The Wedding Contract Book

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The Wedding Contract


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She is the Ice Queen and he is her archenemy. Two industry rivals with a lifetime vengeance gets married !?! Crazzzyyy! ------------------------------- Synopsis "If you ever let anyone touch you... I'll pluck your eyes and eat it for dessert", she murmured in his ears. "Mmmm….", his mind was completely out of the world. She gently stroked his lips with hers, but made sure not to kiss him. He was itching to drag her lips into his. She drove him crazy, but he couldn't do anything about it. "As for the incident with her....", she ignored his parted lips and continued the slow torture. "I'm going to tease you until you break...", the goosebumps now reached his head. "That's…. Your…. Punishment", she uttered each word so carefully, in between every small peck. He clenched his hands, feeling helpless. He wanted to beg right away, but pride ate him away. She slowly let her fingers slip through his hair. While he was enjoying it, she suddenly fisted a handful and nibbled playfully. "Oh, god! You're killing me...…", his voice was a low groan which made her nerves jump up in joy. "What should I do?", she softly whispered, continuing the sweet anguish. "Kiss me!", it was almost inaudible, "Please…..", he said. -------------------------- [All credits of the cover belong to its rightful owner - no intentions of copyright defragmentation. If asked to remove, will do so.]


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