8 Chapter 7.

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The sage of six paths had a body superior to the first Hokage who could absorb nature chakra even while moving. So when he absorbed the Karma seal, he got that superior body as well.

Though the body didn't stay like that for more time. Since his clones were providing him nature chakra, the sage body evolved to a higher stage.

Now he had become someone who could passively absorb nature chakra and control it very easily. He would not even get those markings on his face anymore and he would never turn into a stone.

He was like Superman who could absorb sunlight to get stronger while he could absorb nature energy to slowly get strong. With this, he could hide from anyone in this entire world. Then there is the regeneration he got which practically made it impossible for him to remain injured for a long time.

There would be many other benefits as well however, for now, he could only notice these benefits. Still, he was more than happy to get these benefits as they would be very useful in the future.

He kept inspecting himself for some more time before he took a deep breath to calm down. This was not the time to get excited as he needed to do another important thing.

The technique which was given to that sage of six paths allowed him to absorb anything with his karma seal which was why he might have given this seal to the original Naruto so he could absorb Naruto and Kurama power as well at the same time.

Even though this sounds true however he was not 100% sure about this. He would need to get that Sage memory before he could be sure about his theory.

Even though he had absorbed the body of the sage, the mind should be still in the Karma seal of Sasuke which explains why he didn't get any memory and how they could sense each other from different dimensions. Since he got the body, the mind should not be able to tell that the body had been absorbed.

Suddenly, a serious expression appeared on his face while he looked at the sleeping fox. He was slightly conflicted about whether to absorb him or not. Still, he was not the original Naruto so it didn't take him much to decide his next move.

He immediately created truth-seeking balls before he changed their shapes to spears and used them to pierce the body of Kurama from multiple places. He even put a spear in that fox's mouth so it would not be able to speak because he knew that he might get soft if he heard the pleading of that fox.

After all, Kurama was one of his favourite characters in the entire Naruto franchise so how could he not get sad over the death of his best friend.

Kurama, who was sleeping peacefully, suddenly felt his entire body getting pierced by something. Normally, he would not have felt anything as he was a being of chakra however there was one thing that could do it to him and that said thing was with his partner.

He tried to cry out in pain however even his mouth was pierced by something. He looked around himself trying to find the culprit only to see his partner, standing some distance away with a serious expression.

Why was this happening? Didn't they become partners after the war? Or was he possessed by someone else? Yes, this must be the reason, after all, the partner he knows would never do anything like this.

He was not mad about the death however he was sad that he could not help his partner to defeat that person who had possessed him. Why does God like to give harsh situations to his partner?

Closing his eyes to hide his tears, he started to do the absorption technique which immediately started to absorb Kurama chakra along with the soul he had.

He could feel the changes that were happening inside his body. His entire body was slowly changing and becoming better. This process was very painful however he gritted his teeth and continued to stay idle without letting himself get unconscious.

The process lasted for two hours before Kurama was completely absorbed by him. Nothing remained of that fox except for the memories in the library.

Naruto clenched his fists tightly, feeling the power that was flowing throughout his body. This was the power he needed to survive the first season of Boruto, however, this was still not enough for him to live freely and safely.

His physical power which was already enhanced by the sage body and the nature chakra evolved to another level. Now, he was a walking god in the shinobi world and he was sure that he could one-shot anyone from this world.

Instead of wasting his time inspecting his body, he created 2 thousand clones and started to work on his control over his new body and chakra. After all, now, he had nigh-infinite chakra and he was going to use it very well.

He didn't know what was the reason however it seems that his chakra control instead of getting worse got better than before for some reason. Maybe it might have something to do with the sage body or the passive nature chakra he was absorbing.

He also wanted to try something on which he was going to decide his plans. If this succeeds, he would be able to use it to take over this world in just some time.

He was not going to stay a Hokage for a long time as his abilities exceed that position power. He needs to have a big ambition now and he knew what he wanted to do from this point onwards.



Hinata opened her eyes while yawning slightly. She stretched her arms before she noticed something missing from the bed.

She immediately turned to look at her side and found no one which confused her as normally, Naruto never leaves the bed, not before her at least.

She looked around the room and didn't find his clothes either, which means he had gone somewhere. A pout appeared on her face as she wanted to cuddle with him for some time before leaving this bed.

The last thing she remembered was the food that they both ate which she had cooked in the afternoon. He had fed her that food, not before heating it. She fed him as well before they cuddled for some time and fell asleep.

Closing her eyes, she tried to sleep again as walking by herself was impossible at this moment. The passionate love they shared yesterday was still giving her pain in her lower area. She could not even feel her body parts below her waist. Still, yesterday was one of the best days of her entire life.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes, sensing a familiar chakra walking towards her room. A small smile appeared on her face while she turned her head towards the door to look at the person.

Opening the door, Naruto entered the room only to see a pout on her face. Was she unhappy about his sudden disappearance? Still, as a husband, he must take care of her needs.


Naruto muttered with a smile on his face while walking towards her. Hearing his way of addressing her, a small blush appeared on her face as she remembered yesterday's events. Before starting that lustful yet passionate love, he had called her by this as well.

Sitting on the bed, he pulled her body towards him. She was now on his lap with her head resting on his chest and her boobs were squeezed against his stomach.

She was fully showing her naked body which was making it hard to control himself. Damn, he didn't even know but for some reason, he always seems to awaken his lust whenever he is around her.

To control his lustful urge, he started to caress her back as cuddling calms himself a lot. The room was still reeking with the smell of sex and he was sure that the bedsheet was covered by their love juices as well. 

It's not like her pussy was devoid of his cum from inside. He was sure that if he spread her lower lips a little, she would ooze out a lot of his semen.

They continued to stay in that position for some time before he decided to bathe her by himself. He immediately wrapped his arms around her body before lifting her and walking towards the bathroom which was beside his room.

His sensory abilities were working non-stop as he didn't want her to get seen naked by someone other than him. He needed to take precautions as he was in a world where people are famous for their hiding abilities. Still, he was sure that no one would even dare to come to his house let alone peek at them.

Hinata didn't say anything as she was too busy cuddling with him. Since her head was on his chest, she could hear the heartbeats and it seemed like this was going to become one of her favourite pastimes.


"Naruto-kun, who is this old man?"

Hinata asked with a curious expression on her face while looking at the old man who was sitting at the dining table.

From his appearance, he looked like some kind of beggar to her. He was wearing a ripped black jacket with old pants and shoes which were shredded as well.

After washing her up nicely from every place, he took a bath as well. Seeing her chance, she had used her boobs to wash his back. After they were done with their bath, they changed their clothes, more like, he changed her clothes before he used his healing abilities to ease the pain of her lower area so she could walk normally.

Even though he could cook something, he wanted to eat his wife's food as the taste of her cooking was just too good. He was not going to learn cooking and impress her when he liked her cooking more than his even if he became good at it.

"He was hungry and didn't have money so I brought him here."

Naruto spoke with a small smile on his face while walking beside her inside the kitchen. A sad look appeared in her eyes before it disappeared quickly though it was noticed by him due to his enhanced perception.

It seems that she was still an innocent girl from inside even after that war. She was a girl who wanted everyone to be happy yet most of the time, she could not do anything about it. Maybe he needs to do something about it, otherwise, his wife would get sad every time they go outside to hang out.

Inside the kitchen, she immediately started to prepare food for three people. Naruto stood beside her occasionally, helping her to cut vegetables or helping her with small things.

"Can you tell me whether that old man is real or fake? We don't see beggars around our house usually."

Naruto suddenly spoke in a quiet tone while looking at the kitchen door with a narrowed gaze. Hinata was surprised slightly at his words but she still nodded at him as his words made sense.

She turned to look at the door before veins popped on her forehead and her Byakugan appeared. Her vision immediately penetrated the door and the walls before they focused on the old man.

She kept analysing the old man for some moments before she turned off her Byakugan and looked at her husband's face.

"There is nothing wrong with that old man. He doesn't even have the dormant chakra of a civilian."

Hinata spoke with a calm expression before she focused her attention on the food. Naruto nodded at her words and started to help her again to cook.


"Thank you, Naruto-sama, Hinata-sama for sharing your food with someone like me."

The old man spoke with a genuine smile on his face while bowing a little to show his respect to the war hero and his wife who was one of the kindest souls of this village, no, this world.

"It was nothing."

Hinata spoke with a smile on her face while handing him a packet filled with food. She always loved to help needy people as it provided her happiness.

Naruto looked at the scene with a smile on his face. He was very lucky to get such a perfect wife for himself.

The old man thanked again before he started to walk towards the exit door and left the house. Right after he was some distance away from the house, he looked around himself before he disappeared from his place with a puff of smoke.

Hinata kept looking at the door before she started to walk inside the kitchen as she still needed to wash the plates. 

His new technique was successful and he was proud of it. The old man was his shadow clone who was using Henge Jutsu to look like an old man. Since he got his sage body, he could trick almost everyone just like how he managed to trick the eyes of his wife which should not be possible normally.

The sage body was hiding his clone chakra and it was also strengthening Henge Jutsu as well. He doesn't need to worry about chakra depletion as it could be solved by nature chakra. With this technique, he could do a lot of things that were a little harder to do previously.

He immediately created multiple shadow clones before he nodded at them and they all disappeared from their places. He created another two shadow clones though these two had more chakra than the other clones of his.

The clones looked into his eyes before they both disappeared from their respective places. Since he came to this world, there was someone that he wanted to kill very much. He was a guy who had tried to kidnap two of his favourite waifu in the original timeline.

That guy needed to die and he would make sure that even the soul of that bastard would not remain intact. He was going to erase that bastard from the world.


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