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{Hey, you better get up and do some introduction to the readers who want to try the story.} the author said. I woke up groggily and looked at the time, "Dude, it's four in the morning." I said and went back to sleep. {I don't care. I need a sypnosis now.} the author demanded. "Bro, please, five more hours." I said {Wake up right now or else.} 'Or else what?' I challenged. {If you don't wake up I will reincarnate you in Boku no Pico, I swear.} Oh please, like that's a bad world to reincarnate to. I will just leave Japan and everything would be fine. {Then how about Attack on Titan?} That's great!! It means I would be able to change the story and prevent the sad ending. I could make Mikasa fall for me and maybe even invent some stuff with my future knowledge. It would be amazing. {This is final. I will reincarnate you in Kuroinu...} Oh!! The hentai where men can use any female for sexual pleasure? Reincarnate me there right now!! It is a little fucked up but I certainly wouldn't mind- {...as the elf queen Celestine.} .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Well hello, My name is Yuito Fujita and I am a reincarnated person who reincarnate into a new world similar to my old world but with some fictional stories mixed into it. I though I was going to live a fullfilling and peaceful life until when I was 15 years old, the author spoke to me. From then on my life became full of ups and downs with different challenges every corner. Watch me as I make a harem and fight my way to become the UFC champion of this world. But as any story, mine will be full of challenges as I found out just what fictional stories are mixed into my world My story will be full of romance, action, drama and friendship with the author. Read my life with the author. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ______________________________________________ This is a mash up between different worlds Worlds known so far : 1. Komi-san can't communicate 2. My dress up darling. 3. Seiso Kanojo, Ochiru || The Pure Girlfriend's Fall (NTR Doujin) 4. The real world (Yes, the one you are living in. Not any anime.) 5. Wolf Children (Movie) 6. Viral Hit/How to fight (Manhwa) 7. ??? -------------------- Warning : There is NTR element. It is not exactly NTR(no kissing nor sex) but many readers felt it was. So I am here to warn you. And there's incest too. Hopefully I don't waste your time. ..... If you like my story, join my p@treon : p@treon.com/emmanuel_capricorn. (change @ = a). [Link : https://patreon.com/Emmanue_Capricorn] Get 15 early chapters and premium pics of characters while also supporting me


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