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One Piece: The Unreal Adventure


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One lucky/unlucky guy wanted to play One Piece as Luffy. And he’s doing just that. Literally! Current Arc: Water 7 . Extended Summary: All I know is this is just wrong. I was just reading the latest chapter of One Piece in my computer. And an annoying survey popped up asking me if I want to play One Piece new beginning. Thinking nothing of it I said yes. And selected 'Realistic' difficulty. There was a game loading screen. Loading gibberish, and warning me that the world has a lot of surprises in store for me. Not all things are same, because I had to choose the 'developer's time-line'. And then telling me to brace for Character Synchronization. And before I knew it, I was no longer your average Joe. And this wasn't earth either... no this was One Piece. And, I was Monkey D. Luffy. The future King of pirates. I mean what could go wrong? If Luffy could do it, so could I. But this wasn't the same One piece world I remember. Some changes are small like Kuina being Zoro's rival… who's alive. While others were huge. Like... did you know, Whitebeard had an actual beard?! Man looked like Santa Claus on steroids. Jaked and shit! Just what did I get myself into? But does it matter? No. Because I'm going to have the time of my life. This was going to be one heck of an adventure. . A/N: Don't worry most of the changes are relatively small and even though it's a slight AU. I won't change the world much. Hopefully... This story is also in Scrib-bleHub and Fanfiction by me. Also, Luffy will get with more then one woman. But anything related to romance doesn't even come until, chapter 225. Even then, the main theme of the story is power fantasy, gaining in power, with a bit of romance here and there.


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