current state, I had full confidence in my ability to outmaneuver the hulking man. Sliding to the side, I peppered his stomach with as many blows as I safely could before circling around him and going in for a second onslaught. Bane once again showing his innovation, awaited my approach, and moments before I struck, his foot slammed against the ground. The force behind it shattered the floor beneath us, causing me to stumble forward. 


It was a miniscule window of time; I'd recovered my footing in a mere second and yet it wasn't quick enough. His shoulder connected with my chest as he bulldozed me backward. It felt like I'd been hit by a train as he propelled me through walls one after another. By the time his bullrush had ceased, we were outside in the streets of Gotham, my eyes closed as rain hit my face. Sensing the roided-up giant slowly approaching me I pulled out all the stops. With no other choice, I released another cloud of mist, pushing it to its limit. For roughly a 6-meter radius nothing but black fog could be seen. 


Even though my eyes had proven to let me down many a time when I needed them most, I activated them with the full intention of either killing this fucker or at least taking him with me. A massive wave of pain assaulted my senses, spreading throughout my nervous system, it couldn't be put into words how excruciating. The sensation started from my left eye which had been slashed open, before traveling to my right. During this transference of pain, my right eye began to throb, and I felt blood begin to fall. I was unsure of what was happening or why, but I knew I wouldn't be able to stay conscious much longer if it continued. 


In a mixture of pain, anger, and battle-crazed mania I locked onto Banes form within the black mist. 





This BASTARD. He'd pay for what he did to my arms. Where'd the League find someone like this? There's no way he was human. My chest heaved as I approached the kneeling shadow, I wasn't sure how much more my body could take. From overdosing on the venom to the damage this mosquito has done...I was deteriorating. I needed to end this. Now. 


As I picked up my pace, a familiar black fog began to fill the surroundings. FUCK, he's going to get away! My vision and senses were completely non-existent. This thick fog had spread immensely further compared to his previous usage of it. From within the pitch-black mist, a scarlet-red eye made itself known. The moment my gaze came into contact with it, a shiver ran down my body. As quickly as it had appeared it vanished. Turning left and right, I felt someone approaching quickly from in front of me. My reaction was too slow...he was beneath me. 


Glancing downward, I saw a maddened grin plastered upon his face, his pearly white fang-filled maw, and a single red eye boring into my soul. In a desperate and wild attempt to resist his attack, I threw my head back, delivering a crushing blow to his skull. Against my expectations, my attack did nothing. No, it did less than nothing. Seemingly going directly through him unimpeded. Before I could even process what had happened, I felt my neck snap. My vision did a full 180 degrees as I collapsed to the floor. 


With a gasp, as though it were all a dream, I awoke, only to feel a considerable weight sitting atop my shoulders. Abruptly and violently, both of my ears were pierced as I felt something impale directly through them. It sent shocks through my body as I convulsed. Raising my head slowly, in my last few moments of consciousness, I discovered a single blood-red glow from within the darkness. 




(POV Stygian) 

As I fought through the agonizing pain assaulting my body, I carefully neared Banes' approaching figure from within the fog. I could see him, but he couldn't see me, that was my greatest advantage at the moment. Taking note of this I slowly advanced until an opportune moment presented itself, and sure enough it did. For some reason, Bane stopped moving and his body screamed openings. Though it could be bait, I didn't have time to overthink things. Darting forward as quickly as my broken body could carry me, I prepared to attack him from behind only for him to suddenly headbutt the air in front of him. 


The sudden action while startling made my sneak attack all the more viable if he thought I was in front of him. Leaping upward I wrapped my legs around his throat squeezing tightly and then placed both of my fingers at the entrance to his ears. Not wasting another moment, I used all the force I could muster and skewered him through until my fingers touched from within the inside of his skull. A clearly surprised and confused Bane slowly gazed upwards causing my muscles to tense in preparation for a last-ditch effort. 


Thankfully things seemed to be over because moments later the light in his eyes went out, and the behemoth crumpled to his knees. Hopping off his shoulders I let Banes body splash harmlessly against the wet asphalt before limping away into the cover of night. 


(I edited and re-wrote this fight scene like 20 times so please let me know if theres any inconsistencies, repeated words, or random scenes that take place.)


NOTE: Okay so I decided to change the MCs eye ability a bit. I told y'all this would likely eventually happen so don't act surprised. 

Had dude lose one eye and as a result most of his power/ability is transferred entirely into his remaining eye. This fight/injury/mental state during it for the sake of things is going to have just caused his ability to change. 


Instead of just petrifying enemies in fear for a split second or whatever he's going to cause them to experience the deaths of one of the many things he's killed. They see through the eyes of his various victims and experience their death first hand. 


Its pretty much like a genjutsu type of thing and only certain characters with especially strong mental fortitude will be able to resist/break out of it. Otherwise most people will be fighting and unsure of what is actually reality. Dodging or punching randomly while questioning if its actually happening. Not to mention they're going to be literally experiencing death in the middle of fighting him LOL 

(As this upgrades I might make it to where the victims attempts to dodge/fight back actually work to help the illusion more real. BUT inevitably they experience the death. Like how when you punch in a dream its slow as fuck or some shit. I've died countless times in dreams due to the most ridiculous things bruh) 


For the sake of nerfing it, this will only work on a single person he's locked eyes onto (for the time being, this shouldn't be too bad of a nerf) 


As for the fear thing it will now make them see that expanse of utter darkness with the collection of eyes he's collected from his victims. So you can consider them two separate abilities its just that the fear thing wont be so relied upon. Especially since its mainly for crowd control of the normal enemies. 


Next chapter is gonna be him recovering in Lazarus Pit and being informed of his new abilities and how to use them as well as what his limitations are. Then I believe we're doing a quick suicide quad thing. AFTER that we will have a quick ARROWVERSE cannon thing and then its particle accelerator time BABY. 

(At least I hope this is how things pan out.) 


Yes, I have the MCS ability chosen. It's a combination of two really. I am not 100% how im gonna get it to like...play out without seeming like utter bullshit BUT most of DC is utter bullshit so yknow. His ability is gonna be just an edited possibly upgraded form of another characters from outside DC

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