1 Chapter 1 | A new beginning

Chapter 1 | A new beginning

"We were really worried about you for a second there. We checked and other than some minor injurious you were okay, and yet you wouldn't wake up. It seemed that you were running low on energy… so get some rest, will you. You almost worried my Chansey there…" A nurse said to a boy, who was resting on his bed sheets. "And you were in the middle of the forest. Who knows what would have happened if the girl didn't find you…"

"Uh… can I thank her for helping me?" the boy said, smiling weakly almost awkwardly.

The nurse sighed, shaking her head. "Sadly she already left for the city."

"But I thought I was here for only a few hours."

"Six hours to be exact." She said, "But she seemed to be in a hurry, and one of her friends came so she had to leave…"

"Thanks… oh, do you know her name or anything."

"That I do… I overheard her friend, and if I'm not wrong her name was Misty. Orange-haired girl, not much older than you." She said, "But that's all I have got for you. Anyway, now that you are good. You should try to take it easy… eat a lot and rest a lot…and after some observation, we will release you." With that, she left.

The boy sighed when the room door closed. And he seemed to deflate as he lied on his bed.

"So… I'm really in the Pokemon world huh." A small smile traced his lips. "Well, it's better than being there at least…"

The boy shivered thinking about the lobby. The white room, where he had to wait a whole month with nothing to do.

And there he didn't couldn't to sleep, eat, or even shit. He was just left there waiting. He didn't want this… even though thinking about it right now, it was his fault, to begin with.

He was having another normal day back on earth.

That day was like any other. He just read some of the awesome Pokemon fanfics and it motivated him to play some Pokemon games.

But he didn't have any Nintendo, but what he did have was his trusty computer.

And with the power of the internet, he found that with emulators pokemon games could be played on PC.

When he tried to boot up a Nintendo emulator on his PC, which he had downloaded it from a shady website. A stupid survey came, prompting him to finish some queries. He tried to avoid it, but his pc didn't change the screen, so went along with it.

Some stupid question about 'playing Pokemon the real way', he laughed at the time but after he finished, it was anything but a laughing matter.

His headset jumped out of his table and attacked him, literally. It morphed into something different and attached to his face, he couldn't breathe or see for a while and before he knew it, he wasn't in his room anymore.

He was in a place called the lobby. There was system prompt up came, a large transparent screen giving him a massage. Several error massage actually.

It said that the server was having an issue and he had to wait. So he had to wait alone in a white room that was called the lobby. Some would think that it would be just boring… but no, the mind played games when nothing was around.

It was white torture in a way. But the only thing that kept me sane was the countdown going on the transparent screen.

It was the only reason he knew he spent one month there. But honestly, it felt like years went by.

The room had no walls, it was endless. And there he tried everything to go back. He wasn't proud to say it, but self-harming was one of them and he failed each time. So that was why he accepted it.

And when the time ran out, he was here. In the pokemon world.

It was for this reason why he wasn't panicking like your usual issekie protagonist.

He just accepted anything that wasn't the white room. It was also the same reason why he didn't question the reality or the stupidity of the whole situation.

There was also another reason.

He didn't remember his own name… that much time in full isolation does things to you. He barely had any memories of his previous world left. He was only sad that he had to leave behind some of his imaginary friends back there.

Who said that having imaginary friends made you mad. He had some, and he was completely sane. He just lost all of his memories, that's all.

For some odd reason, he remember everything that was related to pokemon. It was a boon in a way. At least he didn't get stuck in the world of Naruto, who knows how that would have ended.

Thinking about all the animes and mangas he had, he was actually glad it was this world.

But even if that was the case, he knew this world might be different from what he knew. Why? Easy. He was an orphan, and it wouldn't have mattered if it was any other guy.

No, he was Ash Ketchum. And Ash was never orphan in the anime. And that scared him a bit. 'Also, did I say I was fifteen… again? Fuck. Puberty will be kicking my balls anytime soon. Also, I only ever kept up with the anime version of pokemon.'

Never played a single game, actually, his wish of playing pokemon drove him to look into stuff. Nintendo games on an emulator were the reason he was in this damn situation.

And he knew that the game-verse and manga-verse were different from the anime-verse. And judging by who he was now… he was sure he was in some alternate pokemon universe.

Now, he was Ash Ketchum, the orphan of pallet town. Practically raised by professor Oak. His personality was the same as the Ash he had grown up seeing. All head first into the stuff and energetic as an electric rodent.

Speaking of rodents… he went on his journey with his Pikachu, and like canon, got attacked by a flock of Spearow. Things happened and the electric mouse shocked not only him, but also the flock of predatorial birds to oblivion. Though the electric shock wouldn't do any damage, as this world's humans were much sturdier.

But the shock did knock Ash knocked out. And Misty had taken him to the hospital. And he was Ash. That was the summary of his situation.

"So now I'm Ash, huh…"

It was kind of weird calling himself Ash now. But he didn't remember his name, to begin with. So it wasn't that uneasy.

Also, it excited him in a way. He was in the world of pokemon, and that was just awesome.

"Pika…" his thoughts were broken by a small noise, which made him look in that direction. It was the yellow rodent, and it seemed to be concerned. "Pika… Pikachu."

Well, at least the rat didn't leave him. He could do with that.

And while he was at it, why not conquer the world? Watch out world, Ash Ketchum will be the pokemon master. No, he will be even better. But first… he looked at his starter pokemon that hopped onto his bed.

A/N: Hello there, readers. I will like to say that all of my issekie will start like this. It's a trend I'm thinking of starting, something diff from the standard truck kun on or reincarnation stuff.

That's also the reason, I made the intro short. I don't want to flash my MC's/Ash's character here. As the chapters go on, you will see his character.

Also, No. I won't finish my story with a boring ending such as waking up from a dream and such. That would be stupid.

Not going to lie, I don't consider myself an expert in Pokemon lore. So I might need some help or do some silly mistakes. But bare with me guys… My story will go the anime route as I never played any pokemon games to know how things work.

Also, the world won't be too bloody, but it will have its dark times. I will try to make it as realistic as possible. So pokemon eating pokemons, people getting killed during their journey and all the other stuff.

I don't know if I will update the story regularly. It all depends on the response I get from you.

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