Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Hot and Cold Book

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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: Hot and Cold


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Jessie was going through a breakup with her fiancé. She went to Vegas with her friend to get over the breakup. Have fun and regain herself. Din Cooper is a multi-billionaire. He was the CEO of the Cin's mobile. (Car company.) He almost got kicked out of the company by his grandfather because, at the age of 29, he wasn't married. His grandfather's Ultimatum, "Her name is Jessie Walker. Make sure you get married before the end of this month. To Jessie." Din also went to Vegas to attend his friend's party. He thought he would at least have a few drinks to clear his head off. He met Jessie in Vegas and recognized she was the woman his grandfather forced him to get married to. When Jessie and Din both met, did sparks fly endlessly or was it filled with hatred?