9 The night is still young


The door opened.

I went in.

A typical single room. Small, with just one desk, one bed and one closed window.

Judging by the smell or lack thereof, and cleanliness- he probably didn't use this room very often.

"Ah- ah-" Soft muffled moans came from the room next to ours.

'Thin walls-'

Didn't really matter though.

Anyone living in inns frequented by adventurers probably knew about these sounds and anyone sane person would probably just mind their own business.

"Well, took you long enough. I was starting to think you stood me up-" said the blond man. In a shirt, pair of short pants.

"I had some things to take care of-" I said, a little out of breath.

My heart was beating fast.


When the we entered the hallway- we burned a small, just a small bit of the herb and all smelled it-

Yea- granted I shouldn't have done that, but given how the other two were trying to quit, I tried it out to encourage them and be a role model on how to not use it next time…

But yeah-

That wasn't a very good idea cause I was feeling quite hot and-


"Well then- shall we talk before getting started?" He said, locking the door, and sitting on his bed. He even patted the space just next to him- grinning.

"Sure, but keep it short-"

I also sat down.

And though he kept on talking, I couldn't really focus.


Using that drug, really was a bad idea-


As he stared at me- and particularly at my breast- I jumped in, my tongue down his mouth-

He slowly leaned on the bed, and with me on top of him- I kept on kissing him. My hand slowly sliding down his pants, hoping to find that stick-

He meanwhile grabbed my breast-

"Hey- too hard!" I grumbled.

"Oh, sorry…" A chuckle. "I'll try to be a bit more gentle."

"I wouldn't mind being rough but… not yet-" A wink, cause I was also grabbing his stuff just as hard.

He grinned. "I agree." With that-

We kept on kissing.

And slowly-

Undressed each other.

It was fun game.

His shirt flying away- my skirt rolling down-

Eyes locked on- breaths going wild, lips glued together-

Yet our hands moved on their own, trying to get those pesky clothes off us.

A fun game indeed.

And when almost everything was gone but the underwear-

"Can- I?" He asked, staring down- at my soaked panties.

Calling them soaked was an understatement.

"Gentleman, aren't you?"

"Well. I had three older sisters, and they always whined about asking permissions from partners and stuff-"

And honest too.

"Really?" I grinned. "Go ahead-" I said, and he did-

With my underwear gone and he on top of me-


That big- dick of his-

Rubbed against me.

"I'm coming in-"

Bigger than most, but not unbearable-

Given how turned on I was, it actually felt good… too good!

"Yeah, I don't need your commentary. Just get on with it!"

I got a chuckle and a pump!

"Ah-" yeah!

Moans started coming out- as did more and more liquid-

So much pent-up emotions! "That's more like it! faster!"

And he did-

Holding my legs with his arms- he swayed his hip like the world was on his shoulder or something-


And thrust-

And away!

"Ah-" With of a bit of a moan- he came.

"Done?" I asked.

"But you're not, right?" He gently leaned on me- kissing me, one hand on my chest, another on playing with my nipple. "Don't worry, it'll get up again; the night's still young."

A big wide grin. "I'm counting on that!"


The room next to ours, had gone quiet.

They probably already finished…

"Ahh! AHH!!!"

The night indeed, was still young.




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