77 Chapter 75: A Black & Red Issue [01]

75: A Black & Red Issue [01]

Felicia Hardy would have to admit, she was having the time of her life with Peter Parker; he was not a dickhead, he was not a bastard, he was not a ràpist. In fact, after spending today with him, she could confidently say that he is the nicest guy she'd ever met.

And she really liked being with him.

It was almost to the point that she was thinking she might be in love with him, which was crazy, to be honest. She'd never considered any boy or man as her possible partner, especially after the attempted ràpe assault on her.

She had been, quite literally, disgusted with men. Her mind, her trauma didn't let her be with a man after, and she'd leaned more toward women since Felicia was bi in the first place.

But Parker changed her mind, and in the process, he might have awakened some side of kleptomania inside her. A side that wanted to steal him from Gwen, who was his lovely girlfriend.

This was a terrible thing to even think about, but Felicia couldn't help but think again and again. What would it feel like to have him as a boyfriend and even a possible husband in the future?

He seemed to have some kind of powers too, so he could protect her as well. She could really spend her time with him but that was not possible.

As she sat on the bench staring at Peter talking with someone on the phone, Felicia couldn't help but scowl, feeling extremely jealous and envious.

It was Gwen, wasn't it?

Felicia gritted her teeth.

That bitch dared to bother them on their date? Felicia was enraged.

It wasn't like she was going to steal him from her, right? So why couldn't Gwen let them have some time?!

Felicia took a deep breath. Yes, she shouldn't be thinking like that.

For all she knew, there could be an emergency. Yes, that's right, Gwen, wouldn't have even allowed Peter to come and meet her if she didn't want him to do so.

Felicia had no right to say anything or feel jealous or call Gwen a bitch. Not even anything similar. It was Felicia who was crossing the line here; she shouldn't even be thinking like that about Peter.

He was someone else's man, Felicia couldn't take him, she shouldn't steal him.

But she really wanted a piece of that man.

Felicia's toes curled, her stomach lurched as if she was being tickled, and her face flushed. Her mind was hazy, and her eyes had this very strange glint inside.

She really really really wanted to go and kidnap Peter, tie him up in her house, and don't let him meet anyone but herself.

Keep him to her, and her alone.

Felicia slapped her cheeks, and pinched them hard, wincing. Fuck. Is she going crazy?

Felicia was perplexed.

But she didn't have any time to think of the matter as Peter walked back to her, a strange look on his face.

"Hey," he said apologetically. "I might need to leave."

"What? Why?" Felicia blurted without thinking, her voice laced with annoyance. Why did he have to leave again?

She blushed, thinking, calm down girl, falling too deep too fast!

"Uh…" Peter, on the other hand, didn't know what to say to her.

George just called him, and told him how Yuri got kidnapped. He didn't seem to know he was talking with Peter. Why? Because Peter had given this number to Yuri, she should use this number if she ever wanted to talk with 'Spider-Man'.

And George using that number only meant that he couldn't find her, and was seeking Spider-Man's help. Now, how did he have the number? Peter had told Yuri to give it to him for emergencies.

Peter trusted the man, and he specifically told Yuri to tell him that he should only use it when absolutely necessary.

So Peter was sure that the situation was out of hand if George decided to call him.

"It's an emergency," Peter said.

But Felicia still seemed pissed.

They weren't dating, for God's sake…

Peter sighed.

Maybe he could give her a shock or something?

Peter thought over it for a few seconds.

"Gwen's having some issues in the hospital." He said in the end.

It was, kind of, true. Gwen really was having issues in the hospital. she was pregnant yet her baby had stopped growing, which was an alarming thing, and where Peter was worried, he wasn't going to brood over it.

Peter wasn't like that.

Anyways, Peter wasn't going to tell Felicia anything about the pregnancy, but saying that Gwen was having issues in the hospital wasn't that suspicious.

"Huh?" Felicia's annoyance vanished, and some clarity returned back to her face.

She had been, quite literally, growling like a real cat for a while now, with a scowl visible on her visage. Peter blamed her cat mutant genes.

Though she looked more cute than anything else, just like a real cat.

He almost couldn't stop himself from grabbing her cheeks and playing with them.

The cheeks and the 'cheeks' both. Peter would give love without discrimination, after all, like a true gentleman.


"So, yeah," Peter shrugged. "I need to go," Peter sighed at her downcast expression.

Why the fuck was she being this expressive?

Peter just patted her head.

"There, there," he chuckled when she swatted his hand away with a scowl. "We'll go play around some other day."


Surprisingly, she agreed easily.


After Peter was done with her, he quickly teleported to an alleyway, and then with his suit on, he made his way to a certain police office.

He, of course, knew where George was stationed at. So, he made his way there.

It wasn't difficult to find, and it was not at all difficult to infiltrate without anyone noticing. All Peter had to do was cast an illusion spell on himself, and nothing else. His suit did the rest, and he sauntered inside like he owned the place.

It took him a bit of time to find George. Upon finding the man, Peter observed for while.

George was sitting on his chair with a table full of files, and reports. They were quite a lot in number, that much Peter would have to agree on. George was aggressively looking through the files, at a rapid pace, a constant frown on his face.

A frown that didn't leave his face for even a second, even after a lot of time passed, enough time for the files to vanish. Peter squinted as George slammed the last report on the table. George sighed, and slumped back into his chair, his hand going up to massage his tired eyes.

It seemed that he had quite the day today.

Peter sighed, and sat on the chair in front o George, with nothing but a table between them.

Then, Peter canceled the Invisibility spell.

He appeared out of nowhere, and coughed to get George's attention.

To which, the latter bolted up, his hand tearing the gun from his side and aiming at him.

Peter raised his hands in surrender.

"Calm down George, it's me, Spider-Man," Spider-Man said, staring at George, or so the latter assumed as he couldn't really see the face behind the mask.

George's frown grew heavier.

For how long had Spider-Man been there?


"Took you long enough," George said, sitting back into his chair, wondering how Spider-Man even got here in the first place, was their security that shitty?

No, that couldn't be it. George took a breath to calm himself, he'd been a bit startled by the sudden appearance of Spider-Man.

He knew that his senses had dulled a bit, he was getting old after all, but George was sure his senses weren't that dull to not notice Spider-Man. It had to be something else.

Some sort of invisibility tech, maybe? Hmm, that could be quite useful.

"Well, I've been here for a while now, just didn't want to bother you since you were working. It seemed important to you."


George sighed.

"What happened?" Spider-Man asked, his tone indicating that he wasn't here for bullshit, but he was serious about this.

George was a bit surprised, he knew that this Spider-Man and one of his officers, Yuriko Watanabe, had quite an intimate relationship, but George had never thought that it could be this much.

Hmm. He could use this as an asset, and could prove quite useful in the future.

Anyways, it was surprising how Yuriko managed to 'woo' Spider-Man. Did that mean she knew his identity? Possibly, yes, but George wasn't going to pry into that.

Spider-Man was helping them clear the scum of the city, more so, he had the public on his side, George wasn't stupid enough to offend this man.

Not like it was personal.

"I don't know," George said. "Officer Yuriko was going home, I suppose, when she vanished from the radar. We couldn't find her, have been trying for a while now. Is like she just, vanished."

Spider-Man visibly tensed, It was subtle, but George had years of experience on his side.

So he was right, Yuriko held quite the place in this young man's life.

Spider-Man had to be a young man if he were together with Yuriko. Then again, this all was speculation on George's part, so he could be wrong. It could be that they weren't together.

Although it wasn't a feasible possibility for George, especially since he'd seen Yuriko with Spider-Man quite a lot.

She was going to a previous mission's location a lot, so of course, George had gotten curious. Following her had led him to the warehouse.

George presumed it was Spider-Man's base. Some kind of temporary base or something.

It wasn't George's business.

Some of the public and even officials might call Spider-Man a vigilante, but for George, this young man was doing him a favor by cutting his work in half.

After all, because of this, George could spend more time with his lovely daughter.

Who was pregnant too, so George was quite worried about her all the time. Especially since the last check-up. He'd been terribly worried. The baby was fine, and Gwen was fine, but something was definitely happening if the baby stopped growing.

It was so worrying.

Just because of this, George had not told Peter or his aunt. They'd worry. George wanted to find some solution so that this problem could be solved.

Anyways, he'd derailed off-topic.

"What do you mean you don't know?" Spider-Man's voice had a low guttural tone to it. Then, he sighed, "Any lead? Suspicion? Anything?"

George hesitated.

He had brought this up to the higher-ups, but they didn't listen to shit.


"I suspect it has something to do with the recent murders around Queens and Manhattan."

George felt the temperature drop.

"Hmm," Spider-Man sounded, his tone calm, collected, and monotonous. "Continue, please."

"Yes," George was calm; it wasn't like the years of experience were for nothing. He'd been trained to be calm in situations like these. "The previous victims were kidnapped like this too."

"That's quite vague, captain," Spider-Man said, coldly.

"An old man's intuition, If you would," George shrugged.

He and Spider-Man maintained eye contact for a few seconds, George thought so, at least, as the eyes were hidden behind the glass pieces.

Peter sighed as he looked at George.

"Captain…" He said. "Just… give me everything on this case. Anything."

George nodded; he knew the situation.

Sure, a police officer might not be that important to the higher-ups, as they were quite passive on this situation—which enraged George no less than it should—but Yuriko was important to George.

She was like another daughter.

Yeah, it was a bit weird, but George really thought of her as such.

So, George stood up, and started gathering files and reports, everything he could find.

He was already stressed due to Gwen's problem, and Yuriko's situation just made it worse for him.

Peter, on the other hand, stored every file in [Inventory] and cast an illusion spell, vanishing without saying anything to George, who slumped back into the chair when Spider-Man vanished, and started rubbing his shoulders and eyes.

Peter then teleported to the warehouse, and moved things around.

Then, he set up everything he found in his [Inventory] relating to this case, and started looking for clues or anything else.

No matter what, he was going to find Yuri.




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