27 Kurama (2)

It was nearly midnight, and the night sky was a sight to behold. The night sky was so clear you could almost see every crater on the moon, hung in the sky.

The moonlight casted a peaceful scenery on the forest below, but it was not long before this tranquil scenery was disturbed by thunderous flashes of crimson in the distance.




Kurama uttered fiercely, gritting with utmost malice. It roared, causing chakra around it to abrupt, successfully breaking free from the suppression of slaughter energy.

It was the first time he had met a human as strong as the person in front of it. At the same it was also the first time someone had attacked him this brazenly.

But because of these reasons, he didn't care about holding his strength back.

It roared, launching clumps of fire attacks, in the form of massive fire balls. Proceeding straight toward Ashiba.


Ashiba jumped back, avoiding the incoming attack.

His hair danced wildly, his eyes dyed in the color of blood. With vibrant muscles even visible on his face.

Ashiba fought for a few minutes, trying to freshen up for his upcoming battle with Madara. Also fulfilling some of the curiosity he had about the tailed beasts.

After all, not everyday he gets to meet a tailed beast in the wild.

Ashiba exchanged multiple blows, with mostly him throwing his opponent around. Before thinking, it's time to finish this off.

He lunged forward, dodging another humongous fire and jumping in mid-air. He quickly covered the distance before his knee whipped up, leg swinging out and across as he slammed the leg straight into the giant head of the Kurama.


The ground trembled, Ashiba completely embedding half of Kurama's body underground with his attack.

Kurama growled, trying to regain its ground.

Ashiba stood there, looking down at the trapped Kurama.

His eyes turned cold, annoyed by the struggling opponent beneath him. Slaughter energy stirred, quickly surrounding his body.

His left grasped Kurama's neck from behind, lifting it up to face him.

Kurama's eyes filled with rage and shame, unable to fathom himself being humiliated by a shameless human.

Abruptly, Kurama's eyes flashed with vengeance as it opened his mouth, spitting a purple beam.

[Biju Bomb]


Earth cracked, surroundings decimated. Leaving behind a huge pit.

A few seconds later, when the surroundings cleared. One could finally see the outcome of the fierce attack.

Crimson light overflowed his eyes, a huge palm made entirely out of slaughter energy held the chaotic Biju bomb, stoping it in its place. Encircling it with slaughter energy.

"Wahahahaha" Ashiba laughed heartily, looking at the opponents eyes. That finally showed a hint of confusion and fear for the first time in their battle.

The other hand of Genbu materialized, tightly clamping Kurama's neck. Leaving it unable to move.


Ashiba slowly went forward, raising his lips in a frenzied grin.

He held Kurama, holding upper and lower jaw with each hand. Before forcing them outwards, forcefully opening its maw

Kurama let out a blood curdling scream. Ashiba ignored it, as he pushed the Biju Bomb in Genbu's hand straight into the humongous maw of the fox.

Kurama's eyes popped out of its sockets, showing pure horror after finally realizing its situation. Even having a hint of begging as it looked at Ashiba.


A huge explosion sounded from within Kurama's body, as it strangely bulged before quickly becoming emaciated.

Ashiba looked at his opponents eyes, and seemed much dulled than before. Even the previous rage and hatred vanished. Leaving behind only a look of horror and fear.

He looked at it for a second before suddenly sending a punch smeared with slaughter energy.

[Hanma style: Sequence 1 Fist]


Ashiba's fist connected with his opponent, slamming the latter into a hill. He went forward, grabbing the opponent before punching again.








Ashiba kept punching until he satiated his carving for violence.

You could barely recognize the nine tail fox by the time Ashiba was done with it. Its original size has already been reduced to more than half of its original. Unable to connect this bag of pathetic flesh to the mighty Kurama in the legends of shinobi world.

It could only lay there meekly, whimpering from time to time. With its half closed eyes filled with desperation.

Ashiba stood there with somewhat illusory blood, and chakra mixed in on his hand with kurama under his feet.

"Wonders of 'Creation of All Things Technique'." Ashiba murmured looking at the blood.

Tailed beasts were not pure chakra that gave birth to an intelligent consciousness, instead they are chakra that have been given a special physical body and personality, through the use of the creation of all things technique.

They exist between the boundary of physical and spiritual dimension.

Even Ashiba was surprised by the wonderful use of 'Creation of all things Technique'.

The Creation of All Things Technique was a technique possessed by Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki that allowed him to turn fantasy into reality.

The tailed beasts were created from the Ten-Tails' chakra with this technique in the distant past.

A technique that could give intelligence to a non-living thing, even Ashiba was very curious about it.

This technique is definitely one of the most mystical things in this world, at least on this planet.

Maybe he would get a chance to witness this technique first hand in the future.

Ashiba stood there pondering about the marvelous technique when something suddenly attracted his attention.

"What's this?"

Ashiba focused his attention on Kurama. Looking past its physical state instead peering into the chakra that it's mostly made up of.

To be specific, the Yang attribute of Kurama was the thing that attracted Ashiba.

Ashiba could strangely feel that his slaughter energy and Yang attribute were quite compatible.

Looking at the weak fox under his feet, giving him a pleading look. Ashiba's eyes glowed intensely, a sudden idea suddenly took shape in his mind.

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