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Is this destiny?

Sarah Hill is an introvert who does not want to attract attention. Other than mad coding skills, Sarah knows how to throw a punch. She believes that her biggest problem is the existence of the hacker Omega and her world flips upside-down when the most popular guy on campus approaches her. What does he want? Why her? (Ah, Sarah, that is only the beginning.) JoAnna Hill easily makes friends with her bubbly personality. Some call her a mad scientist, but she prefers ‘Dr. Hill’, because that is what she is. JoAnna is an excellent markswoman who can snipe out any target and she is wondering if her prince charming will ever come. Sophia Hill is the voice of reason, their pillar of support. She is a confident CEO who knows how to get what she wants. Sophia’s degree in law combined with amazing capabilities to analyze the situation and plan ahead make her the perfect strategist (to achieve a goal without ending up in jail). This is a story of three Hill sisters who are navigating through challenges while they uncover the complicated story behind their maternal side of the family. And their father is not a simple man either. Every sister is different, and so are their relationships. They all have in common: trust and belief that if they work together, anything is possible. Mature content! 18+ ***SPOILER? - START *** The story starts with a focus on the youngest sister (Sarah). After about 100 chapters, the oldest sister (Sophia) gets in the romantic spotlight. JoAnna finds herself pulled into romance last, at about 200 chapter mark. ***SPOILER? - END *** Excerpt from the novel... "Do you believe in destiny?", Sarah broke the silence. "Destiny?" Aiden didn't expect such a question. "Yes. The thing that is meant to happen, and there is nothing you can do to prevent it. And when it does happen, everything feels right." "Why would you ask me such a thing?" "Until a few weeks ago I would say that there is no such thing as destiny. That we are all masters of our lives and that everything depends on our actions, or lack of it. But I can't help but wonder: why did I not push you away? ... Why does it feel like everything will be OK as long as we are together? ... You are a piece of me that I never knew was missing. Is this destiny?" "Mmm... if that is destiny, then I approve it.", Aiden lightly kissed Sarah's shoulder and rested his chin on it. --- 1st WARNING!!! Contains descriptions of intimate scenes. If you are not comfortable with that, don’t read it! --- 2nd WARNING!!! This is my first novel! :) --- ***** I own the cover. ***** Check out my other novels: * "Accident Prone" * "Amara - Reunion" * "The Alpha's Bride" * "The Supreme Alpha"

RedSonia · Contemporary Romance

Amara - Reunion

A college senior goes on a vacation to Italy with her classmates and her world flips upside down when she dies and wakes up as an immortal. Seraphina can't go back to London where everyone thinks she is dead, yet her existence is not common among immortals either. She is the first of her kind and many would kill to find out how her adopted father managed to grant her eternal life. Join Seraphina in her journey of finding out who she became as she drifts between accepting her new fantastic reality and dealing with her past. --- This is Book 1 in the series "Amara" where you get to join Seraphina in her journey of accepting her immortality. FL is strong, smart and she does not depend on ML. Expect drama, mystery, and romance in a modern-fantasy setting. If you are under age 18 or sensitive to adult content, I suggest you skip this novel. --- Excerpt from the novel... I stepped on the threshold and the clamor quieted down in one quick wave that swept through the classroom as people stared at me and spoke in whispers. Those were my classmates, the ones that degraded me due to my poor background, but now things are different. I met their eyes with confidence and there I saw him, behind the last desk on the right, that is made for two. He was looking at his phone and ignoring two women who talked to him. The time replaced his boyish features with mature ones, and he became the handsome man who must be the cause of many wet dreams. The lack of noise got his attention. It took him a second to spot me, and the world faded at the moment our eyes met. The magic between us was the same as I remember, but stronger. Probably because we are not kids anymore. Now we are grownups and trying to label this feeling that engulfed me as anything other than attraction laced with lust, would be denying the obvious. Damn! I thought that by coming to this reunion I will be able to get over my infatuation that stems from my dreams. I was confident that I will realize he was never mine, to begin with. It was just a teenage crush that should have died with my mortal self. But as his endlessly blue eyes bore into mine, I was unable to resist the aching need to get closer. Oh, boy... I am in trouble. Aren't I? --- Connect with me. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RedSonia.Novels Discord: https://discord.gg/cFaejHB Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/redsonia_novels/ --- I own the cover. --- Give my other novels a try! - Is this Destiny? - Accident Prone - The Alpha's Bride - The Supreme Alpha (Book 2 in Amara series)

RedSonia · Fantasy Romance

Becoming The Strongest

If you like fantasy, then this is a must-read! Eden! A continent filled with mystical beasts and creatures. But only three races dominate the land while standing at the top of its food chain. The Werewolves, The Vampires, and The humans. The three races who were at war with each other finally reached peace at the end of their blood and terror filled war. But the end of their internal war was just a beginning of a war with another force that resides within the same World as theirs, that is, The Demons. Demons who are hungry for blood and murder aim to conquer the three races along with the continent, Eden. In the ongoing storm of this World, what will happen when the path of a woman, Rin, is intertwined with the path of these three races as she ends up being transmigrated in the body of a girl who shares her name in this World? With a mission given to her by the God of Fate, she has to face the new enemies of the World while training alongside the people of the three races. And if she fails then the only thing that is waiting for her is an angry Cupid. →_→→_→→_→→_→←_←←_←←_←←_← Art is not owned by me. If you are the owner, First I would like to thank you for creating such amazing art. Secondly, if you want me to remove it, I will. →_→→_→→_→→_→←_←←_←←_←←_← Except that, try out my other novels... Becoming God of a Dystopian World ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ My Monster-Nim System -ᄒᴥᄒ- Discord: https://discord.gg/8aMxzfBkRx For PM, Discord @The_Fake_God#9636 Instagram: @webnovel_t_f_g

The_Fake_God · Fantasy Romance

Picky Goddess Searching For Her Alphas

10 Alphas, 1 Goddess. The Moon Goddess had thought marking one man as the chosen werewolf would be enough to protect the entire land of Nevrisea. She was wrong. The world had changed while she slept, and people no longer loved her. Upset with herself, she went on the search for new alphas. If they passed her requirements, she was going to mark them as her chosen protectors. What she didn’t expect was those she had marked were falling in love with her! That wasn’t supposed to happen! How was she going to do her job if they kept trying to fight for her?! *** “My Goddess, may my love blossom even more for you once we are wedded.” “She will marry me.” “Won’t you say yes already?” “Moon Goddess, I would rather wake with you in my arms than alone.” 'Oh no… It was happening again! Maybe ten was too much…' *** Title work by @26Stars Follow IG: @peachellie

MichelleLeeee · Fantasy Romance

Dear My Undead Princess: Till Death Do Us (Not) Part

"I'd rather die than live in a world without you..." Usually, it's the zombie that runs after the human. But what if it's the other way around? It's the undead that gets caught and by a hopeless romantic to top it off. "The more I think of you, the greater my craving seems to get. I feel like I want to eat you up every time I see you... And here I thought you're the zombie around here, princess..." This is a story about an undead girl who awakens to find herself locked up by a mysterious yet handsome guy in a castle that he claims as their home. Said guy turns out to be an important piece of her missing memories. Why does he seem to care so much for her? What's up with this castle and princess treatment? And why does he not want her to leave? With the help of a diary, secrets start to unravel as the truth of their pasts unfold. All the while, she has to deal with this doting human's romantic gestures and make sure not to fall. She swore not to fall and be lied to anymore - Not after she was turned into a human test subject and was experimented on. Not after she ended up facing her eventual demise. Not after she was revived but got killed again for the second time and was left behind. Above all, not after she fell deep in love with a boy who's too out of her reach but only to get indirectly rejected and suffer in the hands of those he loves - his family and his dreams. --- Queen of friendzone, one-master-dog, a stubborn leech - Anastasia Bellen got those reputations before. Ever since she fell in love with a very special boy, everything slowly went down for her. He's a famous teen supermodel, a wealthy heir and someone who seems to have everything. She, on the other hand, is only a baker's daughter and a mere friend. Despite his father opposing their friendship and a fiancee appearing in the picture, Anastasia still wants to be with him even if she gets nothing in return. Little did she know that this love of hers would suddenly change her life forever - and soon, the entire world. -- WPC #135 Silver Tier Winner -- [Warning: Mature Content] (Cover Photo's not mine: Credits to the original artist) - Follow me on Instagram (acieetin) - DM me on Discord (Aciee#1841)

Aciee_GelaTin · Sci-fi Romance

Hate Me or Date Me

Lorelei Jung is your not-so-typical popular girl on campus. Her sassy vibe and high-pitched voice made people think she’s an arrogant, selfish, and manipulative queen bee, but she’s the complete opposite. Her university life was full of rainbows and butterflies. Everyone loved her, except for Jace Lee — a mean-looking computer science student who feels annoyed whenever they have an encounter. Will their encounters only brew tension and hatred between them or will it turn into something else? Read on to know how things develop between them! --- The art on the cover is not mine. Credits to original artist/owner!

girini · Teen
Not enough ratings

The Wedding Contract

She is the Ice Queen and he is her archenemy. Two industry rivals with a lifetime vengeance gets married !?! Crazzzyyy! ------------------------------- Synopsis "If you ever let anyone touch you... I'll pluck your eyes and eat it for dessert", she murmured in his ears. "Mmmm….", his mind was completely out of the world. She gently stroked his lips with hers, but made sure not to kiss him. He was itching to drag her lips into his. She drove him crazy, but he couldn't do anything about it. "As for the incident with her....", she ignored his parted lips and continued the slow torture. "I'm going to tease you until you break...", the goosebumps now reached his head. "That's…. Your…. Punishment", she uttered each word so carefully, in between every small peck. He clenched his hands, feeling helpless. He wanted to beg right away, but pride ate him away. She slowly let her fingers slip through his hair. While he was enjoying it, she suddenly fisted a handful and nibbled playfully. "Oh, god! You're killing me...…", his voice was a low groan which made her nerves jump up in joy. "What should I do?", she softly whispered, continuing the sweet anguish. "Kiss me!", it was almost inaudible, "Please…..", he said. -------------------------- [All credits of the cover belong to its rightful owner - no intentions of copyright defragmentation. If asked to remove, will do so.]

Ice_Witch · Contemporary Romance

Our Last Promise

A cold-faced beauty, Yi Xin Lin the richest lady and the goddess of earth. In her previous life she was not able to understand the depths of his love, as a result she lost him but with a promise that in all lives she will be his one and only bride. This life born as Chen Jia Yi, she is gonna search for her hubby, her love. Make him fall in love with her. And keep the promise for both of them. But Hey wait! does this Mr. Song has some tricks up his sleeves for our little Yi... Let's join in this novel and cheer for this couple.............won't you? A/N: It's not a story about reincarnation, but about afterlife(which has no connection with the present life except the love they have for one another)

Flyleap · Contemporary Romance
Not enough ratings