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.....honestly while reading this novel you would get the impression that it is a mash-up of different novels the difference is that the MC is not have an average appearance but below average downright ugly which is emphasized by the author time and time again and fast relationship intimacy progress, novels like "villainess butler", "eminence in the shadows", otome games is tough for mobs" and 4 more but I forgot the titles. the the story is kind of mishmash of those novels in order to create an original, writing have more to be desired, idiot readers who can't undeunderstand or read a story with grammatical errors would be stumped. well at least gender distinction is clear. the world building is good. character design... is he a 30 year old in a teen body or a teen body wiwith the 30 year old memories, cause you know, his behavior is kinda, ヽ ̄へ ̄ノ. story development is .. . well, reasonable.


Reincarnated in an Otome game as a background character


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Well, what to tell you? The spelling and grammar thing I said almost by vol 5, I never thought readers would like this. The MC's relationship with the characters and harem goes at a slow pace, that is to say that we see what they do day by day, because we are not going to focus an entire volume in a single day. The novels you mention leave me surprised, because only 3 of them are inspired by vol 1, the butler, the gardener and the villager A are inspirations for the whole vol 1, but the mob is not, in fact half of this novel is using material from my novel world Ixion saga, which I can't use because it would be very weird indeed. It has nothing to do with shadow here, actually the main character is Batman, because I really like that meme, you can say that I created a character just to make a meme come true. MC is a rare thing, he doesn't fit in the standards of cliché characters like kirito or onii-sama, if he helps someone it will be because it is beneficial to him or because he felt like it, but not because he is morally good, he already showed that he has no scruples or morals or respect for society. That makes him different from all MCs who follow a pattern, he follows what is convenient for his welfare. The WB will improve since we are only seeing 5% of the world, the world is bigger and more mysterious than we think. The story unfolds at its own pace, that is to say it takes itself seriously, the MC can't take what happens to the world seriously, but in fact it is very serious what happens.


Thanks for an in-depth review. Personally i hate everything you just described with a MC so i won't bother. Thanks :)


well give it a chance will ya, at least read it till chapter 20 or somethn.

Pythia:Thanks for an in-depth review. Personally i hate everything you just described with a MC so i won't bother. Thanks :)