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You Think I Won't Talk?

Elizabeth, a girl with an unusual personality is reincarnated into the body of a mute woman in what appeared to be medieval times. However, the people surrounding her seemed familiar. She had transmigrated as the dead villainess's older sister in a +19-rated novel she read long ago in her past life. Marianne, the previous owner of the body, had a tragic past. Abused by his obsessed older brother and little sister, the part of her soul left in the body doesn't give Elizabeth freedom. Now she will discover the truth behind Marianne's condition, experience unknown feelings, and recall her past to overcome these new difficulties. 'I'm gonna go crazy...how is it that this girl didn't even have her name mentioned in the novel?... some authors really are idiots...' _________________________________ Give some love to my other book too ^^~ • Barbaric Spouse, Descry the Night's Lure * To find my book you have to either search the title or my pen name. It will not show on my profile. _________________________________ TAGS: #R18 #SlowPaced, #Romance, #Smut, #Medieval, #Trauma, #Father&Daughter... (Sigh... so many tags... do emphasise #SlowPaced ^^) _________________________________ This is an original Story ^^ Author: XimenoideX

XimenoideX · Fantasy
494 Chs

The Rogue System [BL]

Zhu Kang, a trafficked soul, was captured by an evil organization and was stripped of his real memories. Unaware of the dangers he worked for this evil corporation as a system. One day, all of a sudden, fifteen men dressed in black started a shoot-out killing all the other systems. In desperation, Kang threw himself into a transmigration device that tossed his soul into a random world. "System 202 has escaped.... a-again.....” one of the black-clothed men said. Trembling, he glanced at their team leader. Kai Alden gritted his teeth. “You let him slip away so easily! Send me into that world. I will capture my dear System and bring him back here,”

Lullabybao · LGBT+
286 Chs

Quick Transmigration : I Became a High School Student !!!

A Master Hacker and a Skilled Agent, Shen Xue got transmigrated into a romance novel as the supporting character, Shen Xueran. I didn’t had the time to enjoy my life before. So this time,  I'll enjoy my life to the fullest! Forget about the Main Characters, I have nothing to do with them! But why the Male and Female Lead are fighting with each other? And the Villain Big Boss climbed over the wall to meet me at the middle of the night? "Hey Boss! At least let me have a sound sleep!" "I didn’t asked you not to sleep, You can sleep in my arms!" Shen Xueran, "..." ... Other novels- - Quick Transmigration : My Bigshot Brothers Dote on Me [Ongoing] - The General's Daughter Doesn’t Want to Get Married [Ongoing] - The Good For Nothing Miss Su : Becoming the Ultimate Hidden Boss [Ongoing] ... If you like my books, please support me here: buymeacoffee.com/CoffeePrincess ... Find me here : https://mobile.twitter.com/AnimeNarutoMC A/N : Cover is not mine. I got it from Pinterest.

CoffeePrincess · Urban
67 Chs

Not Your Typical Villianess

**Why Chase the Male Lead when you can get the second male lead*** After a freak accident, Su Liya a web novel enthusiast finds herself transmigrated into a popular Web series titled 'The Emperor's Cunning wife'. Like most transmigration novels out there she is transmigrated as a villainess. To be more precise Su Liya is transmigrated as the Villainess's maid and a small-time villainess also named Su Liya. Meanwhile, the main villainess Zhu Fengyin gets reborn years in the past at the major turning point of her life with the main aim of rewriting the wrongs done and changing her destiny. A series of events brings the two unlikely friends closer and they unite to obtain their happiness in a world already rigged against them. Su Liya uses her knowledge from reading novels and devices her ultimate plan to a happy ending. **Everyone knows that the second male lead never gets the girl so why try to win the Male lead's heart when you can get the second male lead** That was Su Liya's plan until she met the smiling devil Lu Yaozhu. What started as an arranged marriage progressed into something more. *********** interact with me through my discord server: https://discord.gg/TwQRkBnUHj ********

MITCHIEWilliams · History
262 Chs

Quick Transmigration : My Bigshot Brothers Dote on Me

Special Agent Sher, also known as the ‘Killer Demon’ got transmigrated when she died during her mission. She became a Supporting Villainess who died by the hands of Female Lead, who used her as her stepping stone, and her family also got tricked and destroyed by her. Her family, who loved the Female Lead more than her, got destroyed by the Female Lead. But Chen Yu, despite being hated by her family, still cared for them. Because she knew that her foster sister slandered and framed her in front of her family, which is why they hated her. So when she got a second chance in her life, she gave it to Sher, in exchange for her life, that she must protect her family at all cost. So a new and completely different Chen Yu opened her eyes and became an invincible, merciless and ruthless girl whose mission was to raise her brother's till they can stand on their own feets; then leave the family after fulfilling 'the Oath'. But why was everyone acting differently? Even the Villain Boss was acting like a Shy and Helpless Little Kitten whenever they met? 'Hey, you all should go after the Female Lead, why chase after me?' Can Sher fulfill her mission and leave the family peacefully? ... Other novels- - Quick Transmigration : I Became a High School Student!!! [Ongoing] - The General's Daughter Doesn’t Want to Get Married [Ongoing] - The Good For Nothing Miss Su : Becoming the Ultimate Hidden Boss [Ongoing] ... If You like my books, please support me here : buymeacoffee.com/CoffeePrincess ... Find me here : https://mobile.twitter.com/AnimeNarutoMC A/N : This story is a part of the Romance carnival contest. please support me with power stones, reviews, and comments :) A/N : Cover is not mine. I got it from Pinterest.

CoffeePrincess · Urban
115 Chs

I Transmigrated as the Cannon Fodder Villain (BL)

After being transmigrated into the favorite web novel series of his little sister, Gideon who had now possessed the body of the cannon fodder villain must stay on the Protagonist’s good side if he wants to avoid this villain’s original fate where he got locked up in the worse possible prison in the kingdom with no conclusion of what exactly happened to him there. But oddly enough the protagonist seems to be more… docile in person? “Is this really the protagonist?” Perhaps it’s because of the people that surrounded the protagonist that made his heart turn black in the original novel? Then I should make sure to prevent him from turning into the scum he is. https://reirozu.carrd.co/

Reirozu · LGBT+
123 Chs

I created the villain

Luna Kilgard was 20 years old when she got killed mercilessly after a series of bullying by her three step-brothers to find herself reincarnated in the  popular web novel " The devilish one". The novel that her cheater ex-boyfriend wrote months before her tragic death. Luna thought she got a new chance, however, she was stunned as she discovered that she reincarnated as the most hated side character in the entire novel, Isa Kim. The character who chose to play Gandi in the middle of war between demon contractors and shamans. She killed herself already ten times before to escape from the story, however this time something changed. This time…. the villain  lived next door . This time ...the villain sat his eyes on her . This time ...the villain is ... --------------- Updates: 01 chapter /day Genre: fanatasy, female lead, romance,magic, demons, obssessive yandree male lead , sweet and nice female lead , good support side side characters, a lot of intimacy, enemies to lovers, powerful couple, evil and good , bad boy . ps: her past life as luna will be in connection with her new life , that is why i will keep calling her Luna . ah , and the step-brothers who killed her are not done with ...especially...James . and yeah ...James had feelings for her . Cover: is mine, it is commissioned, i don't alow anyone to use it . ------------------- Follow me on instagram: isaac_black2013 Discord server : https://discord.gg/VNH4pKgyT3 ko-fi page: https://ko-fi.com/isaacblack ------------------- Check out my other works: For male lead: *First Stygian Diviner: Apocalypse *I Brought Apocalypse:Villain's Supremacy For female lead: *I created the villain *The body we shared .

Isaac_black · Fantasy
239 Chs

Immortal Wanderer

Hey, have you heard of a rumour floating around recently? I heard that there’s this girl walking around, weird, right? She walks and just goes around the place, no one knows who she is, no one knows where she came from. Hell, I don’t think even she knows the answers. But oddly enough, she never seems to age, does she? Of all the dragons, dwarves, elves everywhere, there’s a simple tale passed down from generation to generation. Of a girl that does not age. But... How did it all start? In this fantasy world, how did this person come to be? A world where humans isolate themselves within their walls, wary of the monsters that lie outside. A world of magic, a world of fantasy, but nothing seems carefree nor fun. Dating back to one of the greatest disasters known to humanity, the disaster where many deaths were witnessed, life was made. Living eternally, forever wandering about the world. Monsters do not attack her, no sickness plagues her, and time becomes irrelevant. Wandering from village to village, eventually, she comes across a group of excited people. 'Hey, take us out to the unknown, we want to see the world!' This is a tale of finding the meaning of life in a world where nothing seems to go anyone's way. *(Notice: The first part of the story is a backstory. If you don't really like the theme of the backstory, I understand if you just don't read it.)

Sumdud · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
290 Chs