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"BAD, MEAN, TOAD." Those were the three words Lin Zhu used to describe Ye Quan. Lin Zhu was a talented badminton athlete who started his brilliant career as a junior player in the national badminton team. He had won many titles as a men's singles player in the junior team, and his achievements were rewarded with a promotion to the senior team. But, to his dismay, the reward suddenly turned into a punishment. He performed so badly in the last two years he spent with the senior team that he was finally kicked out of the men's singles team. He had only two choices: 1. Bury his dream and retire at such a young age; 2. Agree to be transferred to the men's doubles team. And Lin Zhu chose the second option. He didn't expect that he would be paired with Ye Quan, another badminton player who had become his mortal enemy since a few years ago. Under the pressure from the team management to become the best men's doubles pair in the world, Lin Zhu and Ye Quan began their journey despite harboring hatred for each other. What will happen to the two athletes? Will they be able to achieve their goal even if they are always at each other's throats? --- "YOU ARE BAD, YOU ARE MEAN, AND YOU ARE UGLY LIKE A TOAD, YE QUAN!" --- Author note: 1. The MC is the bottom. 2. Playboy top x arrogant bottom. 3. Original cover art belongs to me.