HP: The Arcane Thief

Author: Snollygoster
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What is HP: The Arcane Thief

Read ‘HP: The Arcane Thief’ Online for Free, written by the author Snollygoster, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: A skilled thief gets a system in an Alternate Wizarding World. The system seems useless in the beginning since he hasn’t...


A skilled thief gets a system in an Alternate Wizarding World. The system seems useless in the beginning since he hasn’t unlocked any features. But… [The very first feature of the System has been unlocked.] [Congratulations. You’ve unlocked the class feature. Due to your existing skills and experience, you have gained the Special Class "Arcane Thief" as your starting class. There’s nothing an Arcane Thief can’t steal. The more you steal, the more your Class will progress.] [The fields of expertise include: — Stealth Magic — Wards — Traps — Enchantment — Pickpocketing — Knife/Short-Sword Wielding] Wait…this is just the first feature? ******************************** (P)(A)(T)(R)(E)(O)(N) LINK: Patreon.com/Snollygoster ********************************* I'm planning on keeping a stockpile of at least 10 chapters there. DISCORD https://discord.gg/TR3KKAhu9r *The Cover is not mine, but I got it from a site that was posting this fic without my consent and using this pic as a cover, so I guess I won't be removing it even if you ask me to, sue me.

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This Fan-Fic destroyed all other Fan-Fics/novels/books for me; everything else just pales in comparison. Let me start with what I think are the best parts of this fanfic: 1- MC 2- Secondary Characters 3- Story Development 4- Character Development 5- Writing Quality 6- Story In General 7- Harry potter Universe 8- Logical Story Development 9- Interesting Interactions 10- No Fillers 11- Thrilling Story (I Can't Stress This ENOUGH) 12- A Well Thought of Alternate Universe(World Background) ... Actually, the list goes on and on. Now, for what I think, people think is bad in this FanFic. (some of them are part of why it's my favorite) I'll try to not spoil anything : 1- MC Starts supper edgy due to certain logical reasons 2- there's no daily upload 3- You can't help but binge read till 5am in the morning if there are a lot of chapters 4- I literally had to think for 4 min straight to bring up the previous 3 arguments... that's how good the Book is. When I'm trying to discover a book to read, I usually start by reading the lowest rating reviews. Which is why I'm giving this a 1 star. A 1 star to show my respect to this amazing masterpiece. And a word to the author: Keep making other books pale in comparison.


Let's Rank this fanfic with me. Writing Quality: 5 Stars. Update Stability: 5 Stars. Story Development: 5 Stars. Character Design: 5 Stars. World Background: 5 Stars. MC Didn't Naive, Feeling of the character in the novel touch the reader, MC is developing steadily with reason not like other fanfic who MC suddenly got development without reason. I like this novel and i Rate this fanfic 5 Stars (Sempurna)


Reveal spoiler


The story as a whole is good, but the MC is annoing and a lot of scenarios feel forced so the mc becomes more of an edge lord. I know he still has character growth to go through, and maybe that's why he's character is so... annoying. Maybe author wants a flawed character but he's way too flawed that it becomes annoying. Also he's written way too much like an adult, which I think is why people are annoyed at his slow character development. Overall it's a good novel just needs a better MC.


A masterpiece yet again, well that was expected from you anyway. ____________________________________________________________________________________


Hey there! So, at the time of my posting I have read up to chapter 18 and what I can say is that the story is progressing really well! The events aren't rushed and they are given their own space in the story by giving suspense on certain things and other characters POV. The world background is so far pretty complex, this fanfic has an AU where many things have been changed in one way or another. The chapters a well polished, there aren't grammar error at all, if you notice any it is more of a isolated case and the update schedule is being followed as closely as possible expect if there is some problems or the author need to restock patr.o. Lastly the MC is a "normal" 11 years old: no reincarnato as far as he is concerned. He is just smart and cold calculative because of the life he has lived up until Hogwarts. His character has a huge margine for improvement and with how things are going it seems that the author has every intention to capitalise on this by using both old characters and the system to help MC grow. So yeah, read it. It really is worth it the time.


Honest Review time. If you want, you can skip the detailed criteria and just read the general evaluation and conclusion. I usually go easy on fanfic and give it 4 or 5 stars unless there's some major or annoying problem that I can't let go, but that's not the case with this fic. I'm giving it a 2,4 because I'm evaluating it mainly on the criteria I use for an original novel and not for a fic. As an original novel, I would give it 3.5 but this fic lost stars for failing in some points as a fanfic. The reason for this is that in addition to being a top-ranked fic, the author actually earns more than a thousand dollars from it on Patreon, charging much more per advanced chapter than an original novel charges per chapter. General Rating:It's an interesting story that's worth reading, but nothing very special., but it's heavily AU to the point where a simple change of name of some locations, spells and characters would make this a generic original novel that begins in an academy and system setting. I don't highly recommend it for those who hope to read a good fic about Harry Potter because they love the original work. I recommend readers start this fic thinking of it as an original novel rather than a fanfic. As an original novel this is an average story, but when placed among fanfics this becomes a top work in the webnovel where chapter releases need to be frequent and this is a great challenge for amateur authors who write for pleasure or as a hobby. Webnovel criteria: 1- Writing Quality - 3 stars: The writing quality is good, at the level of a good author, but there are some problems that anyone who read the entire fic at once notices and that's why I'm giving 3 stars in this category. It is worth mentioning that the author does not even correct errors such as a wrong name even when readers point it out. Examples are like when the MC was undercover and introduced himself to a character using a fake name, but that character called him by his real name, a skill that suddenly changed its name, another skill that should have been the next one to be unlocked in the class progression but it seems like it was simply forgotten as the MC didn't even mention the reason for never picking it up, and finally but most importantly the system became more and more irrelevant as the fic progressed. The system is still there, but it never gets screen time other than giving missions and rewards, and although it still helps the MC progress in some ways, this progression is rarely shown, the system status screen simply no longer appears in the fic. 2- Stability of Updates - 2 stars: It's not very stable, the fic has already gone through long hiatus, the chapters are currently released every two or three days and although it's very good for a fanfic, it's not the case for what it is almost an original novel where the author profits from it. 3- Story Development - 3 stars: It's average, the MC being a thief in a world where everyone is a wizard was interesting, but then ninjas and warriors were added and suddenly the MC is no longer special, just better than the rest, that added some more interesting fights but it took away what was special about MC as the author didn't do a good job of differentiating the Arcane Thief class from a Thief in a generic fantasy setting. As it is a completely AU scenario, there is no way to evaluate how well the author portrayed the events in relation to the original work since nothing more than names, some basic mechanics and some locations follow the original HP so I am once again evaluating it as an original novel and disregarding it. how well the author used the source material to write his fic. 4- Character Design - 1 star: To be honest, in an original novel I would give something like 3 stars since all the heroines are interesting and well written, but the rest of the characters are not developed and totally forgettable. I'm giving this one star because not even striking and easy-to-use characters like Snape, McGonagall and Dumbledore were relegated to characters with no presence who barely appear, so in addition to taking off 2 stars because only the MC and Heroines have presence, I'm taking more two for failing as a fanfic to use even something basic from the original material. 5- World Background - 3 stars: It is a generic fantasy setting where we have the world of darkness, the world of light and the weaker human world in between. In the human world we have Atlantis, an advanced and reclusive magical civilization that lost much of its past heritage due to disaster. Nothing bad, but nothing original here. Conclusion: This is less of a fic and more of a generic original novel that is interesting and worth reading, but would never top the rankings when competing with other original novels. When compared to other fics instead of original novels, this one ends up standing out.


I liked the author's last fanfic a lot, but this one has a much better concept and writing quality so far. Looking forward to further updates!


really good story it has good grammar, plot development and as they say punctuation marks save lives: let's eat kids. let's eat, kids


Reveal spoiler


Although it's impossible to to create something perfect, I believe this is the closest we'll get to a perfect fanfic. The story is incredible and the character doesn't feel like he was just added into the story but genuinely feels like a part of the world. Your attention to detail regarding the world that already existed but injecting enough originality to make it feel like an actual harry potter spin-off instead of just another wish-fulfillment story. The character design and progression is refreshing and the way you imbue the story and character relationships with just the right amount of emotion that it never comes across as overbearing or lacking in depth. The main character is relatable to so many with his struggles and outlook on life due to hardship but also his emotional development when interacting people he cares about and who care about him is *chef's kiss* amazing. I struggle with consistency of character when writing but after 49 chapters and 3000+ word count each, you still stayed true to his beliefs while giving him an open mind to slowly accept new ideals is incredible. This is the first fanfic I've reviewed and I will add this to my top 5, which of whom, only one place is taken. CORNBRINGER's Game of Thrones: The Prideful One at number one. If your writing never falters, it might threaten that position My closing remarks are: It feels illegal that I did not pay to read this because of how good it is. 10/10 You have created a masterpiece and I wish you continued success in the future. Good luck and Godspeed


I absolutely adore this novel for the simple fact that the MC is an OC with personality, not a reincarnated person who is the embodiment of white bread, who receives the help from something above him in power. Good work author.


So far this is one of the best Harry Potter fanfiction I've read. The hero doesn't know anything about the world of Harry Potter, the system is light (and I really hope this system isn't an op thing like in Chinese novels), the entire timeline is fully edited with characters that have a another destiny than in the books... and then the mc is not a manipulator, but he knows that this world is rotten and full of politics... I LOVE it!


Bro it's Snollygoster what more do you expect other than a top-tier fic? Just go and read it and if it is like the other fic it will get you hooked.


seems pretty good and interesting. just dont drop it.************###**##**#**##**#**#**#****************#######################################


Great story Very well written with surprises around every corner.Please come back


It is well written with no major plot holes, or atleast I haven’t noticed them. It is worth a try atleast. Keep up the good work Author!


This story is very realistic. Little to none mistakes, not very stable in updates right now, but I know the reason. Development is steady not too fast not too slow. Axel is a very well written character. I like how he handles annoying people and how always gets his revenge. I also like how the world is modern and the detailed background makes it so realistic and is probably the best part of the story. I also love how he gets famous for being skilled, despite not showing how powerful he truly is. I also like how he is forced to do the things that normal people do to build up his character and it makes him more down to Earth. The thing I want to see next is Axel giving an interview. Make it savage,


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