186 Chapter 186


A few days later,

Obito stood at the Hokage mountain, "You usually don't call me out here unless you have something important to say?"

In front of him, Kushina sat dangling her legs from the mountain. "You know you can be a bummer sometimes… can't I call one of my favorite students for a metting?"

Obito walked forward and sat by her side. "If that was the case you would have invited me to Ichiraku Ramen… not here. Is something bothering you?"

The girl flinched. "…Sometimes you act too mature for your age you know that?"

Obito just rolled his eyes, "Playing the goofball is part of my plan." That made her frown, "Making you confused was also part of my plan." He snickered, remembering a certain meme from his old world.

The girl just rolled her eyes.

"Anyway, don't drag it around… just say it already." Obito said as he enjoyed the cool bridge from the top, eyeing the village from down below.

"Well, the hokage told me to inform you about your recent capture." She said, "The tailed beast."

Obito was wide-eyed, then pissed. "Don't tell me the old man lost the sealed jar, or someone stole it."

"No!" Kushin said, "Why would you think that?"

"Oh… then what about the tailed beast." Obito actually thought that Danzo had found some way to steal the tailed beast. But it seems that wasn't the case. Oh, thank god that wasn't the case.

And that brought a thought, he should put a tracker on the sealed jar, just in case if things do get south. Though, putting a few of his bats on that duty would do the trick as well.

"Well, you know that we have extra a tailed beast on our hands… and someone needs to host it." She said, "And we think you are the best candidate?"

"We?" Obito raised an eyebrow. "Someone had a discussion over this…" he mused.

"Well, mainly Granny Mito and Hokage-sama… but somehow I was part of the discussion. You can guess why…" She said. "I know it might seem out of the blue, but you are the best candidate that we have… so…"

"Let me stop you right there… If I really wanted to be a jinchuriki I would have fronted the request." Obito said, "And don't beat around the bush why does the Hokage want me to be a jinchuriki? It didn't come up before, so why now?"

"Because someone needs to host it, the longer we put in a jar. Internation politics might force us to give the beast back." Kushina sighed.

"Of course, they would." Obito snorted. Konoha was viewed as a peace-loving nation by the world. So why would a nation like that host two tailed beast? Sometimes people confuse pece-loving with pacifism. "Well, fuck em…"


Obito rolled his eyes, "Yes, mom."

Kushina sighed, "I know you don't view a tailed beast as a bad thing… and you are the reason that I was able to come to terms with Kurama?"

"Who?" He acted confused.

Kushina smiled, "The nine-tailed fox actually had a name… but only recently he had told me. Because of you, I was able to befriend it." She said, "I know the tailed beast doesn't want to be trapped in a host, if he's to go by. But we are in a war… and sometimes people have to make some sacrifices. And with your good talent with fire-style ninjutsu and large chakra reserves, you are the best candidat…"

Obito cut her off. "Again I won't become the monkey's jinchurki." Obito cleared. "It's not that I am opposed to the idea… but it will take years to gain its trust. The flaming monkey doesn't like me anyways… I'm partly blamed for killing his previous host… and not to mention a tailed beast inside me might be able to hamper my growth. I want to be a bit more stronger before I take in a tailed beast."

Obito had several reasons to reject the beast. The main reason was his research into the curse mark. Having a tailed beast inside might hamper him form getting senjutsu.

Kushina was a bit stunned. "You actually thought over it."

Obito snorted. "Obviously." He said. "You are a near kage level ninja, and that's because you are able to befriend the fox… and you are yet to fully use his power." He said, "And you had him for what… five or six years for now."

Kushina looked at him. "Yes, but with what Kurama said, if I'm able to contorl his full power I will be… by his estimate stronger than anyone in the village."

"And I don't doubt that. But you also have to remember that the fox is rumored to be the strongest out of the nine beasts." Obito agreed. "But what I'm getting at is, I want to build my own power up, before I take in a tailed best. Tell me sensei is… Kurama your pet?"

Kushina blinked. "No… he's my partner." she said, "He would actually scream at you if he heard our conversation…" she mumbled, with a light chuckle.

"Exactly." Obito nodded. "I don't mind taking in a tailed beast in the future… And I want an equal relationship from the start. If I'm able to contend with a tailed beast's strength, he or she will truly be my partner." This was utter bullshit.

If he wanted one tailed beast, then forcing it wouldn't be out of options. But he was kinda opposed to the idea of having something sentient inside, to begin with.

"Wow… you actually make sense. But you will need a lot of time before you are strong enough." Kushina mumbled, "But I don't think we can keep the four tails for that long."

"Well, I don't need to be the host." Obito said. "I mean give it to someone else. If by any chance I stumble upon another tailed beast that matches me. I will accept it as a partner. And I'm sure I'm not the only candidate Mito-sama and Hokage-sama have in mind."

Kushina sighed. "There's no changing your mind is there?"


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