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I created the villain


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Luna Kilgard was 20 years old when she got killed mercilessly after a series of bullying by her three step-brothers to find herself reincarnated in the  popular web novel " The devilish one". The novel that her cheater ex-boyfriend wrote months before her tragic death. Luna thought she got a new chance however she was stunned as she discovered that she reincarnated as the most hated side character in the entire novel, Isa Kim. The character who chose to play Gandi in the middle of war between demons contractors and shamans. She killed herself already ten times before to escape from the story, however this time something changed. This time…. the villain  lived next door . This time ...the villain sat his eyes on her . --------------- please support this work, i am writing it with so mcuh love , plus i feel connected to the plot and every caracther in this work. show me more love , i appreciate it . moaaaaah ~kiss kiss~ --------------- Updates: 2k/day Genre: fanatasy, female lead, romance,magic, demons Cover: is not mine, if you are the artist please contact me if you want it to be removed . ------------------- Follow me on instagram: isaac_black2013 Discord server : https://discord.gg/VNH4pKgyT3 ko-fi page: https://ko-fi.com/isaacblack ------------------- Check out my other works: For male lead: *First Stygian Diviner: Apocalypse *I Brought Apocalypse:Villain's Supremacy For female lead: *I created the villain *The body we shared .