A World Without Borders

Realistic Fiction
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What is A World Without Borders

Read ‘A World Without Borders’ Online for Free, written by the author Madellene_Penaflor, This book is a Realistic Fiction Novel, covering TRAGEDY Fiction, FAMILY Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Nathaniel Chance Villarta. . . . A 30- year old bachelor and chairman of a famous ship line company in Washington. Eight...


Nathaniel Chance Villarta . . . . A 30- year old bachelor and chairman of a famous ship line company in Washington. Eight years ago, he settles there for good, together with his true love Juliana and his brother Ryan, leaving all the bad memories in the Philippines. . . . . . . A story of dreaming, and flying, of choosing between family and love, a story of heartaches, letting go, acceptance and faith, where love deserve a second chance.

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Sondra_Harris · Sports
Not enough ratings
8 Chs


ΨΔΣΩΛ Valentine Damoir (22),Proud, confident and reserved, has always known she will live at odds with the Law as the little princess of one of the biggest crime families of Japan. But what she never expected was to clash with the mythicals of Greece. Ruling the Underworld, Fighting monsters, Crazy Vampire Hunters, and Challenging gods were not part of the plan. At all. It all started when she was eleven. After the questionable disappearance of her father and later the massacre on her household. After a miraculous escape she meets a man. Uncle Fate he calls himself. A cheerful, carefree character shrouded in mystery who seems to hold questionable interest in her and the twins. Daglaus and Melanie Fenway. It was at the start of this year, New Year's Eve, when it all began. The feeling she started getting of being watched from the shaddows. Then came the voices she keeps hearing but what is driving her nuts is that all these things feel familiar to the tales told by Uncle Fate. She knows if the 'hallucinations' are not diagnosed as such she would have no choice but to believe in the tales. Dag, the calm and rational of the Fenway Twins seems to really believe him though. But how could he not really, when he gives the dying youth and his hot-headed sister, Melanie Fenway hopes for the future? After the talk with Dag the previous night, she knows she is out of excuses, and she knows she will soon have to accept the tales of Towering Titans, Proud Olympians, Maverick Primas, Barbaric Gigantes, Savage Betas, Rebellious Roujas and Warring Pantheons. This is the Tale of, Valentine Damoir, pride of Las the Prime of Life. The 13th and Last ancient of Vampires.

JN_Njane · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
10 Chs

Año Luz Aparte... (Light years apart) Book 1

Kallyra Romanov, a genius and the youngest cosmologist who joined the first ever expedition to discover the most dangerous and exciting world outside the universe. Together with the most brilliant and renowned scientists, astrologers and the most powerful leaders on Earth. They climbed aboard the first ever space craft that can travel as fast as the speed of light. They embarks on their journey to discover the mysteries of the universe but accidentally travelled back in time.... And Kallyra experienced the most exciting life she could only dreamed of and something she never dreamed of... ...that is love. ******** Broken Hearted. Lucas left the capital and went to a place where he can mend his broken heart. But who knows? Destiny can be playful. It must be a joke, or he must be dreaming. How can he move on when the person he desperately wants to forget is now standing coldly and glaring right in front of him? How did two people look extremely alike? Well, not really. This woman is outrageous! His beloved is way different, for she was virtuous, gentle, sweet, kind and always have her bright smile that he loved the most. But this woman is too arrogant, she shows too much skin that can tempt even the most faithful monks and dared to flirt and kissed a man in broad daylight! Disgraceful! Scandalous! And she dared to warn him not to fall in love with her? Hah! She must be dreaming. He would never fall for someone like her who acts like a man. Well, she could even put any man in shame. He would never like her. Ever. Not in his wildest dream. Not even close. .... On second thought, If she could be a little bit nicer to him and won't always think of leaving. Then maybe.. He might reluctantly change his mind. *********** This was a love story between the two people from different space and time.

Laidhen · History
Not enough ratings
70 Chs


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