1 Chapter 01

Chapter 1

"Come on baby, last set." The boy said as he pushed the huge boulder from his chest, up and down. The boy was tiny compared to the rock he was lifting and yet he was doing it.

"Last one…" The boy said, gritting his teeth as he pushed it away from his chest. "Yeah, baby… lightweight!" with that he threw the boulder to his side, and he was left panting on the ground. His chest rose and fell with a rhythm, and sweat poured down from all over his body.

The ground quacked a bit when the boulder hit the ground.

"God, that was a good workout." He was already feeling his chest burning. "And it's a PR, so it's double the fun." He said, laughing his odd laugh, "Shishishi…"

The boy was around the age of fourteen and fifteen. From his goofy smile to the stitched scar under his left eye, it was obvious who he was. More so when he sat on the ground and wore his iconic straw hat.

His name is Monkey D. Luffy. But he wasn't from here. He was from the real world… and things happened and now, he was here. It's already been a month and he had accepted that reality. There was no going back, so he could only move forward.

It was hard to accept, but after walking through the endless white room for who knows how long he was finally able to come here. So he wasn't that upset.

The last thing he remembered was some weird internet game. Yeah, not your standard isekai. No death with an overcomplicated backstory or randomly getting smashed by Truck-sama. So, yeah… No, reincarnation or transmigration. 

Even though it didn't make sense, it happened that way. The last thing he remembered was the game warning him about the dangers of One Piece world, and his headset attacking his face, its shaped morphed as it attached to his face.

And before he knew it, he was in a white room. The Lobby.

Where he would have to wait, until the so-called 'servers' were back. And the room was basically white torture for him. There was no one there. And after spending, who knows how long there, he was finally brought to One Piece world.

Back on earth, he didn't have any family… well, not that were worth mentioning. And honestly, he didn't remember much. His white torture messed up with his memories as other then some important info he didn't know much.

And that included his name. It seemes his brain thought that his name wasn't important enough. But, hey, he wasn't complaining. After spending, who knows how long in the lobby, he stopped questioning the reality of the situation. This world might as well be a supernatural simulation but did he care? No... He accepted it.

And he wasn't the one to give up the chance for a grand adventure, even though it wouldn't start for a long while. Three years to be exact.

It was a good thing in a way. He had a few years on his hand, and he was going to make the most out of it.

The straw hat pirates would be grand like no other… a true voyage for the future pirate king. No the strongest pirate king!

There was another reason why he accepted this world —even if he was dragged down here by a so-called internet survey which was a 'super realistic' One Piece game in disguise— You see he had a dream.

He wanted to be the strongest back on earth. And as a youngster power-lifter he was already making names, but other than that he didn't have any goals back there. And even though he might be able to accomplish his dream back there.

Doing it here… making himself the strongest man alive would be something to look forward to. Be it Whitebeard or Kaido, he was going to beat them all. And claim the place as the world's strongest.

And while he was at it, he would make sure to grab the One Piece. The Strongest King of the Pirates has a nice ring to it.

So he accepted it.

"Training again?" A voice called out, breaking him out of his musing.

It was Ace.

"Oh, look who came back?" Luffy said, rolling his eyes, not getting up from the ground.

"Yeah, but you won't stop pestering me if I didn't leave." Ace said, crossing his arms. "And before you say, no I'm not going to join your crew. And that's final."

Did he try to recruit Ace to his own crew? Yup. Why? Because Ace was strong.

'I mean, I'm way stronger than when I was back on earth.' Luffy thought, 'And yet Ace was stronger than me. Of course, I would want him to join my crew. And it would also be saving him from an early death this way. Even though this world is different from the One Piece I know… it should still have some similarities.'

Did he forget to mention that this world would be different because he so-called chose the developer's timeline in that stupid survey. Yeah, he was kinda fucked.

Anyway, he did get the original Luffy's memories, but accessing them was quite the headache. Quite literally. Maybe it's because he only had this body for around a month?

He didn't question the logic behind it… anime logic being prevalent and all. So, went along with it.

Anyway, even without the influence of Luffy's memories, Ace was someone he would save.

He was the brother he never had. Venturing through Luffy's old memories was like watching a first-person movie, the only con was a head-splitting headache. This world was supposed to be different, so he was trying to see if anything from Luffy's memories changed or not.

But Luffy didn't need that to grow a bond with Ace. 

He had spent only one month with him. But Ace treated him very well. Like an actual family.

And as an orphan growing up. He knew he had to keep the bond. Because it was the right thing to do.

Back on earth, he was around the age of twenty-one, so it was awkward when a seventeen-year-old was treating him like a younger brother of his. But he was treated like a family member, so he wasn't that annoyed… he was glad in a way.

"Hey, don't give me that face…" Ace said, annoyed. "I said it already, I will leave today… and I don't want you seeing me off like this."

Oh, yeah. Ace was going to start his journey. And he already felt saddened by it.

"Luffy don't be a baby…"

He quickly shook his head, he wasn't going to stop Ace from having his own journey. "Who said, I'm a baby? You are the baby!"

Ace snickered, "Well, something never changes." Before he sighed, "Sometimes, you worry me, Luffy." He said, "Don't worry about me, I will be just fine. And you know the promise, right?"

Luffy nodded, "Three years." He said, almost by instincts.

Ace nodded, placing his hand on his shoulder, "Be sure to get strong, or I might just take the title of the King of Pirates."

Luffy instinctively waved his hand away, "No way! I am going to be the King of Pirates." He said, grin widening. "Not just that… I will be the strongest King of the Pirate."

Ace just smiled, "Now that's the Luffy I know."

He wasn't going to lie, he was going to miss the freckled boy.


Luffy stood at the shore, everybody had left, and he couldn't even see Ace's boat anymore. He was actually a bit worried. He was here, and it might cause an unforeseen butterfly effect.

He was actually worried about the seventeen-year-old boy, who just left. Ace had started his journey, and he couldn't do anything but wish him luck.

It also made Luffy think about what he should be doing for the next few years.

After coming to this world, he avoided using his rubber abilities, unless he was stuck in some shitty situation. Like getting stuck under the boulder that one time.

But now if he wanted to get strong. He would need to use every one of his abilities.

Luffy curiously stretched out his fingers, it felt odd. But at the same time, it felt familiar. He would need to get used to his ability.

Also, he looked at his side, picking up the rusted, beat-up metal pipe. He wasn't going to stop using a weapon.

He was going to be strong, but unlike Luffy, he wasn't going to be careless. Sharp things were the bane for his rubber body. And he was going to use a weapon if he ever faced a skilled swordsman.

And it was a good thing that he could instantly do some tricks with the pipe. Unlike his devil fruit, he had inherited the use of a stick from the original Luffy. So he was going to stick with it.

In future, he was planning on going to the Katakuri route or the Whitebeard route. Having a cool named weapon was… kinda cool you know. It would also broaden his skill arsenal.

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