Dear My Undead Princess: Till Death Do Us (Not) Part Book

novel - Sci-fi Romance

Dear My Undead Princess: Till Death Do Us (Not) Part


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"I'd rather die than live in a world without you..." Usually, it's the zombie that runs after the human. But what if it's the other way around? It's the undead that gets caught and by a hopeless romantic to top it off. "The more I think of you, the greater my craving seems to get. I feel like I want to eat you up every time I see you... And here I thought you're the zombie around here, princess..." This is a story about an undead girl who awakens to find herself locked up by a mysterious yet handsome guy in a castle that he claims as their home. Said guy turns out to be an important piece of her missing memories. Why does he seem to care so much for her? What's up with this castle and princess treatment? And why does he not want her to leave? With the help of a diary, secrets start to unravel as the truth of their pasts unfold. All the while, she has to deal with this doting human's romantic gestures and make sure not to fall. She swore not to fall and be lied to anymore - Not after she was turned into a human test subject and was experimented on. Not after she ended up facing her eventual demise. Not after she was revived but got killed again for the second time and was left behind. Above all, not after she fell deep in love with a boy who's too out of her reach but only to get indirectly rejected and suffer in the hands of those he loves - his family and his dreams. --- Queen of friendzone, one-master-dog, a stubborn leech - Anastasia Bellen got those reputations before. Ever since she fell in love with a very special boy, everything slowly went down for her. He's a famous teen supermodel, a wealthy heir and someone who seems to have everything. She, on the other hand, is only a baker's daughter and a mere friend. Despite his father opposing their friendship and a fiancee appearing in the picture, Anastasia still wants to be with him even if she gets nothing in return. Little did she know that this love of hers would suddenly change her life forever - and soon, the entire world. -- WPC #135 Silver Tier Winner -- [Warning: Mature Content] (Cover Photo's not mine: Credits to the original artist) - Follow me on Instagram (acieetin) - DM me on Discord (Aciee#1841)

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