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    In the bustling city of New York, Peter Parker, a brilliant but struggling student, grapples with the challenges of balancing his dual life as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and a dedicated student. As he strives to maintain normalcy as new threats emerge from the shadows, threatening to plunge the city into chaos. Will he also stand tall with Earth's greatest heroes the Avengers, as his planet continues to become under threat to alien invasions and villains planning to rule the world? Can Peter protect his loved ones? Can he maintain his relationships with friends, family and maintain a love life? Can he beat the villains that threaten him and the city? Or will he crumble and die trying? *Hello everyone the Author here. This is my first attempt at writing a Novel so if its a bit stinky please understands and type your critiques in the comments so I can improve. There will probably some breaks every now and then due to exams and planning out the future story/chapters. If i plan on stopping this series I will announce it, so unless I do that it just means somethings are currently going on. Thank you for listening to my rambling, i'll try my best to write a story you all enjoy and I wish you all an amazing day. Peace!* EVERY 10 POWER STONES = BONUS CHAPTER

    MassiveSimp · Anime & Comics
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  • I’m Thragg

    A man is suddenly thrown into a terrifying new world, where he is forced to assume the mantle of the feared emperor Thragg. As Thragg, he is confronted with the brutal reality of ruling over a ruthless empire, where strength and brutality are the only means of survival. His subjects are powerful and aggressive, and they will not hesitate to turn against him if he shows any weakness. He quickly realizes that he must embrace the darkness within himself if he wants to survive in this new world. He becomes more ruthless, more cunning, and more terrifying than anyone could have imagined.

    SpiderMan · Anime & Comics
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  • Overlord: Flavor Text

    I may abuse the flavor text a bit I will try to keep it to a minimum but there’s just too much potential with it I mean come on!!. All credits to the author of overlord I only own the oc and perhaps the alternate universe. I will try to if there is any explain certain plot holes in the story and if I don’t please use your imagination. Inspired by the overlord:madness in overlord. DISCLAIMER: I might make it super dark I’ll try to add wholesome things in there once in a while.

    SpiderMan · Anime & Comics
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  • A Mutant Collector Quest

    Lucas Watson, once an ordinary soul from Earth, now finds himself reincarnated in a heavily AU (Alternate Universe) Marvel world as the elder brother of Mary Jane Watson. Armed with meta-knowledge and a stroke of divine luck, he has ascended to billionaire status. Lucas plans to leverage his wealth and technology to navigate this perilous world, but destiny has other plans. As his latent mutation awakens, a new chapter of his life begins, thrusting him into unforeseen challenges and adventures. *** This is an ongoing SI Quest of mine on Fiction live site. So if you want to join me in the quest or read ahead you can find me there. *** The story is quite slow paced as it is a Quest and not a regular webnovel. But there is tons of smut and Harem here. *** Warning: The Story contains Incest, Grooming, Netori, Harem and many more hard core themes. You have been warned from the start *** There are 10 advanced chaps on Patreon and all the chapters with NSFW images are also there! There are [EX] Extra/Exclusive chapters for my supporters on Discord and Pa-treon. *** Support me if you can!! The Ko-fi Link: https://ko-fi.com/avi2112 The Pa-treon Link: https://www.patreon.com/Avi2112 The Discord server Link: https://discord.gg/Rbja9sKV8Y *** A/N: I do not own Marvel or any of its characters other than my OC.

    Avi2112 · Movies
  • Spider-Man Mayhem

    Reincarnating into Peter Parker and Spider-Man isn't what it's all cracked up to be... Would the Mc have what it takes to wear the symbol and the mask. You would just have to read and find out ... My Mc is a heroic type, killing isn't going to be what goes through his mind when he's Spider-Man, sorry for those that want an edgy and dark Spider-Man but mine doesn't have that boner... This is an Algamation of different Spider-Man stories and making it into one big universe, so some dates won't match with what you know... anyways enjoy

    Shadow_D_Monarch3 · Anime & Comics
  • Spider-Man 0X

    A man was reborn in the Marvel world as a regular civilian, Alex Wilson, without any special power. He was living away from the bustling city where villains mostly lurked around. But his luck eventually ran out like all those humans who die all the time thanks to those supervillains and Heroes' fights. He got caught up in a fight between Hulk and Abomination, when he went to the city to buy some supplies, resulting in a spinal cord injury. But thanks to the lunatic doctors who performed various tests on him, he found out he had a perfect immunity mutation. But excessive tests killed him in the end. Once again he woke up in a new body... Peter Parker's body. Now, he has a second chance and power to tilt the balance of power. Follow this journey as he goes on a revenge rampage and tries his best to make the most out of Peter's intellect and luck with girls. A selfish hero is what he plans to become who will put his own happiness before others and live his life his own way. But do things always go as planned? --- MC kills villains without any mercy. --- I don't own anything related to Marvel except for my OC --- Cover picture found on Pinterest --- Support Link:- https://www.patreon.com/XcaliburXc [Read over 20+ advance chapters] --- I am also posting this on Scribblehub, Royal Road and Fanfiction sites. Do not translate or post my work anywhere.

    Xcalibur_Xc · Anime & Comics
  • Spiderman Evolution

    Jake is reincarnated as Spiderman and chooses to become the most powerful Spiderman in existence. He will forge his own path. Marvel X D.C Support: https://www.patreon.com/ghostybones [Tags]: Multiverse, System, Anti-hero, OP MC

    GhostyXXX · Anime & Comics
  • Spiderman Ultimate Peter Parker

    Reborn as Peter Parker thanks to the One Above All's assistance, a human from earth enters the Marvel Universe to experience a whole new adventure. Note this is something I work on when I get writer's block, or just bored so don't expect updates often. Just something I'm doing for fun. Copyright disclaimer: I do NOT own Spiderman nor any character or works featured in the fan-fiction. All rights belong to its rightful Marvel Comics, and Studios. No copyright infringement intended.

    Daoist_Over_God · Anime & Comics
  • A Rider Kick in Marvel

    A young man who always wanted to be a Kamen Rider trains himself to become a suit actor. He creates a Kamen Rider collection but dies due to an earthquake. He, however, wakes up in the world of an AU of Marvel with all of his collection becoming real. He now wields the power of all of the Kamen Riders. Discover the birth of Kamen Riders in the world of Marvel. *** I don't own any rights to Marvel and Kamen Rider. If you want to see advanced chapters support me on my Patreon. patreon.com/Najicablitz *** None of the artwork is mine.

    Najicablitz626 · Movies
  • Spiderman with Ultimate login System

    After fight with sinister six. Peter got poisoned and lose his life. At same time person from another world died and his soul take over body of peter. watch journey of different peter parker with different personality become strongest hero in whole multiverse with system by his side. I don't own any character used in this story except some oc I might use. I don't own marvel, dc, and any friction i use in this story.

    Spider33 · Anime & Comics
  • I'm Peter Parker, so what?

    We all know the guy friendly and at the same time the hero in the neighborhood, Peter Parker or the other person of a spider. But this story will be completely different, our hero is not an altruist that we are used to seeing him. And a person that acts only for his good. Join if you are interested in what adventures the Universe of Marvel has prepared for him!

    Ratnik · Anime & Comics
  • "Caught in the Web of the Spider."

    Waking up in a hero's body is one thing, being a hero is another. SI, where Peter Parker's body is taken over and the new owner realizes the world needs a hero, it needs a Spider-man. Fully using Peter's genius, the new Spider-man finds a balance between being a hero and a teenager. Will include MCEU and more.

    ShihaoGamer · Anime & Comics
  • Not a Spider, But a Dragon

    Peter had thought that he would die that day, yet he lives now, with such powers he had never thought of even in his dreams. He admired a Spider, tried to be a Lizard but now he faces the world as a Dragon. Witness Peter Parker in a completely different form in his journey throughout the multiverse of Marvel. This is a Marvel fanfiction with elements from various other fictions.

    DRAGONS_EYE · Anime & Comics
  • I Am the Mentor of Spider-Man

    Come with me as I start my adventure in the Spider-Man world. I'm Jonathan Anderson from California, and I'm half Filipino and half American. When I died, I didn't end up where I thought I would. Now, I'm in the Spider-Man universe. But I'm not alone. I'm going to be a Spider-Man with Peter Parker, teaching him along the way. And remember, with great power comes with great responsibility.

    THE_V1S1ON · Anime & Comics
  • Entertainment:Playing Spiderman, Standing UpsideDown And Kissing Swift

    Xu Can traveled through Beijing Film Academy in 2006, offended the boss and was banned; Run to North America to awaken your full-level acting skills, and start auditioning for Spider-Man! "Spider-Man" is a global hit, and Xu Can's first screen role shocked the world! Start on the road to dominating Hollywood! His tap dancing in "La La Land" set off a wave of musicals! He is the god of death who avenges dogs in "John Wick"! "The Dark Knight" plays the ugly man and conquers the Oscar! Completely acquire Marvel and DC to create an American comic film empire! "Avengers" and "Justice League", the global box office toppers are all produced by Xu Can! "Interstellar", "Three-Body Problem", "Inception"... Xu Can's movies have begun to dominate the global word-of-mouth list again! Cameron, Spielberg, and Nolan all shouted: Hollywood is going to name Xu! And Xu Can is having a party on the yacht with Swift, Gadot, and other beauties in her arms... "Get in line and let me come one by one.” _______________________________________________________________________________________________ This is not my original work. I don't any copyright for this work. I have correct spelling and grammar mistakes in this MTL translated novel. I will be adding smut scenes to the story. As a Man Of Culture, I feel story is incomplete without smut.

    Uchicha_Remant · Celebrities
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  • Marvel: I'm not Spider-Man, I'm Xenomorph-Infested!

    Linan finds himself reincarnated into the world of "Alien," becoming an ordinary mercenary, working for the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. In the dim corridors of a research facility, chaos ensues as the xenomorphs break loose, turning it into a living nightmare. Linan swiftly defends himself against an ambush, but is caught off guard by a facehugger lunging at him. Waking up, Linan discovers he's been transported to the Marvel universe, as Peter Parker. However, remnants of the xenomorph embryo remain inside him, threatening a gruesome fate. To save himself, Linan must ensure he's bitten by the mutated spider before the embryo fully develops. "But, why was it you who was bitten by that spider, Gwen Stacy?!" ... (This is a Translation.) Original Book: 被异形寄生的我,才不是蜘蛛侠! I own nothing; everything belongs to their respective owners. I am just translating the book.

    Firesight · Movies
  • Friendly Neighborhood Youtuber Spider-man

    Mc reincarnates into Peter parker from the MCU before iron man 1 and decides to be the best spiderman there ever will be, but the path he chose led him to be an internet celebrity. This is my 3rd first fic so please be gentle The first 6-8 chapters might be awful but i promise it gets better. You can read 5 chapters ahead for $3 on my P@TREN/kambrofam and 12 chapters ahead for $8

    KamBroFam123ERT · Movies
  • Allsmith Spiderman in Arcane

    Random handyman guy dies, he talks with a god and goes to Runeterra with power from some Spiderman Look what will he do there ----------------------------------------- I do not own Arcane or Spider-man, credit to the respective owners, I just own my OC The image on the book is made an AI: with https://hotpot.ai/art-generator/ Have fun -----------------------------------------

    SoyNiir · Video Games
  • A different SpiderMan in MCU AU

    A guy gets automatically reincarnated into the MCU as a human experiment to replicate the ability of a artificially created breed of spider. Only the movies I never read the comics. The love interest is an OC My two other books are on hold for writers block and this is helping with it along with ideas.

    Kyosuke_Uchiha · Anime & Comics