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What is Rena ray

Read Rena ray novel written by the author tanushree_roy on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Teen stories, ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A story of a girl that struggles to find her self

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[Mature Content, Viewer Discretion is Advised] Raven Online (RO) is a VRMMORPG that was recently released in the year 2030 on Earth. A weak, yet handsome 19-Year-Old, Arthur Clarke, has saved enough from his part-time job to buy and play Raven Online. Arthur already has the Golden-Edition VR Helmet, all that was left is to buy the game. Arthur has heard the rumors that you can earn in-game money in RO and transfer it to your real-life bank account. That’s the biggest reason why he decided to buy RO. It was to help his poor family; his widowed mother, little brother, and his big step-sister while doing his part-time job, along with having fun in RO. After buying RO, Arthur started it up and started registering, until he received a notification [Congratulations! You are the 69,000th player to register in Raven Online!] [You have been given a unique class: ‘Cultivator/Dual-Cultivator’ in Raven Online as a reward!] [Do you accept? Yes/No] He was surprised at the sudden notification, he hasn’t heard anything like this. He then decided to press ‘Yes’ to start his adventure. Arthur didn’t know that accepting this class would change his whole life in every way. Read “Raven Online: Unique Class ‘Cultivator/Dual-Cultivator’” to enjoy a light-hearted, action-packed, Slice-Of-Life with a bit of mystery. **This novel was inspired by some novels. I will make sure that it will be unique. If you like these types of stories, then I hope you enjoy. —---------------------------------------------------------------- [This novel contains Incest and Yuri] (NOT Biological Incest, Just Step-Romance. If you have any questions, ask them away) No NTR or Yaoi Tags: [R-18], [Smut], [Romance], [Harem], [Action], [Adventure], [VideoGames], [VRMMORPG], [System], [Slice-Of-Life], [Weak-To-Strong], [Cultivation], [Dual Cultivation], [Mystery], [Magic] —---------------------------------------------------------------- I DO NOT OWN THE COVER! I saw it on Pinterest and uploaded it If you’re the owner of the art and want it taken down, message me and I’ll do it immediately.

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Aren't VR games way too hard?

This wasn't my first VR game, but as always, I sucked. My favorite kind of ways to play was a meaty mage with high damage and favorably both high MP and HP regeneration. But while I tried to create this type of Avatar, l had no luck yet again. This game was way too hard! It was also almost impossible to level up like this and I died countless times. Also...I was basically an social inept and unble to perform well in a party or any other kind of group. I had too less talent to get stronger as fast as other players and the painfully low possibilities of my potential often sent me to the brink of my inner abyss. Still, I loved playing this game and kept on playing anyway. Until one day, my peace and serenity were broken by the undercurrents and remnants of political struggle in the city I resided. Forced to join the ruthless leader of the black market I had to let go of everything that hindered me to grow stronger. To find my oppressors who bullied, stole from me and made me wish to leave this game behind. On my way to revenge, my class was upgraded to a branch class of mage, - illusionist. Fit for my style of madness and an concealed weapon against my enemies. And this made me let loose of anything reining myself back. - "So, you said you were an illusionist. Do you already know what your class is able to do or shall I explain it to you?" The class instructor asked. "I can make weak hallucinations and cute phantasms." "..." he held the bridge of his nose. "You got to choose between scary and cute phantasms and chose cute? What the hell is wrong with you????" "te-he..." I tried to scratch my head cutely. "Don't te-he me, you imbecile!" he roared. "How the hell should I be your instructor when you can't even choose the basic skills that are suitable for fighting?!" "But the big wolf found the phantasm cute and was tamed." I smiled and showed him the hide of a deer I had placed in my inventory. "He even started hunting for me until I had enough and ran away." "..." The instructor was left speechless. Why did he have to babysit such a useless revenant? Couldn't he at least have someone with a bit more smartness? Why did he have to take care of this dorky mage?????? Update schedule: 1 - 2 Chapters every week

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