24 Defeating the Final Troll!

Chen Fan made an analysis of the situation before him.

There are only two ways to go about this, one way is to run towards the foot of the troll and scream as loud as he can, hoping that the Troll would hear. But this idea was extremely dangerous, and he knew that it was more of a higher chance that he'd be trampled to death by the troll than be heard.

The second option was to just wait out until the Troll gives up his pursuit, and then stealth kill him quickly.

But that was pretty impossible, the Troll looked hellbent in finding Chen Fan, the murderer of his brothers.

As the troll continued to be in a fit of rage searching for Chen Fan, Chen Fan rushed towards the local market and found an antique store. He quickly went down to the dark basement, a few rat mutants were there taking hold of the base, But Chen Fan using his axe slashed each Rat quickly before hiding in the cellar.

A few hours of waiting, the Troll that was once screaming and terrorizing the streets went quiet.

Chen Fan who heard nothing slowly left the cellar and went towards the window of the antique store.

There, he saw the streets that was once filled with abandoned buildings completlely collapsed.

The Troll was laying on the ground, his hands on his face while tears the size of a small room began to drop to the ground washing away the debris.

"This… HUMAN! He shall pay… he must pay…!"

Chen Fan who saw the Troll being vulnerable took out his bow and walked towards the Troll.

Goblins that were also hiding emerged, consoling the Troll as best they could.

"Don't worry Lord! Goblins and the Lord shall kill that stupid human!"

"Yes Lord, do not cry!"

Chen Fan who heard this sneered, before emerging from a wall showing himself to the Goblins.

"Oh? Really now?"

Before giving the Goblins time to scream, Chen Fan shot each of them in the head swiftly, letting not a single Goblin even make a sound.

"Sniff… Goblins? Where are you?!"

The Troll, realizing that it was silent removed the hands from his face saw the Goblins that were as tiny as ants collapsed and dead on the ground, he then saw Chen Fan next to their bodies.


The Troll enraged with his large hand grabbed Chen Fan, bringing Chen Fan towards his face.

"Any last words, slayer of both my kin and clan!"



Chen Fan, whos plan was to make sure the Troll would hear him, allowed the Troll to grab him. It was risky, but it was the only plan he could concoct while thinking in the cellar the past few hours.

The Troll let go of Chen Fan, throwing him. This caused Chen Fan to fly in the sky.


'I didn't think this through!'

[Host, do not worry! This system shall prepare a spell for you to land, but I shall sleep for a few hours!]


Chen Fan who was flying in the sky covered his face before realizing that he was stagnant.

He opened his eyes, realizing that now he was floating in the air.

"Great timing!"

Chen Fan quickly rushed towards the screaming Troll, who was seeing a vision of his nightmares appear before him.


Chen Fan didn't want to waste time, shot a arrow towards the loose rocks in the Troll's body and exposed his heart before shooting it, killing the troll.

'That was a lot of work… I need to get stronger!'

Seeing that the Troll was dead, Chen Fan collapsed on the ground exhausted by what had transpired.

That was close.

He knew that he can't rely on the Song of Nightmare spell.

Luckily however, that was the final beast that he was worried about dead. His mission was smooth sailed until the end, with the other trolls not even being able to put up a fight before they died.

But now, he was tired. He was so tired that he wanted to sleep, he had no strength to ask the system what he had gained or any questions at all.

When Chen Fan woke up, the blood red sun was rising in the sky.

He had slept all day again, but fortunately before he went to bed, all the threats that were in the air was removed otherwise today would be the day he fought all the trolls that were awakened together.

Chen Fan stood up and quickly went to where he hid the dragon egg before and picked it up before walking towards the corpse of the troll.

He originally thought about removing the body of the troll from the area, but seeing that it was so huge, he couldn't even attempt moving it anywhere.

And then he realized why should he care, it's not like the Earth wasn't collapsed anyways. So, he let the body of the troll lay in the middle of the city, and returned to the base with the dragon egg in his arms.

After travelling for a few hours, Chen Fan let out a long sigh of relief as he looked at the familiar building before him.

The troll threat had finally come to an end.

For the foreseeable future in the city, he no longer has to worry about encountering danger and no longer has to worry about any more dormant races that could threaten him in the city.

The reason why he had stubbornly stayed in this location was because it was his home, and he didn't want his home to become a lair for another beast, and he didn't want to wait eighty years later for his sister to return home and see everything dead.

Without the worry of such things anymore, after the dragon awakens from its egg, then he shall kill the other dormant races near the city.

[Congratulations to the host for gaining new abilities, [Dark Vision], [Sense of Crisis], [Natural Heavenly Strength] (Upgrade from Natural Divine Strength], [Lightening Speed] (Upgraded from Speed of a Cheetah)]

'Hmm? New abilities? And upgrades to previous abilities?' Chen Fan was surprised.


[Dark Vision]: You can see objects even in the dark

[Lightening Speed]: The reaction speed of your body has improved greatly, and you can run faster!

[Sense of Crisis]: When danger occurs, the sixth sense will automatically alert you.

The new abilities, although not attack abilities were very useful. Especially [Sense of Crisis] as it would allow him to handle sudden dangers that might happen in the future.

"Thank you, system!"

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