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What is The Primordial Record

Read ‘The Primordial Record’ Online for Free, written by the author BRICKTRADER, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, SYSTEM Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Rowan Kuranes awoke in a new world inside the body of a dying prince. His new body contains terrifying secrets that he h...


Rowan Kuranes awoke in a new world inside the body of a dying prince. His new body contains terrifying secrets that he has to protect, for inside him lies the key to Eternity. He alone possesses the bloodline of The Ouroboros Serpents with authority over Time. He had Dominion over Sheol, and every soul would be his to keep. He lords over the Host of the Highest Heavens to the Abyssal Horde of the Deepest Hells. Rowan must learn to harness his new abilities and fight against his enemies who would stop at nothing to deprive him of his powers. Yet he must strive to keep a portion of his humanity alive, as he continuously evolves beyond godhood. A/N: There are horror elements, including Eldritch Horror from Lovecraft. A fan of blood-borne and abominable horrors that go bump in the night would love it. Epic action set pieces, and galaxy-wide battles, with an extremely overpowered MC who is a one-man army. https://discord.gg/UVvSCCMnCU Check out my discord. All future giveaways, fan art, and other fun stuff will be posted there. Thank you

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Hi everyone, Author here. I am not comfortable giving reviews on my own work, it feels a lot like self adulation to me (Which I've always likened to narcissism.) Anyways let's go to the reason why you are here. The book. Er... no, the review for the book. The Primordial Record is not a fast paced book. But because it's a web novel, I tried to skim across overly long descriptions, to make a tighter story. I may have failed, you my dear readers would be the judge of that. Based on the settings of my book, which is Transmigration. The MC is swamped in a flood of deceit and lies. And because I made him overpowered, I had to balance that with really dangerous enemies, that understands the capabilities of the MC and make every confrontation a deadly affair. I abhor weak and stupid antagonist. From the start he would be placed in a unfavorable position and he would need every wit and cunning he possess to win. I would not be leaving obvious hints, I left many Setups and I trust my readers to figure them out as they proceed with the story, for I am a fan of puzzles, and if you stick around long enough, I hope you would be surprised by the Payoffs. The Primordial Record may not be an easy book to read, and I sincerely apologize for that. I left details of certain abilities and the world itself vague, as it is a huge world and I dont like info-dumps. There are many horrifying themes presented inside and spoilers warning. I am willing to kill off characters, if it would serve the story. I hope you enjoy this world. Because ultimately that is the reason I write. For your pleasure. Bricktrader.


Definitely one of the best novels on here, amazing posting speed and unique powersystem. This book has realms of strength that normally would be the end of other books, it gets there pretty fast but doesnt seem rushed. Love it


Novel starts off in a rush where nothing makes sense really with a lots of twists out of the norm. I stuck with it because of all the recommendations and reviews, and it all ties into this master-crafted story where everything has started tying in. As of chapter 460 I can say I absolutely am more than excited to see where this journey goes.


Nigerian authors are very few... it's nice to know we're not alone. Nice story bro.


Details which make no sense. Using words on words, power levels which have never been introduced . Contrasting yourself within the first 14 chapters ( magic can't stay hidden , children show reality bending power) then in the next few chapters oh only noble bloodline can use supernatural . oh legendary get 150 year lifespan , legend is first level but of domain , but in next chapter nop only specific domains can make you live longer .... Ranks have never been introduced, the writing style is annoying and the mystery feels forced instead of having anticipation I am cringing at how hard the author is trying and failing at iy


I love the way you write! The story is well-paced, and I like how the scenes are written and described. Especially how you described what the protagonist was feeling along with the well-written dialogue, this is a good read! Keep it up! ^^


only read upto 4 chapters because of daily recommendation .too much unnecessary details . boring or my mood is just off. first 3 chapter were about surrounding object like corpse , luxurious doors , big expensive mirror etc. i couldn't focus because situation of MC doesn't seem tiny bit desperate or serious so why useless details .


worst novel just info dump.i have read 100 plus chps but still just info dump you can't even get the basic outline of the world just don't waste your time like me .


I really want to like it. It has the necessary ingredients, but it falls flat because the chef doesn't know what to do with them. There are so many words in every chapter, but nothing of importance is being said. I read 16 chapters and I've found myself skimming through most of it, as it was mostly pointless nonsense. And when there's suddenly something interesting going on, the POV suddenly switches to some random dude and his sister, or some random dudes drinking and talking about something. Don't know what, I just skipped past the whole thing. I don't think I'll continue reading past the first 20 chapters, unfortunately. It's all a convoluted mess and nothing makes sense. Driving the reader mad with gibberish is a great way for your readers to immerse themselves in your novel, but it's not for me.


The chapters are too wordy. The essence of what the author is trying to convey is lost within irrelevant, long and wordy sentences which could have been phrased in a much better way.


look ur story is good with the mystery etc but come on atleast make it free no other app has ur book fam but hey good story [img=proud]


I kind of like it... The story, detail, powers, world building and immersion are all great. The only and main problem is the mc. He seems to have a hero complex which greatly takes away from the immersion of the story. It's also strange how he questioned himself for having feelings for his father who he called a stranger because he was from a different world and didn't know that person but not for strangers from a village full of people he definitely didn't know but still risked his life for. I can't help but fear that his need to help and save people will slow him down, bring about extra baggage, danger and unnecessary forced plots.


first of this is a great novel, you have made this novel interesting but too much future information is making the novel hard to read after knowing where he will end up with his powers, if it's like that how about making it short and not too long but interesting in every chapter so one reads it repeatedly and be satisfied rather make more chapters and bore the reader, but all in all this is a great novel i love the different system of power it's refreshing seeing and reading something new unlike all these other repetitive novels, don't drop it keep it up 👍🔥you deserve all the stars but it's to motivate you 😂


First of all, I only read the free chapters.. I am not sure if I qualify to review this novel because I only read the beginning of the story, BUT what I respect the most of this novel is the author himself.. He is a very patient and has an extraordinary mindset and manner.. Well, most of the other authors, they are narrow-minded where they REMOVE ALL negative reviews instead of take them as constructive criticism to improve their skill and broaden their views.. It is understandable that not all are constructive reviews.. But I know some are, and most author still block or hide them.. So, don't misunderstand, I don't give this novel 5 star review because of the novel, but because of this author manner and mindset, he deserves this full rating.. He willing take all the criticism in positive ways.. I absolutely respect that.. Unfortunately, this novel is not for me.. I love fast pace novel with OP MC.. Just like the author said, "This novel is not for everyone".. Well, everyone have their own taste and reference.. So, I look forward to your next novel..


Absolute top quality work here. You will only see the full picture once you get to premium. In my opinion this is far more deserving of the top spot than the likes of 'Dark Magus Returns'. The scheming, foreshadowing, power leveling, world building are unravelling into something absolutely amazing. I can't believe that it has so few reviews and that too negative ones. Stick with the novel guys, it'll blow you away. I can't say enough... I'm really disappointed that the community isn't showing this piece of work more love. I hope the author writes this to completion and that he eventually gets the attention he deserves. Side note: change the cover to something more eye catching.


Haven't read the book yet but I like the author's response to criticism. Would surely read, hopefully I don't find a reason to complain 👍


I recently read The Primordial Record and I must say that it was an amazing experience. The story revolves around Rowan Kuranes, who wakes up in a new world inside the body of a dying prince. His new body contains terrifying secrets that he must protect, as it holds the key to eternity. Rowan must learn to harness his new abilities and fight against enemies who will stop at nothing to deprive him of his powers. The novel is a perfect blend of fantasy, action, and suspense, and I found myself completely engrossed in the story from the very beginning. The characters are well-developed and the plot is well-paced, making it a truly enjoyable read. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves fantasy novels. Overall, I would give The Primordial Record a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.


The author tried to write something absolutely amazing but in trying to do so he turned this into a mediocre one. The story seems to be inconsistent and it seems like the author didn't really plan ahead(example - soul sizer points turned from 100 to 1000 just to support the authors new declaration that ouroboros wont let a lesser bloodline exist, and I think the author added this point because he might have thought that soul of light and darkness are too burdensome or redundant or overkill to have). A good world build is necessary to make a good story but overdoing it can also ruin the story. This author overdid to the extent that the story is going at a sluggish pace. Moreover worldbuild generally means describing the cities, environment conditions, their culture, art, architecture, that worlds history etc. but this story's over extensive world build (or gibberish to put it simply) is mostly focused on the unending philosophical pondering of the MC rather than the aspects I stated above


I was just going to read only chapter one but then I git hooked and am still reading, keep it up author


Now I am not a fan when it comes to OP Mc but this novel is one of the reasonable OP MC where there is a very logical reason of why he is OP and also the opponents he face feel like a real threat to MC unlike other novels where the enemies seem like 2 dimensional mob enemies. A very Great book and i believe that some hate comes form the fact that this novel is intentionally putting the starting chapter feels like a pain to read but it gets better the further you progress. As a normal book this would have been a very good story but due to it being WN it requires patience on the reader side for new chapter to come. (I am really not a fan of OP MC and prefer Weak to strong but this novel does the OP MC's power gain very logically and neat. Thank you author for bringing this novel to life.


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