Quick Transmigration : I Became a High School Student !!! Book

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Quick Transmigration : I Became a High School Student !!!


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A Master Hacker and a Skilled Agent, Shen Xue got transmigrated into a romance novel as the supporting character, Shen Xueran. I didn’t had the time to enjoy my life before. So this time,  I'll enjoy my life to the fullest! Forget about the Main Characters, I have nothing to do with them! But why the Male and Female Lead are fighting with each other? And the Villain Big Boss climbed over the wall to meet me at the middle of the night? "Hey Boss! At least let me have a sound sleep!" "I didn’t asked you not to sleep, You can sleep in my arms!" Shen Xueran, "..." ... Other novels- - Quick Transmigration : My Bigshot Brothers Dote on Me [Ongoing] - The General's Daughter Doesn’t Want to Get Married [Ongoing] - The Good For Nothing Miss Su : Becoming the Ultimate Hidden Boss [Ongoing] ... If you like my books, please support me here: buymeacoffee.com/CoffeePrincess ... Find me here : https://mobile.twitter.com/AnimeNarutoMC A/N : Cover is not mine. I got it from Pinterest.