Flower On The Ash Book

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Flower On The Ash


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What! I knew he would be scheming something to torture me. I looked at him with narrowed eyes and he winked at me. I suddenly looked away to confirm that no one saw him doing that. I was blessed. My father was discussing something with my stepmother and Sophia. I glared at him and he silently chuckled. ................................. Annabell Evans (protagonist), who was badly treated by her step-mother and step-sister, falls into the trap laid by her so-called elder sister. Her sister drugged her in a hotel and brought her to a room where she had a night-stand with Alexander Wilson. She left the man asking him to forget about that night and pretend as if they had never met. She leave the hotel but Alex gets interested in her. Fate brought them closer and they got united. But would this be all? Was there someone targeting them? Would their life always be happy and full of love? Anna must keep calm and face the challenges that are going to fall upon her. She will have to make herself stronger to keep her close ones safe and happy. It's about affection, desire, sacrifice, protection. Indescribable feelings that one has to face in the thrilling journey of love.


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