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Hunters Royale


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It was just another day at my high school until an accidental encounter led to the demise of the Demon Lord. Yes, I'm responsible for that. Now, I find myself bound to him, burdened with an outrageous task that only a madman would consider. My dreams of becoming the strongest Hunter Monarch, equipped with the finest system, and uncovering the whereabouts of my missing father, will have to be set aside for now. My current priority is to rid the world of Demon-possessed humans. However, it's far from easy. Ever since I acquired the powers of the Demon Lord, my head carries a substantial bounty, making me the target of countless Hunters worldwide. To add to the chaos, there are other mysterious parties pursuing me, particularly their enigmatic leader who seems to have information about my Dad's disappearance. My name is Jin Wrack, and at the mere age of 17, I bear an immense responsibility. This ordeal will unfold as a battle royale, or rather, a 'Hunters Royale,' pitting me and my allies against the rest of the world. The outcome is uncertain. Will I emerge victorious, or will the combined might of my enemies overwhelm me? Only time holds the answer. .............................. I humbly offer the following rewards to show my gratitude if this work becomes your favorite: - 300 Power Stones: 1 additional chapter on that day. - 500 Power Stones: 2 extra chapters on that day. - 1000 Power Stones: 3 additional chapters on that day. The Book Cover featured here belongs to its respective artist, and I appreciate their exceptional work. If you have any concerns regarding its usage, kindly message me, and I will address it promptly. Connect with me on Instagram: @sidddwrites For further discussion and interaction, feel free to JOIN OUR DISCORD community: Your support is genuinely appreciated. If you wish to contribute financially, here's the PayPal link: Thank you.


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