I Became a Wizard with a Quest Book!

Author: DurcalAka
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What is I Became a Wizard with a Quest Book!

Read ‘I Became a Wizard with a Quest Book!’ Online for Free, written by the author DurcalAka, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ADVENTURE Light Novel, SYSTEM Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: After falling asleep, Valerius woke up to find himself transmigrated into the world of [The Great Conquerer], a novel he...


After falling asleep, Valerius woke up to find himself transmigrated into the world of [The Great Conquerer], a novel he had been avidly following. He woke up in the body of a character whose life was endangered. There are assassins around the corner and extraterrestrial threats beyond that. Will he be able to outlive all that and realize his dream? Read on to find out!

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Volume 1 :The First Dungeon Run
Volume 2 :Tales of Reincarnation
Volume 3 :Vol 3: The Assault on a Fallen God's Domain!


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Very good book, writting is 6-stars, beyond excellent. Each chapter is long and fullfilling!And I must share this book is very good at kingdom-building and introducing new elements. It felt good at first, but after 29 chapters it has become my addictions. I can't live without reading a new chapter of it evetyday. I can't stop reading it. every chapter is consistent. And, there is little info dump- saying that the data is integrated into plot is the no ways incorrect.


Honestly, I'm blown away by the depth of this world. The characters aren't just names on a page; they're living, breathing souls with dreams and fears. And the magic? It's not just some hand-wavy nonsense. There's a system, and it's fascinating to see it unfold. A true gem!"


Honest reviews are here.. [Extreme Spoiler Alert] This is a novel where MC is transmigrated into a novel World (The Great Conqueror) where he is a side character who died early in the novel and treated as a trash young master.. NOBODY on his side.. Both of his parents are dead, and he is being raised by his uncle, his father's brother, who is also the Head of the Khaleji family.. MC uncle and MC father has a special eye that could see through the soul of someone, and that is why they know that the MC soul are not belong to their nephew/son anymore.. His uncle told his wife that there are foreign soul possessing their nephew body thus, the Head of Khaleji wife has been plotting and scheming many thing to ruin MC life and make a bad rumours to ruin his reputation.. Their bodyguard also know about the secret.. Moreover, his uncle knows about these plot but only gives advice for his wife to stop.. Unfortunately, she didn't listen, and his uncle just ignored it, which caused MC to continue feeling down.. UNTIL MC shows a promising talent that his uncle makes a move to stop these shenanigans once and for all.. It kinda dissapointed that MC secret is revealed.. His uncle is not calling him reincarnator or transmigrator.. He is also not calling MC a time traveller but he thinks MC is a Returnee.. In this novel, there is Regressor, there is also a Reincarnator (strongest man in the novel world), and don't forget Transmigrator (MC).. There are also people with the ability to see the future or read the fate or pathfinder of "Dark One/Chosen One" or see a glimpse of Destiny.. Because of this, there are too many people who know about MC secret.. That is not all.. All characters, Yes, ALL CHARACTER has a unique ability that is quite strong and hard to deal with.. And the story becomes more and more complicated with all of those.. To be honest, even after reading the whole story, I only understood slightly.. The history of the Dark One, the mystery of Dark One, and so on, it really that complicated and hard to understand.. At first MC is transmigrator but after the mystery of the "Dark One" being reveal, MC actually is a Reincarnator? He originally from novel world and not earth? What?? Very confusing.. I guess the author got short fuse with all complicated things he wrote.. The title of the novel, "I Become a Wizard with a Quest Book" kinda simplifies the exact description of this novel.. MC got his golden finger, the Quest Book, and his knowledge of this novel world.. He gains something like mind space, where he consciousness and his soul are going into a white space with a floating Quest book.. He can gain the Quest from the book, and he also can use his mind space as a space ring.. The story has good and flaws at the same time.. The author will introduce something new and booomm, he explain right away from A to Z about that thing, causing the novel to become too long and has to going through boring explanations.. But if you think positively, It is good as the author doesn't leave the reader pondering in a wild and explain the history, new character or new thing right away.. As a result, the growth of MC strength has become quite slow.. Well, based on the duration of MC growth, it is quite fast because MC only takes one day to grow from rank 0 into rank 1.. But the problem was, the author takes 50 chapters, but only two days are passed in the novel.. No matter how good MC achievements, he never gets a high reward.. The best thing he gets is artifact and EXP.. and the EXP is not high.. The system said MC completed a high-grade achievement but only gave 75 EXP.. Even the beast he killed made him receive 3,500 EXP.. High-grade achievement only given 2% of the reward value?? There is once MC got good reward for complete 1st floor pagoda but if you think carefully, the reward is lackluster compare to the effort that MC show during that Arc.. Sometimes, the story makes us think of a nonsense situation.. For example, the author makes MC be able to remember a recipe and each step of the potion/pill in alchemist that he read in the novel, BUT MC doesn't even know how to absorb the crystal?? It is like the original author of the novel world wrote about the recipe of potion in great detail to the point that their reader (MC) can also make them BUT you don't wrote any technique to absorb crystal?? MC has to learn Energy Absorption Technique from his maid.. If you hope for OP MC, this is not for you.. MC is strong but cannot be considered as OP.. He needs many items or talismans to conquer the E-rank dungeon, and he is also not soloing it.. His stat is quite low.. All his stat started lower than average people.. He is always in short of mana or energy or stamina.. His HP starts at 2/2.. The lowest HP that I ever see either in novel and game.. Even lv1 pokemon have higher HP than him.. At Ch80, his HP is growing to 15/15.. Plus, after he entered 1st floor pagoda (Ch90+), the author never showed MC status window ever again.. Wizard ranks are spirit-rank, low-rank, mid-rank, high-rank, master-rank, grandmaster-rank, lord-rank.. And each realm has 10 minor realms, such as 1st sky low-rank wizard, 2nd sky low-rank wizard, and so on.. At Ch170, MC is still at low-rank wizard.. Yes, the story ends at Ch192.. It shows a complete tag, but actually, it is a cliffhanger novel.. The author has abandoned the novel.. At least the author is being honest.. It is more annoying than other authors who clearly abandoned the novel by not updating for more than two years but still has nerves to put "hiatus" tag.. That type of author is giving false hope to their own fan.. At very least, this author told his fans that he not going to continue the novel like a real man, a straight forward..


30-Chapter Review. Why should you dive into this book? Because it'll be worth it. Simply put, this novel isn't just another drop in the ocean of web novels. It's an entire freaking standout gem. In just 30 chapters, author proved me wrong 300 times. Each time I thought it was a cliche, author slapped my face with such a unique narrative, I was enlightened. Now I always think twice before acting. Thank you author!


l don't have words to describe this great work so I will post this instant.


just after the 4th chapter, I knew it is going to worth the money.. BUT, I have a question, as I read it further, we got to know how sad and depressing velaris death was.. lord khaleji knew that he was an innocent soul, but still let that happen. will mc forgive the khaleji family ? even after his brothers last wish was to protect and take care of the kid , head of khaleji knowing that the kid was abused and at times wasn't given food and water for multiple days straight.. will MC forgive and adopt such family after how they treated the previous body owner ??? I want to know this before I buy chapters and gift coins .. I hope you understand 😇🙂🙂😇


This webnovel beats others!All the characters introduced aren't carbon cut out of each other. They are three-dimensional. They don't exist for the MC! 5stars!


very good novel need more chapters please please




I am Loving this! Just wish there were mass release!


From the first chapter, this novel grabbed me and refused to let go. It's not just good; it's different. Thirty chapters in, and it's clear that the author isn't just telling a story; they're crafting a masterpiece


A True Page-Turner! Just when I thought I'd seen it all, this novel comes along and flips the script. The twists are so unexpected, they'll make your head spin. Thirty chapters in, and I'm already hooked. It's a wild ride that keeps you guessing and never lets up. Hats off to the author


the novel is very good but I think you need a better cover to attract people


very good novel need more chapters please


Everything about the book is good except it being absurdly wordy compared to other books on the platform but still, it's a pretty good one. Easily one of my top 5. BAck to actual review! Writing quality : 3.5/5 Pretty good with very very few typos and grammer errors. Tho the wordy part is quite annoying if you're used to reading short and crisp paragraphs, so excluding that it is good. Well, the story is super slow so there is that Story Development : 5/5 I love the mysteries and intricate plot of the novel with how it very slowly unravels, revealing that characters are not just what they seem att he surface. It also explains many hidden truth about the MC(which imo is a cliche) but the riddles are a tad too much for my brain. Anyways, the story develops from many ends and different POV and things the MC doesn't even know so it is pretty interesting to read. Character Design : 5/5 I loved how complex the characters are as it removes the curse of side char and extras becoming 2-D(hope it doesn't change). The MC is also unique in more ways than one, his determination to return still exists despite everything he came in contact with!! That's commendable! Usually, transmigrators forget they have a home but not him! The Khaleji family too is quite complex so it adds to the mystery, frustration yet it feels good!! World Background : 4/5 The info dumps are a bit weirdly placed, breaking the reader's engagement, but I would still say that is is pretty good. The world background is far larger than what is stated in the start and it expands slowly which makes you feel as if you're a part of even if absurdly slow. All in all, give it a try, it's pretty good!! Though, personally, I'd suggest binging it when it has like 500 or so chapters coz till ch 148, not even 15 or so days passed since his transmigration...


i like this novel 5 star ⭐ need more chapters of the novel


Romance? H*rem? NTR? Yuri?


very good novel need more chapters please


I'm not usually one for fantasy, but this book changed my mind. The growth of the main character feels earned, not given. And the magic system is so detailed, it makes you believe it could exist. It's like the author's giving us a peek into a parallel universe.Maybe that's really the case. The author could be a returnee!!!


I've been reading this book for a while now, and it's amazing! although my words can't do this work of art justice I'll try my best: The characters feel so real and the author does an amazing job in making all of the magical laws make sense. when the protagonist becomes more powerful it isn't in some vague way that he is suddenly "stronger" but he gains some new thing through hard work. it makes the story that much more impressive because it feels like he is just describing how another world works rather than some make belive thing!


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