4 Fate/Beyond Chapter 3: Difficulty: Hard

With anticipation I internally called out the word status, hoping that I was right in my assumptions and was not schizophrenic.




Name: Noah Aarthread

Age: 14

Element Affinity: Fire

Attribute: Malleable

Your being is malleable and subject to change. It is easier to acquire skills and change your being.

Titles: None.


Strength: 0.68[F-]

Endurance: 0.54[F-]

Agility: 1.02[F]

Luck: 1.8[E]

Circuit Quantity: [E-]

Circuit Quality: [E+](F--)


|Mixed Martial Arts: E|

Your hand-to-hand combat skills are slightly above average.

State: Damaged Soul, Mild Anemia


'As I expected.'

Unable to wipe the grin off my face I went up to the windows and opened the curtains, resting my hands on the windowsill and looking up at the sky.

This opened up so many possibilities. And explained many of my questions.

'The reason why my magic circuits were so abhorrent was because of my damaged soul, most likely from witnessing what I can only assume to be the root. How unlucky.'

My physical condition was only slightly better than the average 14-year-old thanks to my circuits. I had mild anemia from nose bleeds and coughing blood from using my circuits. I don't have many resources either.

Besides, it wasn't like fate was the most dangerous universe if you weren't looking for trouble. As long as you strayed away from their areas with frequent gas leaks you were pretty safe.

I didn't NEED to become strong.


I wanted to.

I was given a new chance, I may have been started on hard mode but it seems like I was given the tools to make it.

A new world with endless possibilities and the chances to become strong. A fairly decent bank of knowledge. And tools to realize those possibilities in the shape of a system.

'My first life was wasted.'

'I won't waste this second chance.'

With my grin still on my face I sat back down on the couch and started to think about my future actions and plans. Moving without a thought or proper plans wasnt advised in a world like this.

Although fate wasn't an incredibly high-danger world to an observer, it was to a participant. Heading in without plans and power would be a very stupid and painful method of suicide.

First of all, I was hopefully 2 years away from the 5th Fuyuki Grail war. And not some random other fate universe. If I have the time I should go and check out Fuyuki.

The best case is Fate/Stay Night, I think there are also timelines like... what was it called? Kaleid? That would be bad, I barely know anything about that timeline. Worst case would be the Grand Order timeline, from what I know the entirety of humanity dies on that one.

...Fuck, I really should have watched more Fate. Whatever, not like anything I can do about it, just roll with the punches. Besides not everything is up shit creek.

I had plenty of time to prepare. Although my resources were scarce they weren't nonexistent. I should focus on finding a method to heal my soul so that I can actually cast spells and use mage craft without coughing blood.

Now, although I was fairly knowledgeable about fate, I wasn't really a complete fate nerd. Yes, I have watched a decent bit of the mainline anime's but most of my knowledge comes from occasionally browsing the nasuverse wiki. So my information is not completely exact.

For now, I should focus on the system and how exactly it works.






Ok, I think I have discovered most of what I can find out about the system for now. It has several functions from what I discovered.

First: Status. It shows my parameters, elements, affinities, skills, and all that junk. It also shows my current condition as well as my titles. I can also individually view each of its sections by thinking of the individual commands.

Second: Quests. It is a section compromised of tasks, quests, and objectives. When I do quests it seems like I get a multitude of rewards. Currently, there is one quest in the tab.



[ You are a wizard(magus) Harry! ] - [Difficulty - E]

Description: Take your first actual step into the world of magecraft!

Requirements: Learn 3 different Magecrafts

Reward: Random Mystic Code(Minor), 1xDungeon Ticket: Gphyl's Crypt


So it seems like my priorities are set now. I would have started with learning Magecraft myself honestly, this was just the icing on the cake. I went up to the near barren bookshelf and looked at the books inside. I first needed a general guide on magic before actually trying to learn actual spells and stuff.

Wikipedia can only get you so far.

I picked up the book on the shelf called "Ivan's Guide Magecraft" and sat down on the couch, immersing myself in the book. Spending a few hours reading intensely and taking notes on a notebook. But after those hours I now had a decent grasp on the concept of magecraft that didn't come from a Wikipedia page.

Modern Magecraft was the art of doing things that are normally impossible possible through magical and abnormal ways. Utilizing magical formulas and mana/prana/od along with ether and mystery.

Prana was mana in the world around you and od is the mana that you produce yourself through biological functions. Magic circuits are what allows you access to magic formulas and foundations to actually cast those spells.

They are basically magic computers that when switched on you can execute formulas by sending commands and magical energy to cast spells and stuff. They are also the things that convert biological function into od and store it. More and better circuit = more od and spell power. And that is also the reason why all hope in me was lost by my family.

I have less od capacity and use more od to cast weaker spells than the average Magus my age. On top of casting garbage spells, using my circuits damages me. So I have to practice in moderation.

Just enough moderation to not kill myself while squeezing out everything I can out of those juicy hot garbage circuits.

After finishing the book I slipped it back on the shelf and looked at my fairly limited choice of books to actually start with. There were a few other books about magic theory, thaumaturgy, elements, material transmutation, boundary fields, and the inner workings of the church along with a few other books.

From the existence of these books and my critical lack of any magecraft skills, I can conclude that my previous self suffered from skill issues as well as his physique issues. Regardless I have narrowed down my 3 choices.

My options have to contain at least some level of offensive power because I don't think something called Glah's crypt will be a very safe place, especially when it is called a dungeon.

That leaves me with:

Runecraft, or more specifically the rune "Anzus" the rune that commonly represents combustion and flame. Thanks to it aligning with my affinity it should be efficient and easy to learn as well as having good utility.

Bounded Field Creation, this one is pretty obvious, if you are a magus and you can't create at least some basic bounded field then you might as well consider a change in occupation. They just have too much variety and utility to not know how to use them. Plus a magus doesn't have a workshop if he doesn't have a bounded field.


Although I know it is the hardest of the simple spells, I still have to learn it. It is simply too good of a spell to pass up on. It could be my single strongest asset even if I can only use it briefly. Besides the knowledge on it is readily available on my bookshelf.

Alright, time to sink my head into some books hopefully I can understand them rather easily.

Aight imma learn these spells.

---10 Hours later---

Damn, these spells got hands.

Who knew it would be hard to learn a magic language? And then properly realize and imagine their meanings as well as having a sturdy grasp on what they need to do?

Even more so when every actual attempt you make is taxing on your absolute garbage pile of a magic circuit? On the topic of magic circuits, it was surprisingly easy to switch mine on and off.

You just needed a proper mental trigger for it. Mine was pretty simple, a light switch being turned on. Whenever I did so I felt like I activated a second set of nerves throughout my whole body in which warm water flowed through. But it also gave me a slight sense of dull pain that intensified when I actually utilized the circuits.

So you can imagine the absolute pain that my ass experiences as I try and fail miserably to practice magecraft. So there I was at 3 in the morning laying down in the middle of my study with crumpled papers and neat papers surrounding me. My head ached, my od was nearly dry close to dangerous levels and my originally white shirt now had several giant red blotches on it from my circuit usage.

The floor was uncomfortable and my lungs were sore, my body felt like it was tossed inside an oven. Drowsiness muddled my mind. So I just decided fuck it.

Learning magecraft is the Noah of tomorrow's problem.

And promptly passed out.

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