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Humanity's Greatest Mecha Warrior System

Max always wanted a more exciting life, and after being reincarnated into the far future and a Galaxy in constant war, his wish was granted. Discovered to have a high compatibility with his new world's Technological System, he was drafted as a child into training to become one of their elite Mecha Pilots, the heroes of the Kingdom who face down even the mightiest of threats from inside giant Mecha, wielding the mightiest of weapons known to mankind. All he has to do is prove himself worthy. https://discord.gg/hxTpqZQtKN

Aoki_Aku · Sci-fi

I Have A City In An Alternate World

Tang Zhen transmigrated to an apocalyptic world, where humans struggled to survive in various buildings that they built because the ground was covered in lethal dangers that were invisible to the naked eye. Tang Zhen transmigrated along with his mutated cell phone that was packed with miraculous applications. There were all kinds of cities – some could fly in the sky, some could submerge into the ocean while some could become invisible – and shocking secrets were hidden within them. The power of Tang Zhen’s city was… He established a city and quickly leveled up his army with speeding tools. Then, he dominated this alternate world by seizing other cities. He sat at the very top. Beneath his feet was a vast floating city guarded by dragons and surrounded by angels. Countless cannons were also set up at various corners of the city. A million miles ahead, in the depths of the ocean, there was another city as large as a continent awaiting his conquest.

Han Mubai · Sci-fi

Ace Of Terrans

Loose cultivator Shi Lang gradually found himself in the realm of invincibility. However, when he finally tried to ascend to the higher realm, the spirit of the world was nearly exhausted. So, between his ascension to a new world or the well-being of his home, he chose the latter and sacrificed his life to save the world. Nobody knew what he gave up for the world, and he told no one. Although his sacrifice had gone unsung, there was still someone who witnessed everything. A treasured artifact he carried on his body preserved his soul and let it escape a tragic end. Eons passed. The human race stepped out from the age of cultivation into an age of stellar conquest. The spirit energy in the world was now scarce, but humans found other means to excel. In this highly-advanced time, Shi Lang's soul has found a chance to be reborn. What happens when an ancient cultivator that neared the level of a deity before his first death gets a second chance at life in the space age? ... Cover Credits: ropreker#8513(discord) Fonts and Final editing credits: Not gonna tell y'all. XD


Starting As A Top Student, I Get Back 100 Times The Knowledge I Teach

Lin Luo was reborn back when he was still in university. In his previous life, he lived his youth in vain as a rich second generation and squandered his family’s wealth, ultimately resulting in the bankruptcy of his family. Now, he was determined to turn over a new leaf. Thankfully, he awakened the Super Teaching System. He would receive a hundredfold of knowledge whenever others mastered a topic that he taught them. [Ding! You taught your students a German word. In return, you mastered 100 German words.] [Ding! You taught your students quadratic equations. In return, you mastered calculus.] [Ding! You taught your students fluid mechanics. Critical reward unlocked! In return, you solved the P versus NP problem, one of the seven unsolved problems in the world.] Unknowingly, Lin Luo had become one of the most reputable scholars in the world. At the same time, he realized that he had access to countless advanced technologies.

University Top Student · Magical Realism

Versatile: Alternate World

"You nearly killed me in the past timeline and destroyed my life. Now that I have been given the chance to return to the past timeline, I will be changing everything and fight the future that was meant to be a dead end. Once we meet again, it will never be the same!" When the only Virtual Reality game called Alternate World made the players gain abilities, the world changed drastically. The whole world undergoes a change of lifestyle, people started to manifest abilities, and playing the game became a job. Manato Tsukasa, a player who is also one of the players of Alternate World was targeted by his enemies during the evening before his wedding and was almost killed in the process. Due to a certain encounter, he was allowed to gain a second chance to go back to the past and change everything. With the chance to change everything and start from scratch, he decided to take advantage of all his knowledge and so that he can prepare to kill the person who ruined his life. And to start his vengeance against his enemy, he played the game again that didn't only change the gaming industry but also the whole world.

Kyosei · Video Games

The Walker Of Voids

In the year 2093, mysterious energy known as mana descended upon Earth for the very first time in millions of years. People began to spontaneously awaken, allowing them to gain supernatural abilities, classifications, and affinities. Simultaneously, dungeons with immaculate treasures and horrid monsters began to appear all over the world, forcing humanity to stand together in order to survive. Lloyd Elrod was a simple boy at first. He was a boy with no power and little to no social standing, yet that all changed on the day before his awakening ceremony. The day he became what the humans and the other races saw as a monster. [Welcome to the Void] It was the day he became a Void Walker. A race capable of growing faster than any other. A race with individuals capable of putting an entire civilization created by a multitude of races on the brink of collapse and walking into the Void itself. Having become a part of the most wanted race in the universe, Lloyd is forced to hide and fight to keep his freedom. In order to not be restrained by those he once saw as his brethren, he must become strongest. Will Lloyd be found out? Will he finally earn his freedom and have control of his own fate? Join Lloyd in his journey of joy, sorrow, grief, and pain as he climbs to the top and becomes the most powerful creature in existence. Socials: Discord: https://discord.gg/2SpSXw2jDM Twitter: https://twitter.com/An1mosity_?s=09 --------------------Rewards-------------------- Golden Tickets (Per Month): -Top 150 = 1 Extra Chapter -Top 100 = 5 Extra Chapters -Top 50 = 10 Extra Chapters ------------------------------------------------- Power Stones (Per Week): -1000 PS = 1 Extra Chapter -1500 PS = 2 Extra Chapter -2000 PS = 3 Extra Chapter ------------------------------------------------- Gifts: -Castle = 1 Extra Chapter -Spacecraft = 3 Extra Chapters -Golden Gachapon = 5 Extra Chapters {Do take note that if you do give a spacecraft or a golden gachapon, I might not be capable of giving you the chapters on the same day. However, a castle will be doable} -------------------------------------------------

Animosity · Magical Realism

My Angel system

In old times a boy named Luis had lost his parents at a very tender age, he never even got to know who his parents were. With his parents gone he had to be taken care of by his wicked aunt who hardly fed him once a day, in effort to get food Luis was adviced to steal by a strange book without minding the punishment of burning given to thieves. When Luis was caught he ran into the forest and the villagers including his aunt chased him down with torches. "I think it's best I surrender now" Luis stopped running and was panting now. "I think I can see him!" he heard the village blacksmith shout. He took a little step backwards and down a hole he went. "Noooooo!!!" Luis screamed as he went down the hole, the last thing he saw was a red glowing light and then it was lights out for him. "What happened?" Luis groaned. "Where am I? And why is my body so cold" he said touching his arm" A screen appeard in front of him. [ System revived ] "What?" That was where the true journey began. Now the fate of mankind lies in his hands as he keeps completing tasks and quests to get stronger. Luis keeps getting stronger but the question is: Will he be able to stop Lucifer? Join my discord channel for more info about the novel. https://discord.gg/7DvJCBfvSy Also if you have time, you can check out The Angel System by ECM Manga.

Franklin_Nwakamma · Fantasy

I.. Am God?

Theme: World Creation, Gods, Mixed Matthias died and became something that he least expected. "I.. Am God?" Join Matthias as he travel through galaxies and create all things. ––––––––––––––––– What would you do if you suddenly gained a power that no mortal man could hope to achieve? What would you do if all creation suddenly bowed to your power and glory that only lofty Emperors could have? Heaven and Hell submits to your power, The Immortal Realm fears your existence, The Mortal realm bows before your presence. Would you like for all the realms to bow and praise even your shadow? All gods to bow before you? The Earthly Kings and Heavenly Rulers to sonorously chant your glorious name? Or would you like to live the life of mortal men that are doomed to die? Understand poverty and loftiness? Powerfulness and powerlessness? Comprehend knowledge that arrogant gods wouldn't be able to? Or would you like both? Join him as he tries to live a life of a True God, Ruler of Creation. "Are gods the greatest existence in all of the cosmos? No. Why? Gods are only worshipped by mortals who couldn't reach their power. Gods will be powerless in front of true power. They would be powerless in front of me." (Author's note: MC is not arrogant, portrays himself as a  little bit naive, only becomes arrogant if needed, lives countless types of lives, from urban to fantasy. Not Harem, although he would have wives in some worlds, but he does not entertain the idea of harem. Sorry harem lovers who expected that a god would become a man of a 20,000 women harem. Characters aren't that important except for those who have been to more than one world with him, and expect heartlessness in some occasions.) Disclaimer: The author does not assume/own the rights to the photo cover and would comply with the owner if ever he/she wants the author to take down the cover. You could contact me in my socmed account. Twitter: @WashingDishes07 Discord: MattWashingDishes#4663 Facebook: WashingDishes07

WashingDishes_07 · Fantasy