Picky Goddess Searching For Her Alphas Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Picky Goddess Searching For Her Alphas


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10 Alphas, 1 Goddess. The Moon Goddess had thought marking one man as the chosen werewolf would be enough to protect the entire land of Nevrisea. She was wrong. The world had changed while she slept, and people no longer loved her. Upset with herself, she went on the search for new alphas. If they passed her requirements, she was going to mark them as her chosen protectors. What she didn’t expect was those she had marked were falling in love with her! That wasn’t supposed to happen! How was she going to do her job if they kept trying to fight for her?! *** “My Goddess, may my love blossom even more for you once we are wedded.” “She will marry me.” “Won’t you say yes already?” “Moon Goddess, I would rather wake with you in my arms than alone.” 'Oh no… It was happening again! Maybe ten was too much…' *** Title work by @26Stars Follow IG: @peachellie