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  • Hikikomori x Populer..?!

    Karakter ternistakan dan Author laknat. . . . . Vol 2 (Full Drama!) . . Hanya humor belaka, jangan ambil aksi ya. kalau lagi stress, baca ini aja :v.

    Lunamori_Story_26 · Others
    Not enough ratings
  • Transmigrated With A Time Chamber In DxD

    "Okay guys. Time to settle an argument. If you were to reincarnate in DxD, what race would you choose and why?" Some choose dragons. Some choose yokai. Others choose devils and another few, angels. In an era where gods exist and a myriad of races populate the planet, Igor made the most uncanny of choices. As for what it was, read on and find out. Available on Fanfiction.net and RoyalRoad with the same title name.

    HolyGambler · Anime & Comics
  • Reincarnated As A Sith

    God killed me. That sucks... but he gave me the chance to live out every nerd's power fantasy. Now I have superpowers and live in a world populated by knights, dragons, and chilled-out zombies. And then there's a galaxy waiting to be conquered. Yeah... I think I got a good deal. (Self-Insert) (AU) (Sith Warrior) (Lemons) (Dark Themes) -Don't Like Self Inserts Don't Read - This is not my work

    dark_elf_God · Book&Literature
    Not enough ratings
  • Saviour of Magic

    Author: Colt01 Synopsis: An intelligent, well-trained Boy Who Lived comes to Hogwarts and Albus Dumbledore is thrown for a loop. Watch as Harry figures out his destiny as a large threat looms over the horizon, unknown to the unsuspecting magical population. Would Harry Potter be willing to take on his role as the Saviour of Magic or would the world burn in his absence? Harry/Daphne. Site: fanfiction.net https://m.fanfiction.net/u/6779989/

    Ritesh_Jha_1696 · Book&Literature
    Not enough ratings
  • I became a rental boyfriend in the reverse world

    In the world where I reincarnated, Women Make up 90% of the World's Population, If that's not enough, I have the ability to appear more attractive to the women I talk to. My Customers Are Obsessed With Me

    NovelTranslations · Anime & Comics
  • X-Men: Genesis

    It's a new time for the X-Men. Charles Xavier's school for the gifted is changing in ways that no one could predict. Genosha wiped out. Half of the mutant population gone. What a time to be a mutant right?

    TrapcardD · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • Surviving Apocalypse with Powers of Fictional Characters

    The world is ending! 99.9% of the world population became zombies! But eh, why does it look like I have powers from my favorite character?

    azachy · Others
  • MHA: Werewolf in the academy

    After Dante Spain died, he met the God of Reincarnation. Dante was told that he would reincarnate into a world at random and gain a power never seen there before. Born in a world where 80% of the population is born with a strange power, known as quirks, Dante must try to survive in his new reality with the threat of Heroes and Villains around every corner.

    sonicpanda1_2507 · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • Danmachi Primordial Vampire

    Alexander Von Var has been transmigration into the world of Danmachi as a Primordial Vampire. As the only of his kind he sets off to Orario to not only make a name for himself but to find strong and or beautiful women and goddess to populate his race.

    Platinum_Freak · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • Forger in Star Wars

    A weapon maker in the future of Earth has invented more things to killl than there are of Earth's 2023 population. Now he must redeem himself from the blood of which his hands has been in.

    Asorath · Movies
    Not enough ratings
  • Building An Elven Empire In Different World.

    Seizing the body, Leon becomes the Elven King of the Natural Elf Clan, whose entire population comprises beautiful female elves. This sudden change places a lot of pressure on Leon. Thankfully, the Elven Empire system awakens at the opportune moment. With gold coins in hand, one can summon an endless army of elves. Terrans? Orcs? Dwarves? Dragons? Giants? Demons? Apologies, but this Holy Land belongs to our natural elves!

    The_Lazy_Panda · Others
    Not enough ratings
  • A Song Of Ice And Fire MMORPG

    A song of ice and fire / game of thrones world with a much larger population following Elijah Goodborow(earth last name) Goldblood(ASOIAF last name)

    GodOfLightning · Others
    Not enough ratings

    I, an author, find myself in an anime world that I recently finished. A world where 80% of the population have a quirk while the remaining 20% are quirkless. Of course, I am a quirkless teenager in this new world but at least I can become a certain green behemoth whenever I am angry. "HULK SMASH!" I will smash any villain and obstacles with just my fists and unyielding rage.

    Boredauthor7777 · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • Warehouse(MHA)

    In a world where the majority of the population is born with special abilities known as "quirks," there's a simple guy out there, not given much importance. Despite that, he possesses one of the "quirks" that is probably the golden finger he never asked for. But being a simple guy, he'll act accordingly. ((This is purely made for fun, all rights to the respective author of Boku no Hero.)) (Oh, and English is not my native language.)

    TritonVSoreo · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • Marvel: Reincarnated as the female One Above All.

    After devastating events wiped out half of the worlds population and fractured their ranks. The One Above All and the remaining heroes struggle to move forward. But they must come together to restore order and harmony and bring their loved ones back to life. Before y'all read this. I will tell y'all that their will be some Bible stories in here. P. S. Love Travis LaRowe.

    Travis_LaRowe_8944 · Movies
    Not enough ratings
  • Arcadia: Downfall of the Prides

    Originally by Scaletankeratheart With no great enemy to fight the Greatest huntsmen turned their sights on the female population of Remnant. Centuries later, Jaune Arc Scion of House Arc is nearing adulthood on the cusp of creating his own pride of women. However, a stray soul now entwined with his own has altered fate forever. And like all changes the butterfly merely has to flap it's wings. A self insert inspired fix it story of the great story Arcadia: The golden age

    Alexrenda · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • DC universe: God is a woman.

    After devastating events wiped out half of the worlds population and fractured their ranks. God and the remaining heroes of the Justice League struggle to move forward. But they must come together to restore order and harmony and bring their loved ones back to life.

    Travis_LaRowe_2879 · Movies
    Not enough ratings
  • MHA Outlawed

    What if in the world of my hero academia instead of 80% of human population having super powers, only 20% have these unique abilities. Join us as we follow a young man named Miguel Libra as he overcomes hardships after hardships in a world where being too unique can get u hunted down by the authorities

    Dripkxng · Anime & Comics
    Not enough ratings
  • Made for Each Other-Dramione Marriage Law

    The wizarding world population decreased by...a lot and there a marriage law in place.Guess who is placed together? Originally on wattpad on the account xxAlyssa_Malfoyxx

    Amy_G_5194 · Others
    Not enough ratings