Not Your Typical Villianess Book

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Not Your Typical Villianess


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**Why Chase the Male Lead when you can get the second male lead*** After a freak accident, Su Liya a web novel enthusiast finds herself transmigrated into a popular Web series titled 'The Emperor's Cunning wife'. Like most transmigration novels out there she is transmigrated as a villainess. To be more precise Su Liya is transmigrated as the Villainess's maid and a small-time villainess also named Su Liya. Meanwhile, the main villainess Zhu Fengyin gets reborn years in the past at the major turning point of her life with the main aim of rewriting the wrongs done and changing her destiny. A series of events brings the two unlikely friends closer and they unite to obtain their happiness in a world already rigged against them. Su Liya uses her knowledge from reading novels and devices her ultimate plan to a happy ending. **Everyone knows that the second male lead never gets the girl so why try to win the Male lead's heart when you can get the second male lead** That was Su Liya's plan until she met the smiling devil Lu Yaozhu. What started as an arranged marriage progressed into something more. *********** interact with me through my discord server: https://discord.gg/TwQRkBnUHj ********

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