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Hello, this is my WPC 254 Overpowered Male Lead Entry Contest. I will try my best to update daily, but no guarantee on that since Life is always unpredictable. However, I can guarantee that as long as we reach the powerstone goal, then there will definitely be a chapter popping out. Therefore, vote and support this poor author. In addition, any questions or doubts in your mind regarding this book can ask in this review itself. I will do my best to answer each and every one of them without spoiling much of the story itself. Thank you and have a nice day!


[Reviewed on: 06-03-2022] [Reading status: 8th chapter] [Strength: Face slapping, strong character development, fusion of two genres] [Weakness: Well, according to me, it's super cliche cultivation novel] - The title says it all, literally half of the expected plotline. - A possibly weak-to-strong MC - Cliche cultivation settings and world - Magic, pills, martial arts are an expected part along with explicit scenes - A lot of girls, cultivation, energy and the goal to get stronger - However I personally felt that the initial chapters had nothing different to offer. It followed traditional formation and plot to set the ground. - In the midst of ocean of eastern cultivation books what this one has to offer? The NPC theme from prior life seemed to be faded after transmigration, diverting back to old cliche plot. If you're interested in eastern cultivation then this is for you. [Additional remarks] The author has improved visibly compared to his previous books. The flow and pace is good, every scene execution is done wonderfully Talking about grammar and stuff, don't worry over that.


Reviewing gives me power. 5 star shall be my superpower. Readers I shall overpower. This was my attempt at empower. Let me give you a flower.


this review is just for qi shan...I don't know what was author thinking but this forced comedy ruined everything. If you are not confident in a thing...dont do it because it ruins the fun. I thought mc was ruthless and wasn't someone who forgets to take revenge but nvm, when he had the change to take revenge on qi shan of 2 years of torture, she had done on the mc...what did he do? he behaved like a scardy cat even after system slave master contract. qi shan even said that she cant disobey his commands...oof so disappointing.


I am sorry author but after the addition of the Qi shan, the story became irritating to read and after investing so much time and keys into the chapter, I am meeting with this disappointment. I even waited that maybe the character is only irritating at the start but oh man even after 10 chapter, she and mc is as irritating as ever. And because of Qi shan, Mc's interactions with other characters like house spirit or his teacher is also getting irritating and cringy, sorry but I don't it was a nice idea to add Qi shan here.


The reviews all looked good but the story just seems like super generic face slapping situations and a protagonist that walks around like he is god amongst men. Might end up better later, but for now seems cliche and generic


Haven’t written a review in a while but after getting introduced to qi shan I just can’t keep reading. My soul hurts reading about her interactions with mc and her effect on him and how the story has shifted. I honestly don’t know how they will redeem her I doubt they can. Even if they did I don’t think I care anymore. I am just left with massive disappointment and regret on starting this story since it was so promising.


This MC is exceptionally arrogant and insecure, he truly has little redeeming qualities. .


I understand that the tags said that this would be a face slapping novel so obviously the main character is going to be arrogant and everyone else is going to kinda bad out to him and not actually think for themselves and just go along with everything that the main character says. That's fine with me however I do kind of have to draw the line when all the characters including the main character all act like there two dimensional. Mike really within the first 10 chapters we have our main character go to an alchemist place and apparently he knows every pill that there is and even made some of his own all of a sudden nose what type of pill it is and then once he has a woman serving him tea from whoever was making the pill because of a whole bunch of face flapping nonsense you know what usually happens in those kind of novels. But anyway what the main character does is to this woman that's kind of trying to seduce him probably brakes are completely degrades her and then flips around and says you're going to be my maid now and there's no room of discussion no yes she has no nose and then it just happens. I do like my overpowered novels or even my face swapping novels but when there to such an extent I can't get into the feel of it. If it's shoving your hand in someone's face who's being overtly arrogant and then I can get behind it but when the main characters acting like a real piece of s*** pure person and is an ungodly amount of arrogance for honestly Someone who lived a very not arrogant worthy life it's but hard to follow the novel. But hey I'm very aggressive when it comes to my reviews and I'm brutally honest and spill everything out that I think bad. The good parts of this novel can probably outshine the bad ones especially if you give it time but I'm not going to stick around for that. Keep writing author hope if you do any other books are not in the same type of face slapping genre because you're writing style not too bad


GO READ GLCS! It's just a few chaps in but I can already tell it's gonna be good! I can also see how much the author has improved, it's much better than his other novels.


Good work...[img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend][img=recommend]


Read up to chapter 15, normally I don't quit so early but the MC is just annoying. Acting like he is at the pinnacle when he is only at the starting line. Doesn't matter if he has all this knowledge, if you are a small fish acting like a shark in a big pond, well you should get eaten for your efforts. Not smart story telling, more like this guy is living through his own dreamscape.


the mc is too arrogant for my taste, I mean he can be arrogant of he has strength but he literally provoke the alchemist in chap 4 if it wasn't for plot armor he's already dead. oh well it's not my cup of tea but I'll still give a 3star cuz I only read four chap maybe it will be better in a few chap.


i have to say im pleasantly surprised with this one actually seems like an interesting cultivation novel and i hope it continues and becomes a long one. author keep up the good work. on a side note I've been interested in a cultivation based MMO, mmorpg, arpg etc. anyone know any good ones


Good story, good plot, some inconsistencies, ruined because you thought everyone would understand why you do and progress the plot like that (reason and lore) but they skim read


I really tried to sit here and give the book a chance like the chara is really lame but it’s easy to ignore how he acts, I just can’t continue after his comments about the type of servants he will be having like really it’s annoying when they are just surrounded by straight women.


Overall your system story is very solid. Capable MC, no plot holes, overall grammar quality was fine too in terms of comprehending the story. You already have some experience as a writer so I won't nitpick the small details. I still recommend polishing the earlier chapters, especially parts with the run-ons since it's still a slight turn off for experienced readers. The early chapters are what hooks readers in, and you don't want to wait till your later chapters where quality drastically increases. Now to the crux of the stuff I feel like you could work on. Nothing major, but these are suggestions to think of. In MC's previous life, where he has his monologue in regards to his family begging him for money and whatnot. I'm not sure if you'd ever elaborate on his previous life further, but I personally felt a bit diappointed we weren't able to be much more of MC's personality. For example, Jobless Reincarnation features a similar start in terms of a NEET, but we get to see more on how he is ostracized by his peers and whatnot, giving us sympathy for the character and can relate to the the MC's trauma, hence a higher connection to said character. Comparing this to Jiang Ming, I just feel that his character is almost too perfect when he reincarnates. Nothing from his old life really influences him or anything, and he just seems to be all out op (and he does deserve to be so being in a game in which he's the number 1 player), with no real setbacks. Everything just seems to go his way no matter what to his benefit, and although this can be enjoyable to read for a new reader, in the long run it would become stale. I hope in the future chapters there will be stuff that has real stakes; real penalties for when he fails and they have to be situations where he isn't confident in himself to succeed. This way, not only will his character be more human-like and relatable, it'll also path away from the Gary Stu route. Another thing I wish to sort of point out is his relationship with his aunt. I understand how the relationship develops, but in a way it also feels too synthetic in how quickly she's willing to be in a relationship with her nephew. Perhaps it progresses too quickly for my tastes, and I know that this appeals to a percentage of readers, so this is slightly nitpicky. Overall, in terms of dialogue and interaction, I feel there is no issue. It's just specifically on this relationship that suddenly seems like both characters are ok with it, even though it's written in a fairly conservative setting. From mother to aunt to lover, the progression just feels so fast. Not only that, I haven't understood Kong Ming and his aunt's relationship clearly. This is more or less a suggestion and my thoughts. I like the system established, as it is very progressive and makes sense to follow along. Introducing it later was a good twist. Dialogue and Chinese traits felt authentic enough, and your formatting has been easy to read and follow. Physical descriptions were present for most characters (although it focused to the women mostly), so I would've liked to see some of the unimportant/throwaway side characters have some more descriptions too in order to paint a more vivid image. Adding some personality to them would also bring the quality up a notch, showing that they're not just the stereotypical trope and are driven by other hidden motivations. Nevertheless, I hope you are able to write a compelling villain for the main character to overcome. Tldr, your weaknesses mostly lie in small mistakes from your early chapters, and I wouldn't recommend ignoring them as experienced readers might find them off putting. Your book is a solid cultivation system novel overall, but there are definitely parts you can polish and revise to make it shine more. Be wary of some areas that might seem like possible plotholes, or having the character being too "perfect" that it starts becoming unrealistic.


overpowered annoying female characters the first one was still fine the second one, his teacher , I quit dropped out at chapter 66 why just why whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


i only write reviews when i am really happy or extremely frustrated and annoyed, unfortunately this time it is the second one. I was enjoying this novel,. there were many annoying points but it was okay, In my eyes it was an above average novel, but after the introduction of Qi Shan, it just became worse, it was annoying, i feel it was trying to be funny, but it was just making my mood worse, i think i understand little what the author wanted to do, but i think he had failed miserably which makes it more annoying, do i recommend it, if you can stand a character who is annoying to the core because of her past and will have redemption arc or something like that, then go ahead and if u can't then, don't read it,


Mc is too arrogant to literally treat everyone like garbage with this behavior he should die in chapter 4 ...................... ...........