Reviews of Reincarnated in an Otome game as a background character


Reincarnated in an Otome game as a background character


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The main character does not have any cheats except for his memories. He will change the plot. He makes mistakes but learns from them. He is like a back ground character but he is strong. He cares for his friends and is loyal to them ,his friends too are loyal to him. He is loyal to his wives to and says his dreams to them. One of the best novels I had the pleasure of reading.

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Let me be honest, I have a very big love-hate relationship with this novel. I love it since author is trying to make this cliche story interesting in a very unique way. I hate it because the dramas inside this story is beyond what I can handle. I came here for the harem but I stayed for the girls. MC is worth nothing in my eyes. He could die for all I care. I'm staying to see the smiles of these girls. 5 stars for the story but 1 star for shattering my heart into pieces and burn it with fire extinguisher then sprinkle my ash on a chicken breast to feed author's pet.


Very good story, the univers is interesting and well written. Hope the novel will continue for a long time. Characters are endearing. The mc is good even if I find it a little too passive at the beginning. But I NEED SOME DUNGEON!!@! PLZZ LET MC CLEAR A LOTSS DUNGEOONNNNSSS!!! (thanks)(😁)


Well, huhhh...this is my honest opinion for you author. While reading your plot from chapter 1 till 58 (so far), sometimes I wonder if you forgot that the MC is but a background character. If you want to make the MC as the "second protagonist" please make a step by step growth. I mean, many cases in the story just feels to forced by inserting the MC in order to highlight his existence.


mc is hypocrite mc is hypocrite mc is hypocrite mc is hypocrite mc is hypocritemc is hypocrite mc is hypocritemc is hypocrite mc is hypocrite


Great otome novel. The story progress is fast and just about right. Story is not boring and each chapter is fun. MC is stupid and not likable bcz he is weird and not antihero, sometimes also not likable bcz he acts really cowardly and pathetic.


I’ve really got no clue why you made the main character downright ugly. I wouldn’t care if you made him average looking, but literally none of what he does makes sense when he has such disgusting looks.


The story is good, if it was to be rated out of 10 I woulda given it a 6, my only issue is the mc himself and his harem member, I can ignore my dislike for harem in general but the problem is how the mc is written and also how some of the harem members are gotten. you will understand what I mean when you read up to ch 9, I dont exactly know how to explain cus I dont want to think right now. But from what iv read so far it has potential. this is some the past me would enjoy whole heartedly, but it seems the more variety of novels I've read the more difficult it is to be overly impressed. this is something that a new reader can start on and would definitely like. Its okay. Also it's weird how some of the other characters are written better than the protagonist.


.....honestly while reading this novel you would get the impression that it is a mash-up of different novels the difference is that the MC is not have an average appearance but below average downright ugly which is emphasized by the author time and time again and fast relationship intimacy progress, novels like "villainess butler", "eminence in the shadows", otome games is tough for mobs" and 4 more but I forgot the titles. the the story is kind of mishmash of those novels in order to create an original, writing have more to be desired, idiot readers who can't undeunderstand or read a story with grammatical errors would be stumped. well at least gender distinction is clear. the world building is good. character design... is he a 30 year old in a teen body or a teen body wiwith the 30 year old memories, cause you know, his behavior is kinda, ヽ ̄へ ̄ノ. story development is .. . well, reasonable.


My only problem with that novel is the Writing Quality.... ..... pls hire a proofreader..................................................................................................................................................


Good novel [img=recommend][img=update][img=recommend][img=update][img=recommend][img=update][img=recommend][img=update][img=recommend][img=update]


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


I liked it and I'm waiting for more chapters[img=рекомендую][img=рекомендую]


This novel made me mad... even though ı have certain amount immunity to dense and hypocrite mc's ( at least what ı believe) ım speechless.


Кал,реально,в отличие от многих историй которые мы читаем для того что бы увидить главного героя который перерождаясь мобом,и пытаеться изменить сюжет путем нагибание всех,то здесь я даже разочоровалься с первых глав,характер героя унылый,а дальше прочел,ещё хуже,СЕРЕЗЬНО?!Бросить на произвол судьба главную злодейку,сказав что это ради её блага,но при этом спасать других,конечно конечно,ИСКУПЛЕНИЕ,так обьясняет это нам автор,но это вызвала лишь разочерование,если хотели что бы ГГ немножечка пострадал,то могли на*** стерелизовать и бросить в канаву,нету отличия


Not able to understand the story flow and and the time skips make this a horrible read. Ex :- Chapter 3-5 the whole time line is messed up. Bye


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Writing Quality Stability of Updates Story Development Character Design 5.0 World Background The total score ///////////


Second review after some volumes.The story is living up to my expectations and more.All the girls of the Otome Game does not fall for him.He is not afraid to attack women too who attack him.He spends time with his family.Continue on Author.You are writing a fantastic novel