I Swear I’m not a Hero [ A Cyberpunk fan fic] Book

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I Swear I’m not a Hero [ A Cyberpunk fan fic]


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[Due to some personal issues, this book is on a hiatus tell either mid or late July, with the absolute latest being mid August.] Cyberpunk: A world filled with gangs, murder, and violence. Where does some LA street kid fit into this? And why does a sentient being want him to be a hero? ————————————————————————————Hello everyone! I’m a new author so criticism is most welcome, but this is still my story so I’ll take it in a direction I want to take it. Also English isn’t my first language, so there might be some spelling and grammatical issues but I try my hardest to make sure there isn’t. (Note: I do not own Cyberpunk! I only own my characters and stories! Although I made the book cover myself, the character in it is not mine! If the artist who owns it wants me to take it down, I will!) {Warning! R*pe and other acts of cruelty are mentioned in the Story! The r*pe is mentioned in passing, no scenes describing it will be in the novel.}


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