18 Chapter 18

Ten days. I have ten days to prepare for the Rating Game against Riser.

I am confident that I will be able to beat Riser, there's no doubt about it.

However, that doesn't mean that I can neglect the ten days I was given to prepare. If that's the case, then I might as well use the time I was given to make more magic spells that I can use.

Another thing, the moment I accepted the Rating Game between Riser and me, I was prompted a system mission. It was a delicious mission. It may not contain any powerful weapon or equipment, but it is, nonetheless, worth it.

Then again, there is that.

[Mission – Ren vs Riser's Peerage

Difficulty - Mid

Objective 1 – Defeat the Pawns with Mana Bullet Turret

Reward – Unlock Remnant

Objective 2 – Defeat the Bishops with Water Dragon

Reward – Unlock Genkai

Objective 3 – Defeat the Knights with Lightning Hound

Reward – Storage Ring

Objective 4 – Defeat the Rook with Hand-to-Hand Combat

Reward – Raising Heart

Objective 5 – Defeat the Queen with Dragon Breath

Reward – Blueprint

Objective 6 – Defeat Riser with Flash Point

Reward – Unlock Type-Moon]

When I first saw the mission, I was given, there was not a single hesitation from me. I accepted it without a second thought.

When I saw that I could go to many worlds later, I was excited.

Albeit I'm not planning to go any time soon. Maybe in a month or two.

The reason is that I can't wait to challenge the DxD Excalibur against my Balmung.

The curiosity within me is burning as hot as the sun. Although in the show and the books Excalibur was strong only as a complete sword, that was not going to be a problem since I was able to find a way to repair and bring a broken weapon to its original state.

I wonder how crazy Valper Galilei would react when it took him a lifetime of achievement to combine an imperfect Excalibur, but I can do so with ease.

I can't wait.

Ten days has passed, and it was time for me to deal with Riser.

"Ha! Rias, this is the man you picked. You could have picked anyone, and you chose him of all people. A weak, pathetic low-born human. He doesn't even belong to our world," said Riser. He couldn't feel any magic from Ren. So, he assumed Ren was an ordinary human.

"Riser, I suggest you keep your mouth shut. I will not allow you to insult someone I care about," said Rias. She was ready to fight Riser. The magic circle of the Gremory was visible and was ready to fire her Power of Destruction.

"Tsk! It doesn't matter. Sooner or later, you'll be mine," said Riser. He was arrogant now that he believed he could easily beat Ren.

"Oh? You talk of a big game, but you aren't all that. If your confidence comes from your Phenex immortality, I'd like to see what you do once I take it away from you," I said. I was confident in what I am capable of. And it isn't from a single source. I created multiple magic to deal with Riser.

"Hmph! You're funny for a mortal. Today, I shall show Rias and the Gremory that I, Riser Phenex, is the only man worthy of Rias Gremory!" said Riser. He believes himself the greatest amongst his generation.

"We'll see," I said. I didn't bother arguing with him since I will show him what I am capable of with my action.

The magic circle created by Grayfia has sent me to my side of the school, which is the ORC building.

As for Riser, he was taken to the principal's office.

It was the same as the show.

When I was looking around the room of the ORC, I heard the announcement of Grayfia.

"Everyone…I am Grayfia, servant of House of Gremory. I've been appointed judge between Nakano Ren and the Phenex Family. For the battlefield, I took the suggestion of Gremory and Phenex Family and prepared a replica of Kuoh Academy, the educational facility Nakano Ren attends in the human realm," announced Grayfia.

"Ren's main base is the ORC Room in the old schoolhouse. Riser's main base is the principal's office in the new schoolhouse. Meaning Pawns can be promoted when they invade the enemy's schoolhouse," added Grayfia.

When I heard the announcement, I smirked.

It was time for a showdown.

For the past ten days, I contemplated allowing Tiamat to fight in the Rating Game with me, but I thought that was overkill as I, alone, am already overkill.

After Grayfia's announcement, the Rating Game has begun.

As the Rating Game began, Ren moved. He didn't waste any time.

All the members of Riser's Peerage were in the track and field.

Riser believed that coming up with a plan of attack was pointless since they were going against a human with no trace of magic.

As Riser and his Peerage waited, Mana Bullets hit multiple Pawns at the same time, eliminating them.

The entire Rating Game was being broadcasted in the Underworld.

People such as Sona, Rias, Zeoticus, Sirzechs, Serafall, Lord Phenex and other Devils saw the annihilation of Riser's Pawns.

"Ha-ha-ha! That's interesting! I didn't even see when he cast the spell!" laughed Zeoticus. He saw the look on Lord Phenex's face and couldn't stop laughing.

"This…" Lord Phenex had no words. He had Ren investigated, but he showed no signs of having magic. He was confident that his son, Riser, would dominate the Rating Game.

"Ho? Now, I understand why he was confident. Then again, it is quite understanding for the mate of the Ouroboros Dragon," said Zeoticus. He was not too surprised.

However, what Zeoticus didn't know is that Ophis didn't care for Ren being strong. If she could have her way, she didn't mind protecting Ren all his life.

Alas, Ren wasn't one to need protection. Ophis can see that now.

Not far from Zeoticus were Rias and Sona. They were looking at each other with a smile.

"Sona, what do you think of making a bet? How long do you think it would take Ren to dismantle Riser's Peerage?" said Rias. She may not be capable of winning a game of chess against Sona, but this bet is another story.

"That's quite interesting…What do you have in mind for a price?" asked Sona. She found the bet interesting. She's seen Ren's capability. Although not all of it, however, it's not impossible to know Ren was holding back. She could use this to calculate Ren's speed at eliminating Riser's Peerage.

"The loser has to do the flier duty for a month," said Rias. She could give her familiar a break.

"Alright. I'm making my guess…Ten minutes, that's how long I believe Ren would be able to end Riser's Peerage," said Sona. She believes that Ren can do such a thing.

"That's a high number. I believe Ren would be able to do so in less than five minutes," said Rias. She sounded confident. Because she knew something that Sona didn't. Ren never once shied away from her brother's pressure.

Sona might be able to guess that Ren is holding back, but Rias had the advantage the entire time. The power of her brother isn't something to mess with, even if that was only the Aura of Destruction.

Impossible! That's what I heard Riser shout when his Pawns were taken out with seconds.

Riser thought that I didn't have magic as the Infinity Core would only produce Mana as I desire it. For the most part, my body has no form of Mana. Hence, there was no feeling of the Mana within me for as long as I do not actively produce it.

I didn't want to waste time on Riser's Peerage any more than I must.

In the past ten days, I have gotten some great skills when I signed in at Kuoh Track and Field.

The things I got were:

[Tachyon Turn - Tachyon Turn gives a temporary boost of speed that makes the user hard to track. It works by storing kinetic energy in one's body, reinforced by a Mana, then releasing the energy to achieve an explosive boost in speed – Mach 2]

[Tempest Turn - This allows the user to create multiple copies of themselves, confusing the enemy and allowing them to deal striking blows from multiple directions. Tempest Turn works by storing kinetic energy in one's own body, reinforced by a Mana, and then giving form to that energy and shooting it out of the user]

I am fast, there is no doubt about it as I can outrun Kiba many times over.

However, Tachyon Turn brings my speed to a whole new level. I can move at Mach 2.

Plus, I was able to combine the technique. It was the same as the anime Freezing.

[Tachyon-Tempest – A combination of Tachyon Turn and Tempest Turn, comprised into a single technique. The Tachyon-Tempest combination is shown to include any variant of Tachyon Turn that the user knows while using the Tempest Turn to make multiple after-images]

I smirked as I got closer to my target.

The Rooks of Riser needed to be dealt with using my Hand-to-Hand combat expertise.

As the Rooks of Riser saw me, they alerted everyone, but with Tachyon-Tempest, both Rook was eliminated with a karate chop to the neck.

Without wasting time, I fired a Water Dragon at the Bishops of Riser.

The amount of pressure that the Bishops were hit with was not something they could withstand and were eliminated.

But that was not all, I then release the Lightning Hound.

Quick as lightning, the Lightning Hound zapped the Knights of Riser.

In another room.

Kiba, Koneko, Akeno and Asia were watching the Rating Game.

Everyone already knew that Ren was physically strong. That was no surprise.

However, the speed he used back then during the sparring match, was incomparable to what was used today.

"Incredible…How much was he holding back during the spar? His speed is absurd," said Kiba. He was nowhere near the speed of Mach 2.

"Ara? Ren is amazing when it comes to magic. We already saw him use magic before, but the scale was much lower," said Akeno. She was wondering how amazing it would e for her to learn Ren's magic and zap her enemies repeatedly as she watches them wail in front of her.

Kiba squeezed his hands as he was weak even with his training method of Ren. He was frustrated.

"I need to get stronger…" said Kiba. His reason for being a Devil was to avenge his fallen brethren.

When I eliminated the Knights, I was blasted with an explosion.

However, it was nothing to me who had to go through the Beast Labyrinth.

Many, and I mean many of the Beast can cause an explosion on one of the floors. It was one that I dreaded.

I may have been immune to the blast, but not the force it creates that pushes me away from my destination.

So, when I was being blasted again, I got irritated. I hate being bombed.

"Hyapporankan!" I shouted. I produced a rod in my hand and tossed it at Yubelluna, the Queen of Riser.

As the rod I threw headed to Yubelluna, it split into hundreds of copies. It hit her chest, her arms, and her legs. It hurts, but the purpose of this was to hold her in place as it is a Bakudo spell.

Now that Yubelluna was restrained, I didn't hesitate to hit her with the Dragon Breath spell.

It was brutal.

Nevertheless, there is only but a single enemy right in front of me, Riser.

Looking around, I didn't realise that I eliminated Ravel.

I had question marks around my head. I remembered that she should have the same trait as Riser.

It seems that she wasn't interested in fighting. The moment she found a chance to be eliminated, she chose it.

I smirked, Riser and I was now alone.

"Well, Riser. How does it feel to have your entire Peerage defeated in less than a minute?" I said. I mocked him as he mocked me earlier.

"This is impossible! How were you able to eliminate my sister?! She should be able to regenerate like me!" said Riser. He was angry. There was no way he would admit that Ren was much stronger than he is. After all, isn't Ren only human? Aren't they the lowest of the food chain? A being to be used?

Riser was angry that his Peerage was eliminated. He fired his Hellfire toward me, but I didn't bother dodging.

"No! How?!" shouted Riser.

I smirked since I have a high immunity against fire. Being in a lava area in the Beat Labyrinth is essential.

"Your fire tickles," I said. I was laughing at his fire. It felt like I was taking a warm bath, not hot, but warm.

"I don't believe it! I refuse to believe that you can't get affected by the Hellfire of the Phenex clan!" said Riser. He continued to fire his Hellfire, but no matter what he did, it didn't affect me.

"Are you ready to admit defeat? I don't want to embarrass you more than I already have," I said. I wasn't one to humiliate people. I would only do that to my worst enemy.

"Ha! Why should I admit defeat against a low-born like you?! Take this!" shouted Riser. He continued firing more Hellfire, but nothing was happening.

I sighed and used Flash Point to freeze his flame.

Serafall observed Ren. She heard from Sirzechs that Sona was interested in him romantically. She came today to see the person that dared to steal her Sona-tan!

"Hmph! I will never let anyone take Sona-tan away from me! And even if Sona-tan wants to date someone, they must pass my groom training!" said Serafall. She smirked at the prospect of someone going through her groom training as she forced Sirzechs to participate, and the groom must defeat him.

"Nee-chan! Can you please behave as Satan Leviathan?" said Sona. She sighed at her sister's behaviour.

"But Sona-tan! You're about to be taken away from me! I mustn't let it happen! Sona-tan is all for me!" said Serafall. She hugged her sister, who struggled to get out of her arms and chest.

"N-Nee-chan! I can't breathe!" said Sona. She struggled to breathe as her sister's bosom was suffocating her.

"He-he-he! Sorry, Sona-tan!" said Serafall. She may look cheerful, but she was plotting something against Ren.

I tire of the game.

I decided enough was enough. It was time to end the Rating Game.

Deep within me, I had the urge to take out Balmung and defeat Riser that way, but it was too cheap.

So, I decided to beat the shit out of Riser repeatedly.

Slowly, Riser's mental state declined as his magical energy was depleted.

In the end, Riser was traumatised.

"Ha-ha-ha! Yes! I won! Ren beat Riser's Peerage in less than five minutes!" said Rias. She didn't like making her cute servants hand out fliers. So, she would make Sona's Peerage do it in her stead.

"This…How did you know that it would be less than five minutes for the Rating Game to end?" asked Sona. She wanted to know how Rias knew what Ren was capable of.

"That's quite easy. Nii-chan visited Ren's house, but no matter how much Aura of Destruction my brother sends Ren's way, it didn't affect him." Said Rias. She was smiling the entire time. Free time for her Servants and free time for her familiar.

"Haaa! This is my loss," said Sona. She sighed at the work she and her Peerage must do.

As Sona and Rias conversed, Serafall had a smirk on her face. It was menacing if you were the target, otherwise, it was a lovely smile.

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