Quick Transmigration : My Bigshot Brothers Dote on Me Book

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Quick Transmigration : My Bigshot Brothers Dote on Me


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Special Agent Sher, also known as the ‘Killer Demon’ got transmigrated when she died during her mission. She became a Supporting Villainess who died by the hands of Female Lead, who used her as her stepping stone, and her family also got tricked and destroyed by her. Her family, who loved the Female Lead more than her, got destroyed by the Female Lead. But Chen Yu, despite being hated by her family, still cared for them. Because she knew that her foster sister slandered and framed her in front of her family, which is why they hated her. So when she got a second chance in her life, she gave it to Sher, in exchange for her life, that she must protect her family at all cost. So a new and completely different Chen Yu opened her eyes and became an invincible, merciless and ruthless girl whose mission was to raise her brother's till they can stand on their own feets; then leave the family after fulfilling 'the Oath'. But why was everyone acting differently? Even the Villain Boss was acting like a Shy and Helpless Little Kitten whenever they met? 'Hey, you all should go after the Female Lead, why chase after me?' Can Sher fulfill her mission and leave the family peacefully? ... Other novels- - Quick Transmigration : I Became a High School Student!!! [Ongoing] - The General's Daughter Doesn’t Want to Get Married [Ongoing] - The Good For Nothing Miss Su : Becoming the Ultimate Hidden Boss [Ongoing] ... If You like my books, please support me here : buymeacoffee.com/CoffeePrincess ... Find me here : https://mobile.twitter.com/AnimeNarutoMC A/N : This story is a part of the Romance carnival contest. please support me with power stones, reviews, and comments :) A/N : Cover is not mine. I got it from Pinterest.