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Versatile System Online


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Note:- I don't own the cover. If the owner wants me to take it down, then please post a comment. I will take it down. Note:- Event in progress. Read the whole synopsis and join the discord server to receive rewards. ...... Synopsis:- With humanity's progress in technology. It advanced to such heights that humans found a way to transfer one's consciousness to another world. Since then, humanity progressed by leaps and bounds. They were granted systems as they made use of them and ascended through ranks and made their way towards Godhood. While doing so, the very world that allowed them to gain systems and such power merged with Earth as the apocalypse befell. Portals opened up, and various creatures and different kingdoms that belonged to countless races descended. Humanity got into a bitter war against their invaders as they made alliances to fight off the enemies. When everyone thought that it couldn't get any worse, the races from outer space attacked. These people were known as outworlders as their only goal was to take control of Earth which was now rich with mana and the countless natural treasures that it gave birth to. So, as humanity was to lose hope, there came a teenager named Ray. With his power over all elements and various abilities granted by the "Versatile System", he was the hope to humanity as he fought to protect his loved ones and found his path to Godhood. So follow along Ray's journey and read the countless difficulties he faced to get stronger and how he uncovered the mystery of his strength. ______________ A/N:- The novel's pace may seem very variable at first but this is just the start, the world in the novel and story is very big and follows a bit different system of power from other types of novels. Also, the chapters are being updated continuously while I am also editing them to make them better for you all to read. I would appreciate your input so I could better the novel. ........... Note:- For mass release and bonus chapters:- 15 Golden Tickets= 1 bonus chapter. 150 power stones= 1 bonus chapter. 1 Magic Castle= 3 bonus chapters. Other than that, any gifts to the novel will have bonus releases to them. ... Events are going on!!! So join the dicord and help the novel as much as possible with your contributions to earn the rewards I have set up for you all. The top 3 fans would be rewarded with coins while there will also be specially commissioned chapters and some spicy bonus chapters for all of you. More info on discord, so don't forget to join the discord community. Also, don't forget to vote for the novel with power stones and Golden tickets as this would increase your chances of winning by a lot. Have fun ;) Discord Channel Link:- https://discord.gg/tvHBPZ5MQF