One Piece: I Have a Billion Skill Points

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What is One Piece: I Have a Billion Skill Points

Read ‘One Piece: I Have a Billion Skill Points’ Online for Free, written by the author Chibaku_Monster, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, ADVENTURE Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: At the beginning, there were billions of skill points available, and any skill Ron acquired could instantly be maxed out...


At the beginning, there were billions of skill points available, and any skill Ron acquired could instantly be maxed out with the skill points. His swordsmanship, physical skills, sailing skills, culinary skills, medical skills, and even his Devil Fruit abilities were all upgraded to the maximum level. Three-color Haki? It too received a significant boost. All skills Ron learned could be instantly maxed out with these skill points, including life skills. Then, a message from the system appeared: "System upgraded! The host now has the ability to bestow skill points on others!!!" ... This Fanfic is pure Wish-Fulfillment Author: UNKNOWN (literally) Translator: Chibi_mon_mon Link for RAW: https://novelsemperor.com/series/one-million-skill-points-at-the-start-of-one-piece DISCLAIMER!!: This is not my original work as it is translated.

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As the editor of this fanfic I must give it a 5 star review cause it's a very interesting fanfic, just expect the MC to be real Overpowered.


Just overall nothing but the same lazy story with an op charactet. Reading the summary alone showcases just how bad of a system this story has. The MC practically has no need to have actual form of training or character growth with how strong he already was at the start.These Translated Chinese stories rarely are good. Some of them are just lazy or have ridiculously dumb plotline.


Summary i am op as f**k i do whatever i want have a harem the end.


great story, and i like how you trying to change it,so it will be easier to read it, to get rid off China stuff.


Cool story, i will give it a chance and support it,oh and Nami pic for you as my thanks.


editor is working hard... but the OG author might be living proof that not all humans have functioning brains... OP mc builds a harem/crew by force


Ron need to increase the strenght of his crew made of only girls asap, because at this moment they are only his Eye candy, ok Tashigi is the only on who has any Fighting skills.


I like mc with cheat and op skills so keep going... Also translation is so hard...and you're work is getting appreciation from readers so best of luck and don't drop it...


... the translator is good but the novel itself is trash. The mc says he is a good person who dosnt kills innocent people, he gets the system... what he does? Kill people without care and laugh about it. Then force himself on girls. Whats worse is that the author make the girls submit to him cause he is so strong and handsome


Mr editor you are doing a fine work, but unfortunately the author of this story is too lazy to come up with a better plot


Will thare be Lemons in this story? because harem without Lemons make no sense


This story is just rewrite of China Novel, from the another author, so give the guy the break will ya?


I am liking this very much. Just finish the whole book and jeep the chapters rolling. Dont stop in the middle of translating the book. 🤘👍🙂🙂


I love it so far keep it going $!’!$!!$!!


It's way better than mtl great job so far and keep up the good work.


Just found this and I am already impressed at the diligence of the author when it comes to repairing the usual raging dumpster fire all other mtl stories leave behind.


I think I might need to reboot my brain after reading this……. Complete garbage 🤦🏻‍♂️


basically just a crack fic with no redeemable qualities. the mc goes full on power hungry psycho mode as soon as he gets powers. kills random innocent people, kidnaps girls for his harem. basically the mc is a sexual predator that got superpowers for no reason


Very good story, im glad Nami is a bit diffrent then her og self , btw great pics, and i will also post pics for everyone.


The MC is someone who is OP but “tries” to lay low to avoid getting killed. I say tries like that because the MC chooses to go to every spot in the east blue where Luffy is going to be. These two things clash and make it difficult to reconcile the character author is trying to portray with his choices. If he was trying to avoid trouble as much as he says he wants to, he would avoid every area that he knows luffy is going be like the plague. I mean, the characters whole schitck is that he wants to live a safe life and avoid too much trouble. And yet he follows Luffy around, who he knows causes trouble wherever he goes. Even if author had to contrive ridiculous situations to force MC to enter the main plot line it would be better than the character chosing to do it himself because it goes against everything he desires. Feels forced and stiff because of this.


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