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The story is good, if it was to be rated out of 10 I woulda given it a 6, my only issue is the mc himself and his harem member, I can ignore my dislike for harem in general but the problem is how the mc is written and also how some of the harem members are gotten. you will understand what I mean when you read up to ch 9, I dont exactly know how to explain cus I dont want to think right now. But from what iv read so far it has potential. this is some the past me would enjoy whole heartedly, but it seems the more variety of novels I've read the more difficult it is to be overly impressed. this is something that a new reader can start on and would definitely like. Its okay. Also it's weird how some of the other characters are written better than the protagonist.


Reincarnated in an Otome game as a background character


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Also their are some inconsistencies or parts that dont quiet make sense.


Let's take it one step at a time. The harem is what will be best written in this novel as the personalities of the girls, are they clichés? Tell me it isn't now? The unattractive personality of the MC is normal, he has a problem and problems are solved with the passage of time. All the harem members are obtained by what they go through with him, you will never see anything forced. I want you to say you're not impressed when you get to vol 4, let me know.