The Little Devil of Mr. Wen is Bewitching the World Book

novel - Romance

The Little Devil of Mr. Wen is Bewitching the World

Chen An'An

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# MOVIESTAR Following an unfortunate plane crash, Ying Jing transmigrated into a book as the villainous supporting character and was forced to follow the storyline or die. Due to pushbacks from the leading characters, she suffered terrible consequences and was reborn after her suicide. After missing out on her true love in her previous life because of the mandatory plotline, Ying Jing decided to indulge in her love this time round. Even though the original plot dictated that she fall for the male lead, she fearlessly pursued a certain mysterious bigwig... Unexpectedly, the bigwig started to shower her with gifts: luxury mansions, prestige cars, even putting his own assets under her name. Then, on a certain day, when Ying Jing was still plotting to win over the bigwig, she found out that the bigwig was also a transmigrator, leaving her so stunned she dropped her popcorn in shock. The naive tsundere reincarnated to woo the CEO, who was actually setting a trap for her. Wen Fucheng, the wealthiest man of the country had harbored a secret love for her for over two lifetimes.


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