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Second World

He was about to join the beta test on the newest VR games, Second World. But an anomaly threw him into a world with familiar rules, a rule he usually only experienced in a game. Now he must use his past gaming experience in this new world. It was no longer a game, it was survival! A strive to reach the highest level possible. Equipped with dual-class of melee and magic user, Jack was set on the path to become the strongest character in this brave new world.

UnrivaledArcaner · Video Games

Omega Summoner

In the year 2077, the first FIVR Game or Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Game, Pandemonium, has been created. Pandemonium which is the first ever fully immersive virtual reality game made in human history. In the universe of Pandemonium, Fantasy meets science. Where order is chaos and chaos is order. A universe of endless possibilities in which anyone can become the invincible hero fighting against the forces of darkness or a sage which dives into the abyss of magic and so much more. In Pandemonium, the inhabitants comes in all shapes and sizes. Adrian, our main character, who experienced an accident that caused him to be temporary limp used the game as a way for therapy but mainly to experience the new world of virtual reality. He will experience countless adventures and challenges and rise to be the most influential person in this new reality. Join our Protagonist on his new adventure to become the strongest. The cover is made thanks to all who supported my novel. Thank you!

XiaoKongxu · Video Games

MMORPG: Rebirth of the Shadow Mage

To get some money Leo started playing a popular VRMMORPG, [ FRAGMENTAL ]. Unfortunately he had no talent for the game. Desperate for Money Leo did everything from joining an oppressive guild to signing a slave contract making him become an corporate slave But Life gave him a second chance... Returning in time and armed with knowledge he gained during his years working as an informant, Leo shall reach the top [ Image on the cover is not mine ]

Gurdon · Fantasy


Alex is a young man who struggles to make a living in the world's biggest game (Ancient world). He works as a mercenary who does every job he can find. It's been five years since his suffering started. Ancient World creation was only possible by the World's greatest invention, "AI ZERO." Ancient World A vast planet Multiple times the size of Earth Ruled by Great empires, Big organizations, and hidden Shadowy associations. A Fantasy world filled with prehistoric animals that have gone extinct on Earth. The creatures humans have only heard of in fairy tales and old stories, Monsters beyond the imagination of humans, roam the vast lands of the "Ancient World." Everything was going well, but it all changed on that day. When the United States told the World "AI ZERO." and "Ancient World." technology was a gift from a very advanced intergalactic civilization. That has surpassed humanity in any way of life by an uncountable margin. Humanity entered a new era, and the Ancient World became humankind's most important part of life. Alex joined the game to make a living and support his family, but things didn't go as he had hoped. After suffering in the Ancient world, Alex returned five years back in time. Alex knows that the Ancient World is not just a VR game. Now with a new chance in life, Alex will get strong and reach the top while finding the truth about the Ancient World. ------------------------------- Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/zYA4xe38 ----------------

Aibek · Video Games

MMORPG: Rise of The Dungeon Master.

A one-of-the-kind advanced game? Liberty Online. Dungeon master class that needed to protect his dungeon core? No system in place to revive monsters by magic, it's up to him to keep them alive. Unfortunately, that's not all he has to worry about. The whole population of immortal players has set their sights on his precious dungeon? And Woah Dungeon got conquered in the game. Many celebrated, but he cries blood tears for his mistake. Not able to handle the pressure, he died in remorse for how stupid he was his whole life. But then something miraculous happens. He got reincarnated back in time - one year after the game’s release! Armed with knowledge from his previous life, He will use this chance to achieve his every dream. He strives to reach a height where no one dares to touch or even think about touching him. This is the story of Roan - a man who will use all his power and strength to become king of Liberty Online! ///

Champsing · Fantasy

Cosmic Peak

Note: If you like the Video game genre (MMORPG) but with a twist like the whole world is forced to play the MMORPG game...to survive, then you will love it. (It's not exactly an MMO game but game-like settings.) So, well, even if you are not a fan of the video game genre, you might still like it so give it a try. This novel has more things than just the video game genre. :D. ----- [ Choose your unique path and walk on it to see vast and new horizons that you've never seen before! ] (You can look at the "Paths" AUX chapter if you want to know what are the paths]. Aren had started his unique path along with his mother, his childhood friend, and others who also have their own Paths just like the people in the rest of the world! ---- [ Lifeform elevation process finished. Choose your path. Or, in your world's terms, choose a Job class. ] -1st: Emporio Armalist. -2nd: Runic Mage. -3rd: Heavilist Weaver. [ Trust your instinct to choose the path. ] Which path will Aren choose? Will they survive the despair that is to come after three years? What is behind all that magical phenomenon? How many are going to die even before facing despair because of the dire phenomenons? --- Quinn looked at her three options curiously. [ Seibaes Whisperer ] [ Spirit Invoker ] [ Brutus Zontheos ] She decided not to go with her instinct's choice but chose the path that sounded powerful...what will that unfurl for her? However, all path options given to individuals are suitable because they are given to them through a dream test that nobody remembers after their lifeform elevation process is finished. So what exactly is the goal behind this despairing phenomenon and the mysterious voice that suddenly forced them to go into a magical world to get strong if they don't want to die in despair? ... One fine day, golden brilliance appeared in the sky out of nowhere and started traveling the whole planet. Shortly afterward, A middle-aged man appeared in the sky and sighed after looking at the golden brilliance, " Sigh...Looks like it started. " ... The golden brilliance stayed for three days as the whole world talked about this strange phenomenon. But after three days, all golden brilliance gathered in the sky before becoming a grand mountain filled with lush greenery and water bodies. Along with that, Every single person heard a grand voice, as if a king's decree. [ Mortals! Your time has come. After three years, you will fight against despair and will be wiped out. BUT there is a chance to fight and win against that despair. Join the Myriad Mountain and start your journey in the Wild Expanse to get strong! ] [ This journey will be filled with danger but also opportunities. Work hard for three years until the despair finally arrives. There will be two final results: First, either your whole world will be destroyed along with the beings living in it, or your world will prosper like never before with brand new horizons appearing in front of you! ] [ GO!! Show your hard work and worth if you want to survive against the despair that will come after three years. ] PS:- I own the cover. My Patreon if you want to support me and Arts for this novel---https://www.patreon.com/ashdezth A secret:- You are in for an awesome ride so sit tight and watch as something you've never seen before...*cough* unfolds before your eyes.

LivingVoid · Martial Arts

Xianxia Online

See new novel: Vampire Devouring System ***** [Ding! You unlocked the second hidden technique of the Chaos Scripture—Lust Qi!] [You now have the ability to make women below your Soul Strength aroused, and can steal their techniques by dual cultivating with them.] "What the..." ****** Xuan, alias Zero, had been on the verge of being the first player ever to reach Godhood in humanity’s hottest VRMMORPG, Xianxia Online. Even after several years of hard work and training, he failed to comprehend the enlightenment needed to ascend to Godhome. But when disaster strikes Earth and everybody is forced to migrate their consciousnesses into the fantasy world of the VRMMORPG, his progress in the game is wiped clean and he is forced to restart from a blank slate, all over again. Perhaps, however, this was not a bad thing. Perhaps, this was fate giving him another chance. What he failed to comprehend about Godhood may be re-discovered in this new life. Making use of his past knowledge and experience, climbing back to the top was going to be a breeze. Who cares if he didn’t have his legendary artifacts? He’d find new ones and re-obtain his old ones alike. Who cares if he no longer had his powerful cultivation techniques? He’d acquire even better ones in this life. And so, on that day, Xuan swore to himself. Since the Heavens have granted me this opportunity, then I will make the best out of it. Godhood? I will reach it. Power? I will stand at its pinnacle. Women? I will conquer them all! Witness as Xuan climbs back to the apex of cultivation with the help of the Chaos Scripture! ----- To previous readers of this book who then dropped it later: see the review I left recently. Webnovel Spirity Awards 2022 Submission - please consider using your power stones, golden tickets, and gifts on this novel if you enjoy it! The support helps me a lot ;) ----- Discord: https://discord.gg/g326rUc5Jv Support the author further: https://www.patreon.com/cyclxne

Cyclxne · Video Games

VRMMORPG: I Can Use All Job Class

What would you do if you can use all job classes in a Virtual Reality RPG game? It would be a great experience yes? Our MC Roan has his families that were both training him with their arts and he successfully inherited them. His mother's side was a family of samurai and ninjas while his father's side was a family of martial artists. He was an athlete in their school and he used all his learnings inside the game. Roan was a player of the Virtual Reality RPG Land of the Eternal Night. In this game, the story was about a world, Arcadia, that was enveloped in darkness after Demon gods arrived in this world. Adding the brooding and dark mood as he played the game. He was a versatile gamer that was a god-rank player in the past. But! Roan was stuck in the world of his favorite game after his headgear has short-circuited. Sending his soul to the game. Though the game became reality and there were no players anymore. Being sent to the start of the storyline and the only way to return home was to defeat the game. With the help of the Game System, he received a bug that gives one job class after another. Or so he thought it was a bug but was not! Harnessing them all became reality! With the past experience of using each job class in his past with each run-through, he was granted to use all job classes! Witness a merciless MC that slaughters enemies. Kingdom-building was well thought out and has quality. RPG game that was also unmerciful to players. Evils have already won but hope was still not vanquished. Adventure at its finest and lore with depth. A gruesome fate for the inhabitants and bringing hope to humanity. Let the game begin!

Grandmasters · Video Games