1 Chapter 01: A New Beginning [01]

01: A New Beginning [01]

I stare down at Wednesday, her emotionless face contorting slightly as my cock tears through her virgin defense. Her eyes roll up in ecstasy and she gasps aloud, a soft moan escaping her throat as blood trickles down my cock, and drips down to the bed beneath us.

I slam into her again, harder this time with no finesse whatsoever, pulling out almost completely before slamming back inside of her, making both our groans louder than they should have been. Even then, it's not enough for me; I need more, much more.

"Wednesday," I whisper hoarsely, growling even, and then I grab her throat roughly, yanking her head down as far as it will go until we're face-to-face, eyes meeting. She looks stunned by what just happened between us, but only for a moment—she knows exactly why I'm doing this now.

I slap her face with my other hand, hard enough to sting, and she cries out, her hands flying up to cover her cheek. When she meets my gaze again, there's an unmistakable sparkle in those wide brown eyes that makes me want to devour her whole.

I stare down at her unblinking eyes, grabbing her wrists, and forcing them apart to grip her upper arms. Then I grip both her wrists in one hand, grabbing and choking her by the throat. It feels like I've always done this, holding her by the neck and choking her, but it doesn't feel like it used to; this is different somehow, darker, deeper. I don't know how else to describe it, but it's something new, and I love it.

Wednesday doesn't blink in the slightest, and still looks me straight in the eyes. I stare right back at her, trying not to think about the fact that she hasn't moved from this spot since I started choking her.

I don't care in the slightest as I move back and slam into her pussy dripping with blood again. The sight of her is too much for me. I don't need to look away from her face any longer. Her lips part around my name when I slam inside of her again, and again, and again, until every last inch of me is buried deep within her.

It is a wonder to me how she can enjoy this without showing any expression, and the way she calls my name without emotions turns me on further that I release her throat and grab her waist, focusing on what I need most: fucking her brains out.

She moans loudly each time I slam into her, and her arms wrap around my shoulders tightly as I do so, digging her nails into my skin, and drawing blood.

She looks exactly like Jenna Ortega, but a bit different.

I grab her perfect butt, pull her hips toward mine with all the strength I have left, and keep going. With a cry, she arches her back, pushing her ass back into me as she reaches her orgasm, her pussy walls pulsating and squeezing around my cock.

My cock spasms as I slam into her one last time, and I let out a roar, burying myself deep inside her, letting loose everything I had until nothing was left.

When I finally pull out of her, she collapses onto the bed beside me, and I sit up, watching her for a few moments as she catches her breath.

She doesn't blink, and stares right back at me, a strange glint of wonderment and curiosity hidden within. She stares at me for a while, until a voice reverberates inside my head.

[Copulation with the character "Wednesday Addams" completed! Putting her to sleep for the user needs to sort his mind!]

The voice is fairly robotic but feminine enough to catch my attention immediately. I stare at Wednesday, her eyes wide and staring, and suddenly, they shut close.

It is surprising to see her eyes shut, so much so that I take my time tracing her whole body with my eyes as I try to figure out what just happened.

Her skin is pale, and her lips are plush and full. She's young, younger than me by a lot, I think, but I don't care as I admire her small but perky tits, her flat stomach, and her cute little belly button.

She has long legs. I turn her over so I can get a better view of her ass, and my cock instantly responds, thickening in my pants.

I slide my hands down her body, feeling her warm skin, her smooth curves, and her soft long, and dark hair that's made into braided pigtails.

She's beautiful.

I turn her back around to face me, staring at her face; my eyes involuntarily go down to her lips.

I always wanted to have a taste of those, so I go down on her in a single motion, opening her mouth and sliding my tongue inside.

She tastes incredible. I could suck her forever.

I kiss her gently, nibbling on her soft lips, and then I pull my lips out of hers, kissing down her neck to her chest. I kiss her softly, and she moans quietly even in her sleep.

I move lower, licking and sucking on her nipples.

I would have continued down but a pang of pain reverberates through my being, blasting from my head as several notification-like sounds chime inside my brain. I blink my eyes open, trying to make sense of the mess of words and symbols that flash before me.

But before I can make sense of them, I recall suddenly that I have my memories now.

It feels strange how I didn't notice this before, but I didn't have any memories when I was fucking Wednesday.

But now, I do.

So I wonder why I'm here, or why I fucked her in the first place. As far as my memories serve me, she's a fictional character, and a fucking minor.

The minor part isn't really that bothersome to me, my old master has made me do worse, but that is for later; what worries me is the implications brought by her existence.

Where am I?

Is this real?

Am I in some kind of a fictional world?

Questions fill my mind—questions I don't have answers to.

I lie down more comfortably, and close my eyes, thinking of the situation a bit more.

But I don't find anything of importance.

This leads me to look at the several screens in front of me—screens I've been thinking of as the byproduct of my mind. Illusions. Are they real? I don't know, but I don't seem to have anything else other than to believe that they're real.

So, I focus on the text on them.

[Welcome user, you're inside a world of fiction known as Marvel. This woman is a fictional character known as "Wednesday Addams" and she is your first slave. You are the inheritor of the Sex Dungeon System and this place is your dungeon. You're advised to familiarize yourself with your surroundings before moving further to learn about the Sex Dungeon System!]

After I read through this text, I'm left speechless; Is this the Marvel world? I'm the owner of the Sex Dungeon System? What's a Sex Dungeon System? I mean, I know a little; the name itself explains a little.

But why is Wednesday here if this is Marvel? What does it mean that she is my first slave? Why am I here? Who brought me?

Questions fill my mind, but I ignore them, deciding to look around. The system suggested that I should familiarize myself with this place, so I might as well do that, no? I don't have anything else to do anyway.

I stand up and walk around the room, looking at the bed and the shelves.

There's nothing interesting in it; they're fucking cheap things. I feel disgusted at the dust I see in some places.

And the unorganized shit that is scattered about makes me feel so nauseous; my OCD kicks in, and I start cleaning up the place.

It takes a few minutes, but it eventually gets cleaned up to my liking, and I'm left with a rather clean room, albeit somewhat empty.

The room is made of wood, It seems, so after I look around and find that it has a little kitchen, and a bathroom, I find a single door that seemingly leaves outside the room.

'I wonder if there are other rooms like this,' I muse as I open the door, only to slam it shut with wide eyes that betray my surprise.

'What the fuck!'

I try to calm myself before opening the door again, and sure enough, I'm not delusional and there is really a snowy expanse stretching in front of me.

This is not a room, and there are no other rooms; this is just a single cabin on top of a snowy hill, and as far as I can see, there is nothing but snow.

I hear the howling wind outside, but strangely enough, it doesn't barge into the cabin, nor does the cold seep through.

I am definitely surprised by all this.

A few bug mountains covered in slow are visible in the distance, a cold shadow sketching itself on the snow field beneath. There are some snow-wreathed trees in the snowy field, and they seem lifeless as far as my eyes can go. But as my eyes wander further, I begin to notice movement; figures appear and disappear through the snow.

They're all shapes and sizes, and some of them are tall, others short. They seem like some weird animals; I can't really make up what they are, and the distance is a bit too much.

So, I ignore them and allow myself to sigh, closing the door shut before I walk up to where Wednesday is lying asleep.

I sigh again, slumping down beside her as I hug her soft naked body; my penis starts acting up again, poking at her side, and I remember that I'm naked. I don't care, however, so I just hug her tighter, wondering if this is even real.

'I will just sleep now, maybe this is fake, or a dream, and I'll wake up from it.'

I think as I allow my eyes to close shut. I hug Wednesday closer; in the lone land, she seems to be the only warmth I have.




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