Supreme Lord: I can extract everything!

Author: HideousGrain
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What is Supreme Lord: I can extract everything!

Read Supreme Lord: I can extract everything! novel written by the author HideousGrain on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, weaktostrong, mystery, sliceoflife. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


In a world where the interstellar era has brought both promise and disappointment, Michael Fang dreams of becoming a Lord in the mysterious realm. He longs to explore ancient ruins of fallen civilizations and build a territory loved and supported by his subjects. But his aspirations are shattered when he realizes that he is nothing special and just an ordinary boy in a world full of heavenly prodigies. That is until he stumbles upon the Gate leading to the Origin Expanse, a mysterious realm that promises to change everything he thought he knew about himself and his destiny. With newfound power and unwavering determination, Michael vows to turn his misfortune into opportunity, no matter how perilous the path is. "Watch, and witness as I extract everything!" Follow Michael Fang on his journey through the Origin Expanse as he battles through obstacles and enemies to achieve his dreams and become the Supreme Lord he was always meant to be. ** Discord: https://discord.gg/Zr8QvWJKVT

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Very good book, writting is excellent. This book is very good at kingdom-building. It didn't feel that good at first, it felt like some cultivation world setting at first,but after 15 or so chapters it gets very interesting. I couldn't stop reading. every chapter is consistent. And, there is little info dump- saying that the data is integrated into plot is the no ways incorrect.


Let me straight with you. You are reading this wondering if you should start this journey or whether it is going to be full of cliches and plot armor. Yes, I know there are other stories that have tried the global lord and extracting enemies stuff before, and you might be concerned about it being a carbon copy of something else. I had that concern too, but I can assure you this is not one of those stories. Sure there is no harem, but that allows the story to function on the important things like getting the system right without turning into a complete power fantasy… Let me get right to it. This is a really compelling story with an unconventional protaganist who just wants to find his way no matter the cost. Despite all of the adversity in his life, Micheal Fang just wants to find a way to thrive in a world gone mad. Tag along as he uses his ability to face his cursed lot in life while building a retinue of friends and allies to weather the storm with. Things do not always work out for him, but he always tries to find a way to move forward regardless. I highly recommend you read this story, and if you don’t like it then you can come back here to complain although I have no doubt you will be thanking me later for sending you on this journey.


I was really liking the story but I gets downhill very fast after chapter 40. Around chapter 70, author added a forced "face slapping scene" of 5 chapter long. Like why? The most interesting part of the story is the origin expanse. But Author is spending less time on it.


Top tier novel! Can't wait to read more of Michael's story. It's a really good and exciting start. Will keep coming back to give a more detailed review.


I don't know why but I always dropped this author's novel. Maybe MC's are not overpowered, or slow steady story progress, or the MC's slow leveling speed, consistent boring struggle ; that's why I always dropped them after reading 100+ chapters.😞😞


I don't care about Michael Fang ir his territory. The author didn't manage to make me care about the MC. The story was enjoyable for a while even if it wasn't the greatest but at some point I realized I never was invested in the characters and so I stopped reading after 300 chapters.The author never gives information until it's too late. It's like he didn't have an idea in mind but kept writing and when he made a decision he gave us the information out of the blue.One example is the MC's family. His parents disappeared and we don't know why but we learn hundreds of chapters later the MC knew all along why. It was just never shared with the reader and we thought there was some mystery but no.Another one is the way the author nerfs MC to make him struggle. It was never explained why he was slow in cultivation until the author gave us the information. Information which is widely known and his teachers could have told him but same thing, the information was shared when the author thought about it, it wasn't something secret or anything so why the wait?I feel like the author isn't sure of hiw his story will unfold so he describes nothing.MC made plans with people and he has insightful ideas. We don't know the plan and what MC's ideas are.His territory gets bigger and better but no details about his territory. We don't know how his people live, what's around it and who manage it when MC is away. It should be the maid but she is also busy with fighting monsters. 20000 people in his territory, he is away often and apparently there is no governing body.Too many things are so vague, secondary characters aren't developed and like always, MC has a very short time to save the day. I will remove the novel from my library.


A very fun and interesting take on the usual "Lord Game" format that many chinese webnovels use, for once the MC is not rash, racist or stupidly overpowered and not everything goes according to plan, forcing the MC to adapt and overcome the obstacles with creative solutions rather than just luckily finnding a skill or item that would just perfectly solve his problems. My only complaint would be the intelligence level of all the young masters in this novel so far, it makes me doubt they are capable of tying shoelaces without help.


dropped after chapter 131.author seems to forget things intentionally .some times the Mc is all knowledgeable .sometimes mc doesn't know the basic of things.dropped because the author tried to insert previous characters into the story out of nowhere.oh if u have plotholes one time ,I can understand but repeating the same mistakes a number times even when you have an audience giving u reviews of your work is unprofessional .had a lot of hopes for this one. but when illogical straits keep on stacking i can't continue this isnt the first popular novel I have dropped bcos of this detail.


I really wish a few things were different. I like this novel, but it sorely lacks detail. Every arc doesn’ get fleshed out enough. Like when first visiting the origin native city I wish it had a few whole chapters on the atmosphere, markets, shops, people and shopping and trading things. Then a whole arc on the different market oppor tunities that the city and the human world that he can use to gain money and trade deals. The worst part of the novel is the mc’s subjects, every single detail that would build up a relationship or positive image of the lord is missing.. instead it’s all the lord is soo nice (just continually says this in differnt ways, instead of mc doing something that would actually make it true) Him selling his perfectly extracted stuff to only one shop was senseless. I really wish it had a arc about shopping around and making trade deals, instead of just one shop and no negotiation. This gets even worse though with the selling of blueprints, which gets worse again with the “negotiation” that happens for the first time. Honestly though it’s a perfect framework to write an amazing book, but it’s missing the details and context… rather just writes summaries for most things.


You are making story way worse by trying so hard. There is a good reason for so many similar novels to exist, because it works! Your starting template is similar to 'global lord' types, yet instead of following the fast paced formula, you write an extremely slow paced progression, which doesn't fit this sub-genre at all. Literally whenever ANYTHING happens, MC starts thinking about it for ungodly amount og paragraphs. Then he says something like "wait this is not important now", which I 100% agree, it is indeed not important in the slightest. And more importantly , MC feels WAY too clueless for someone who literally studied this world, this is not a transmigration novel. He even had high grades, how is he so flustered? In such an education system, he should already be completely familiar with everything and should be mentally prepared. I can tell that author is trying to make MC weak-willed so that he can change it afterwards and call it character progression, but it just doesn't work. The idea is cool, if you simply delete half of the text, or perhaps even a bit more than half, this could be a good novel.


The quality of writing is really high. Most characters are unique in their own way and it's fairly easy to get pulled into the story. I hope the novel will not get dropped, it would be a shame... the author and his work deserve more popularity. Good job!


If it's his book, I'm gonna certainly read it because I love his style. This author is so superb and he's got talent. This book is gonna be great just like his other works. I'm looking forward to reading more chapters of the book.


One of the well written novels I’ve read so far! I’m quite happy with the character progression as well! This novel has a lot of potential hopefully the author HG, will continue to release his work! Keep up the good work.


Reveal spoiler


I see you have improved alot whatever i said months ago was truth you kept telling the future beforehand but i apologise and in this novel it’s very well written and i am loving this novel, completed 198 chapters within 24-48 hours and waiting for more.


I’ll be straight up. I’m addicted to this novel. It’s so good at keeping your attention while also making you both happy and angry sometimes. The characters are good so far while the MC hasn’t been anything to special yet I have a feeling he’ll become something great. The world so far has been interesting. This novel is building up to be amazing and I cant wait for my chapters.


The novel is very good, I enjoyed reading it until chapter 116 But as far as I have read, there are some flaws that I myself did not like The stereotype of slapping in the face to Chinese novels that no one really likes. I don't know why the authors still write this. Second, it shows that all the children of the powerful, rich family are stupid and jealous, and that they use the resources of the family's wealth and power, as if they are doing something bad themselves, isn't his brother helping him? write like this Thirdly, they say that he is lucky, well, he is lucky, why should you be upset, as if you created everything with your own efforts.


100 chapter review...This book started a tad bit confusing, but it was cleared up pretty quickly and hasn't been an issue since. The story progression feels strong without being rushed it has some balanced ups and downs that don't feel worked through via plot armor which is a big plus. TL:DR definitely would recommend


Is it worth reading? Yes. Normally I don't give LNs 5 stars. This time I did. This LNs story is well thought out and well written. The MC's ability is not SSS+++ and the MC is not OP to the max. This means that there is room for the MC to grow and become stronger. The MC is not given thousands of extracted abilities that will only be used once. The abilities the MC gains do NOT seem to be plot armor driven and are not over the top powerful. They have to be used correctly in the right ways for them to be useful. So far the story has not been FORCED by the plot. I hope the Author continues to NOT use the plot to FORCE the story forward. As in I hope the author does NOT go "Oh you killed that guy and he had a magical thing that told powerful backer who did it and where they are" then after the MC kills the backer that backer seems to also have a backer or is in an alliance and they all come after the MC. All the way to the end of the story. The author has NOT done this yet and I hope the author will NOT do this in the future. It is fine if the MC makes some enemies, BUT lets let them be killed off and not force the plot by making backers keep popping out to come and kill the MC. Let the enemies die off and move the story forward though adventures instead of creating great enemies that have backers and they have more backers and the who world is coming down on the MC. Then the story turns into a Sprint and turns into trash. The author has a great story going so far and I would hate for the author to ruin it. Keep up the great work author :-)


Another Masterpiece from Author, But I really like the concept, Hope this novel will have 10,000 chapters.


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