I Am the Mentor of Spider-Man

Author: THE_V1S1ON
Anime & Comics
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What is I Am the Mentor of Spider-Man

Read ‘I Am the Mentor of Spider-Man’ Online for Free, written by the author THE_V1S1ON, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: Come with me as I start my adventure in the Spider-Man world. I'm Jonathan Anderson from California, and I'm half Filipi...


Come with me as I start my adventure in the Spider-Man world. I'm Jonathan Anderson from California, and I'm half Filipino and half American. When I died, I didn't end up where I thought I would. Now, I'm in the Spider-Man universe. But I'm not alone. I'm going to be a Spider-Man with Peter Parker, teaching him along the way. And remember, with great power comes with great responsibility.

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Why do we exist? It seems like such a simple question but if that were the case then why can't anyone give us a definite answer? Maybe the answer is something we can only find out ourselves maybe the purpose of our existence is to find out why we exist. I am not sure what it is and if I am being honest I don't give a shit! I couldn't care less about life or more specifically my life. I lost my ability to feel any form of satisfaction or pleasure a long time ago. My will to live shriveled up and died long and you know what's sad I am only 19! My life has been an unending stream of mind-numbing monotony so tedious that every time I step outside I pray I am struck by lightning or hit by a goddamn car! Don't get me wrong my life isn't bad per se. I have two loving parents and a nice home and I have even made plans to enter college but it is just...how can I put it. Have you ever just felt tired and didn't know why like there was this growing sense of lethargy consuming your mind making you feel like complete shit and nothing you do matters and it leaves you wondering why the fuck do I keep on going? Why do I feel so terrible inside even though nothing is wrong? Maybe I Should Just Kill Myself!? But I digress...you don't want to hear me ramble on and on about philosophical bullshit, you just want to know what this novel is about. If you must know it's about a young man being reborn in a fantasy world and just trying to find a purpose to live in a world of violence and power where only strength matters.

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I'll Take the Best Out of This Useless Reicarnation

Beware that this is a smut and fast-paced story. There's also abuse and violence. If you are sensible about it, don't read it. It's an adult romance-fantasy-historical story. So, don't complain about the heavy content later!!!! One more thing, the story contains many songs in it, since the protagonist decided to make the songs she used to love on earth, known in this new world. • • • Hope Ariella Bissonnette. That was her name now, after dying in a terrorist attack when she was arriving in Australia, back when she was Anna Le Beaumont, on earth, who had an absolutely tough life. She had been reborn in the world of a novel, as the first daughter of a southern Count. But not as the heroine or the villainess, as she used to see it happening in the novels she enjoyed reading. No, she was just a useless character with no sentences but a mention in the story. However, when she realized there was more to her persona than the novel talked about since it was centered on Duke Luc Von der Meer and 2nd Royal Princess Alina Desormeaux's complicated love story, she decides that the best course to stay alive would be to hide the power within her and live a low profile life. But after she finds out that her kind fiancée was having an affair with her bastard step-sister, she loses it. After all, she spend so long to find someone suitable and with who she would be able to bear being close, and now all her effort had gone to waste because of her step-sister and her stepmother's jealousy. Then, after she breaks off her engagement, and postpones her 20th birthday ball, her ex and her step-sister get married in a hurry, and just a month later, she comes and announces that she was three months pregnant, meaning she was sleeping with Hope's fiancée way before she found out and broke it off. And all of that on the day Hope had chosen to throw her masquerade birthday ball, after postponing it. Even though she's pissed, she goes with it, already having in mind that if that bitch tried to get her spotlight, she would make her regret by showing everyone present exactly what she caught them doing the day she made herself single again. But she didn't expect to meet him there, the mysterious northern silver-haired tall, and hot man that she hadn't invited it. She found herself drawn to him instantly, as he also approached her. Still having plans of finding a perfect husband in mind, she straightforwardly proposed to the man. He didn't say no. But didn't say yes either. However, as he responded to her flirting, she decided it was a good either to stay with him since he got her body warmer like no one ever did. After going with her plan and singing some songs she used to love hearing in her past life, Hope got everyone impressed. And the man, who had asked her to dedicate one of the songs to him, was there, enchanted by her. The ball became chaotic when her step-sister tried to get the spotlight with the news of the pregnancy, and Hope didn't have it. With the help of the mysterious man, she went forward with the first part of her revenge. But as her dad got aggressive and lost his mind, the man protected her and took her away from there. She didn't even know his name, but it didn't matter, since he was there. He had defended her from her father, and that made her sure that he was the one she should marry. What he did make her crave for him with all her soul. Little did she know that he went there for her because he had been trying to find a way to get to her for months. He was yearning for her like he never yearned for anything in his life. But he knew that if she knew his identity, she would try to stay away since the rumors said she didn't have a good feeling towards him, even though they had never met. He wanted her, but as she was engaged, he kept his distance. But as they broke it off, he got his chance. He just hadn't expected her to be so straightforward with what she wanted from him, or that she would want him that badly.

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56 Chs
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The system is clearly unnecessary in this story, the idea is incredible, but adding a system to this story spoils all the intensity and interest in the work


I support you my friend I am your number 1 fan,please guys support my friend


I love the story and it is a great idea and I hope you continue on with your story but it's not for me it's to fast paced were he doesn't really work hard for his powers. For me it takes away a massive chunk of who spider man is the hardwork and determination he has. Most people don't realize but spiderman while stronger then almost every single villain is usually shown to be weaker cause he doesn't kill or try to hurt his villains he always looks for a different option. While he is strong he constantly looks for ways to improve himself and his abilities. So each spider man is unique in their own way and with how this is going I don't see him becoming his own version of spiderman just mimicking the hero he looked up to. Also making it where there is template's he can aquire were he can get a person's skills and hardwork that they poured their entire life into doesn't sit right with me. To get that without any of the hardships or Training it's like giving a person Ironmans suit so now he is iron man when it's the person who makes the hero and the hero they become inspire others to be better versions of themselves.


THE_V1S1ON Excellent Fanfic Keep up the great work. You can do this Spiderman fanfic idea directly after I Am the Mentor of Spider-Man I'm Miles Morales, so what? This story will be completely different; our hero is not the altruist we are used to seeing him. He is a person who acts only for his and his women's well-being. Trent was a gamer and loved to play the Marvel's Spider-Man series by Insomniac Games until he woke up in the body of Miles Morales at the start of Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Harem Ebony Brown Cristal (Boondocks) Luna (Boondocks) Lakeisha Grant Monet Stewart Tejada Diana Tejada Jessica Figueroa Raquel Thomas Dee Dee Tubbs Roberta Tubbs Donna Tubbs


It's a really cool story. Got pretty into it at the beginning, but dropped off due to all the different POVs. That and it seems like you're constantly being whiplashed back 10 minutes before to see what 6 or 7 other characters were doing while the mc was busy.


Well, it was weird at the beginning, but then it became more interesting as was explored more of the character's backstory. I would completely change the beginning, adding more surprise from the transfer to other universe, misunderstanding of what is happening before the system appears, and again before its appearance (where information about the universe is revealed and info about when the original Spider-Man appears) not to show the protagonist’s obsession with mentoring




Reveal spoiler


Will they be 'Inheritors' and Morlun in the story?


great story with good character design .keep going author 👏


wonderful novel, great ideas keep it going


When is this story gonna be done it so good am lowkey who the love interest


I support your novels author 💕 keep it Up


Reveal spoiler


first time reading fanfic, by far this is good 💕




This is a good novel. , it's a Spider-Man fanfic where he will mentor Peter parker. i will change ny rate maybe after 30 chapters if its good or not for now i rate this 5


this is good 😊 thank u for this wonderful novel


shameless review from the author ehehehe 😁


Yes ................................very good story telling me likey.............................................................................................


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