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Perverted Academy


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Nadia, a young girl whose life hasn't been easy; growing up in an orphanage without knowing anything about her parents resulted in an emotional deficiency. Luckily for Nadia, Sister Helena of the ‘Saint Maria’s orphanage’ found her in the forest and she became fond of her and this fondness resulted in some kind of emotional attachment. At the age of 18yrs, Nadia was almost thrown out of the orphanage, for her, this was the culmination of her life until she was introduced to Mrs Alberta Hall Owner of the “Perverted high school!” a school not like others, a school with supper gifted children, which Nadia knew nothing about just a few days ago. Also, Mrs Albert gave a purpose to Nadia’s life though she had no primary school diploma to integrate into any high school. All she had were the simple fundamental reading and writing skills which she acquainted in the orphanage. When Nadia believed that her life was getting to an end, her encounter with Mrs Alberta of the Perverted high school altered everything and that marked the beginning of her unusual life. Was this encounter with Mrs Alberta Necessary in Nadia’s life?


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