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    Majesty's Journey 2: Black Widow's Symbiote in Marvel

    an earthling dies in our universe. but fortunately for him, an Omniversal being who was bored without having anything to do for who knows how many years, decided to reincarnate him with a few wishes! but Ali's{the Majestic one / Majesty} wishes weren't normal. he didn't wish to be a Saiyan. he didn't wish to a Kryptonian. he chose to be... a SYMBIOTE with unlimited evolution and growth! and his host? his host will be the one loved by all, the one and only, black widow, Natasha Romanoff! but he also wished for something more. to have his soul turned to pieces and sent to different multiverses in the unending Omniverse. such as the douluo dalu multiverse and Yu-Gi-Oh multiverse while this Ali was sent to marvel. but one day, they will all unite, and they will complete the puzzle that is their soul. and on that day, he will become one of the strongest beings in all of the omniverse! ------------------------------------------------------------------- I just wanted to warn you all and clear some misunderstandings: 1: This story is being rewritten because I wasn't satisfied with how I wrote it originally. you may have seen a review here and there that states that MC says that he was from another multiverse to others. that was the case before, but it was the reason why I'm rewriting this story. so you don't need to worry about it anymore. 2: This story was originally supposed to be just in the MCU, but I decided to make it happen in the normal Marvel. 3: love interest: in case you didn't know, I didn't know if I should make this a harem or not before I wrote it. so I gave the choice to the readers. And harem got more votes. so it became a small harem of two, Natasha and Wanda. but since this story would be pretty boring if it was just the movies, I changed it to the normal marvel. BUT, you see, this story wasn't going to be THAT deep and complicated. It was just going to be a mcu movies universe, so I was okay with making it a harem of two. But now that the story is in the real marvel universe, there are a lot of pretty girls. So I have been thinking about it and having headaches about it. If I make it like that and have the mc get all the beauties, it would be just like any other story with mc taking girls like they are pokemons. And so, I decided that this story is a sole love interest with Natasha as the love interest. Cause you see, the reason why I made the mc a Symbiote, wasn't just about them being cool. They were unique, like no other. They aren't the strongest race there is, like Kryptonians or Saiyans. But they have one unique trait that made me love them and want one even if it could drive me crazy. A Symbiote isn't just a powerful alien, it is a partner. A best friend that you can trust with all your heart and mind. A being that is just for you, a bond that is just with you two. A being that will stick with you through thick and thin. Making this a harem, will take away the reason why I love the symbiote race.

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